Little Witch Academia

Little Witch Academia

Honest Myths

The Honest Myths section on my blog focuses on trying to present as many types of mythology/folklore/religious stories from difference cultures as possible. For now, I am doing one daily, but when school comes around it will become biweekly. I try not to repeat cultures just yet. I call it ‘honest’ because I try to take as many of the different versions and show all those parts. Also, all these stories (whether they are from distant cultures or present day religions) will be told from a non biased point of view. I treat them all the same with great respect and as interesting stories.

Any recommendations or requests would be helpful. Also any in put too. Lets say you know one, but it is hard to find research on, please tell me and let me write it.

I have the entire database of my university to use, so I will try to look for obscure and lesser known ones.

Every day I learn something new, and this is what I love (reading mythology that is) so I am happy to be able to do this. I hope someone enjoys these

Anime and Cartoons

I love to watch cartoons and anime, so this section will be devoted to just that. I will do reviews that answer basic questions on the art style, the plot, the characters, and what specifically is enjoyable. I mostly pick the anime types that I enjoy, but any request are preferred.

I also talk about shows that I recommend highly. I like to do genre based recommendations, like top 10 shonen and stuff like that. Even though i will be talking about anime, I always suggest manga over all because its like picking the book over the movie.

My style of anime is as follow: I like historical fiction, slice of life, and whimsical magical girls. Any thing that is simple and fantastical in a lighthearted way is always up my alley too.

Magical Girls (sub category of Anime&Cartoons)

So I have always had a deep fascination and love for Magical Girl Anime, and during the Summer of 2014, we had a magical girl marathon. We watched as many as we could and wrote about all of them (lots of fun). There were so many posts that I felt it necessary to make it a sub for Anime.


When it comes to books, I will basically be giving my opinion on ones i have read. This may be a section that occurs less, only because I want to find books that are not as known. In this way, I want to share books that are not as popular and already huge or a classic.

I also include manga here, cause you need to read. So manga follow same rules and ideas as the anime and cartoons: reviews, recommendations, and requests would be appreciated.

-Blog Barista


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