My Girl by Sahara Mizu

my girlMy Girl is a seinen, slice of life drama following the life of Kazama Masamune, a single 23 year old man. He has a meek and kind personality, and he works a mundane office job. Early on the readers learn that Masamune met the love of his life, Yoko, when he was in high school. Though Yoko is four years older then him and an active and strong character, the two fall in love when Masamune carves Yoko little ladybugs from erasers. However, one day Yoko decides to leave and study abroad, leaving Masamune waiting for 5 years till she returns. That spring, he learns that Yoko has passed away and happens to meet a little 5 year old girl named Koharu. It turns out Koharu is his daughter raised by Yoko in secrecy, while abroad.

The story follows around 4 to 5 years of Masamune’s life, while raising Koharu. We see him struggle with the loss of Yoko, with becoming a father, and with his life in general. However, we also see his relationship with Koharu blossom over their love for Yoko and ladybugs, as they make new friends and learn what it means to be a family.

The author is the same person who wrote Tetsugaku Letra, one of the Blog Barista’s most favorite manga. The art style is similarly as colorful and unique. Even though this is not the usual story I would read, I fell in love with Masamune and Koharu from the moment I saw the first few pages. The art is pretty, and the storyline is emotional, often hitting a few nerves, such as when Masamune struggles with his youth passing him by. Over all, this has become one of my favorites, and I highly recommend reading it.


Pilots and New Cartoons Review

Ok so TheBetterCup and I are big fans of cartoons. We grew up in a time where TV was full of cartoons for kids and adults, and so I think it is pretty evident this is not some sort of kid’s phase. Anyways, today we started talking about the cartoons we enjoyed on different networks (Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, and Nickelodeon) back in the early 2000s and we came across some new cartoons and pilots that we just had to watch. As far as cartoons go, we are big fans of things like Over the Garden Wall, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Gumball, and Regular Show from Cartoon Network. We also love anime, older Disney cartoons, Gravity Falls, and most of the Nickelodeon shows from the 90s and early 2000s (anyone remember Hey Arnold?). So here we go, some pilots we found today. Disclaimer: these are only opnions. Please go watch them if you want to know whether you will like or hate them.

  • Star vs Forces of Evil-
    Basically this is my opinion of the cartoon. AT first pleasant then it burned.

    Basically this is my opinion of the cartoon. AT first pleasant then it burned.

    This is a Disney channel cartoon and the second Disney Cartoon to be created by a woman (Daron Nefcy). It is a magical girl series about a princess, named Princess Star Butterfly (*blarf*), from another dimension who needs to learn to behave better (so she is sent to Earth).  We watched it sometime in March, before it was officially released, but it was such a disappointment. It was pretty bad. I would say that it was trying way to hard, and was far from original or enjoyable. To know if you will like it, think about the current cartoon Wander Over Yander. The creator worked on this cartoon, so if you liked that you will like this too. Personally I thought it was trash, but then I learned about Riding with Burgess and the Jammers and learned that this is trash, but that is not the worst thing a cartoon could be. The characters suck, and the story sucks. I wanted to like it so much, but just could not.-Blog Barista

    I had so much hope for this one. When they first talked about it in the later part of the fall (November?) I was really excited, because this was the basic magical girl (outer space princess with powers protecting the planet), but god damn was I disappointed. The main bad guy is pathetic, the main character Star is annoying, and the plot feels like it might not go anywhere. I really wanted to like it, I even watched all the episodes that where out (3 or 4 of them) but I couldn’t do, mostly after meeting her animal buddy Princess Unicorn Head (*shudder*). -TheBetterCup

  • Back to Backspace-
    I liked her, she was amiable.

    I liked her, she was amiable.

    This one’s plot was a little confusing. It was about a world where deleted items (from computers and phones) go. The main character is a young woman named Patty who we don’t know much about from just the pilot. There are other characters who work with her (it seems to be her job to welcome and categorize the deleted items, fix misspelled words as spellcheckers, and help deleted items either be rehabilitated to enter the real world again or destroy the evil ones). The premise and main character were great, and I liked the way it was drawn. My only complaint is the color palette which just was ugly and unlikable to me and the side characters. I think that they were a little too annoying and stupid (think of annoying, modern day cartoon style). If they were more likable and better developed, maybe then this would be a good cartoon. Over all I thought it was OK, I would not complain if it was the only thing on one day and I had nothing better to do. -Blog Barista

    This cartoon wasn’t all that bad. I liked the idea behind it and even Patty was enjoyable (the way that she gave zero shits, saying horrendous things as if it were mundane). I felt the style was cute and quirky, especially SweatPants (he reminds me of the cartoons I watched in elementary or middle school). My only problem is the characterization of the two side characters and the villain (which I also hated that he was just a letter F, but I would over look that if he was a better villain). I felt SweatPants and his brother Hersh (is that how its spelled?) where imbeciles, and the bad guy is a joke (like Star’s evil chicken enemy). The bad guys have to be threatening at least in appearance, otherwise the character’s tribulations become a joke as well, and lets be honest, what makes Adventure Time, Steven Universe, or Gravity Falls so fun is the depth. With such lame bad guys the show becomes more like Wonder Over Yander (Hater is a mess), and would probably be better off without a bad guy (like Flap Jack). Even the PowerPuff Girls and Courage the Cowardly Dog had scarier villains. But this is still an ok show. – TheBetterCup

  • Riding with Burgess- hojSo this started off as a nice surprise, but quickly became an atrocity once I met the main character. The plot is as follows, in some distant future (6000’s) due to some error in the network a random guy (his name is Burgess) selling hot dogs (or burgers not sure) on the corner of a street was chosen to be the ambassador of Earth. Burgess is your typical dumbass, not taking anything he does with leaders of the other planets seriously, but somehow his dumbassery works out in the end. Now I like cartoons, even cartoons I don’t like I can watch (such as Uncle Grandpa, Chowder, Clarence, Teen Titans Go, etc), but Burgess ruined this show for me. When I first saw the premise, I immediately fell in love with it, and it reminded me (appearance wise) of Regular Show, so I was hoping the main character would be like Mordecai (early twenties, slightly awkward and lazy young adult who does stupid things, but who recognizes his mistakes and tries to fix them); however, Burgress is beyond obnoxious, and of the four characters we meet I only could stomach the girl, so sadly I could never sit through any other episodes of this show (and I realllllllyyyyyy liked the premise of this show T_T). -TheBetterCup

 I hated the main character, I guess everything else was alright. It was not my thing. Aesthetically I found it displeasing, though I liked the opening sequence. -Blog Barista

  • Jammers-
    I hate this spawn of Satan

    I hate this spawn of Satan

    I refuse to explain anything about this cartoon. I don’t ever want to watch it again. I think it was horrible and I guess if you want you can watch it, but it is really bad in our opinions (I can’t believe I sat through the entire Pilot). It was disgusting…. -Blog Barista

    It was insufferable… -TheBetterCup

  • Twelve Forever-
    Super excited to watch more of this. She is like a Magical Girl!!

    Super excited to watch more of this. She is like a Magical Girl!!

    This is a cartoon pilot by Julia Vickerman. It focuses on a young girl (who never seems to be named, except she is called by Twelve her alter ego/alias), who has a key to an island that represents her subconscious. She has a friend named Shane who is much more mature and very accepting person. There is not much known about them nor the story, other than the fact that Twelve does not want to grow up and Shane is very level headed and that the main bad guy is a woman with a man’s voice and a huge smile. I loved the characters. I thought they were extremely interesting and went well together (and the problems seemed real. Like the fact that the entire episode was focused on how she had to learn to think before acting). Anyways, I really liked the bad guy too. I am not sure her name, but she was called Madam by her lackey and Butt Witch by Twelve. I also loved the art style and sense of humor. I really hope this gets a green light!! -Blog Barista

    Now this was almost everything I wanted in a show (almost because I am not sure how in depth this cartoon can get, but it is just the pilot, so I have hope, and even if it doesn’t I can still like it and watch it). I like the premise (girl who wants to be 12 forever and escapes to her subconscious? Sounds amazing!), I like the style (it is adorable), I like the fact that its a magic girl, I like the characterization of the main character and the boy she hangs out with, and most of all I am so impressed with the bad guy, the Butt Witch! This bitch is scary. She looks like a woman, with a dude’s voice, a happy face, and to top it all the way she reacts is so emotionless and belittling that she actually is scary (she reminds me of Him in the PowerPuff Girls). All in all I like this cartoon, I see potential, and I hope it continues, because I know I enjoyed it. -TheBetterCup

I mean look at how awesome this is.

I mean look at how awesome this is.

Go check out the pilots on the Cartoon Network website if you want, and enjoy the cartoons.

Book Updates: 7 Book Review

Hello everyone! It is the third day into my freedom (lol from school that is), and so far TheBetterCup and I have finished some books that we would like to share with each other. So far I have only finished 4 and TheBetterCup has finished 3, so now we have a seven total. I think I will try and keep this in about some chronological order of some kind. My sister, my father, and I went to Goodwill for the first time in search for cheap book deals, and we were not disappointed. I think we bought a total of over 40 books. If all goes well, there should be many reviews this summer.

a1.   Memories of My Melancholy Whores by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

The description for this book may be the shortest one on this list. This was a little book, like very tiny, maybe about 130 pages at the most (115 on Goodreads though). I am a fan of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, so I willingly jumped into reading this with out reading the back for information or any of that. I really was not expecting the story to go the way it did. The story, it turns out, is about a man who just turned ninety years old and decided he needed to sleep with a virgin whore (about 14 I think) before he died. Majority of the time, he tells us (the readers) about the different women he slept with throughout his life (all he calls whores because he would always pay them, even the ones who did not want money because he could not understand how anyone would willingly sleep with him). Anyways, he falls in deep love with the young girl and does not have sex with her once in the year that the book follows. I think the book is less about his love story, or the women, but more about how he just started to live life at the age of 90, all because a little love changed his out look on life. I really enjoyed the book, and I really liked the main character (who I think was left nameless). At first, I thought I would hate him (for wanting to sleep with a child), but soon you could not help but find him endearing. This is like most of Garicia’s other books. It is in a Latin American environment, and more of a historical fiction book. Before I end this review though, I would just like to point out how beautiful the cover art is.

-Blog Barista

2.   Antrax by Terry Brooksaaaaa

I got this book one day from my dad. He said he picked it up because it had a flying ship in its description, and that reminded him of me. I was really excited to read it actually, because my favorite genre for books is fantasy, and best of all the main characters were teenagers and there was magic and elves. I do not want to spoil anything, but this is part of a trilogy, which is part of a trilogy (if that makes sense). This is I believe part of the third set of books based in Shanara, but I think was very unfortunate in getting this specific book first. The book was exciting, and I read it in no time, because I was so enthralled I couldn’t put it down, but damn was it messed up. The 1st book introduces all the characters and the quest for a treasure in a far away land. The magical Druid (Walker, who was a main character in the 2nd set of books) calls upon an assortment of young dwarfs, elves, sailors, shape-shifters, and fighters to join him in collecting keys to get an ancient treasure. The entire time they are being pursued by a powerful witch and her snake-man army. Well, I didn’t read this 1st book, which sounds amazing, but I thought the 2nd book would have the same adventure feel to it, but boy was I wrong. Instead the characters find themselves against a vicious and sick post apocalyptic (yup, you learn that the ancient shit they are looking for is really just our modern knowledge) computer named Antrax, which puts them in situations straight out of those horrendous never ending nightmares. Characters die, innocence is lost, robots attack, all in all this is more of a science fiction novel, not the high fantasy it appears to be. My favorite parts, however, involved the crew of the Airship and the main character Bek (not gonna spoil anything, but these parts had nothing to do with the scary ass computer). Seriously, though I enjoyed the book, but I feel like it was not entirely what I wanted and that the 1st or even 3rd book will be much more enjoyable for me.


aa3.   Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel

For my sophomore year at university, I roomed with a girl who became one of my closest friends during freshman year, lets call her Precious Rock. Anyways, Precious Rock took Spanish classes and in these classes, she had lots of assignments where she had to watch Spanish movies. She hated watching them alone, so I would always go and watch them with her. In early October (I think), we watched this one movie that was ridiculous. I want to say that every single one of us, that she invited to watch with her, laughed at that movie. There were so many parts that were to exaggerated, and the acting was one of them. I won’t say what parts felt stupid (I don’t want to ruin it for you), but watch the ending of that movie before reading the book and tell me you don’t see why we felt that way. Anyways, I pick up a book in our home library that my mother was given as a gift some 20 years ago, and I start reading. Maybe one chapter in, I realized it was the same story as the movie, but I continued to read it and I found that I adored the book. All the exaggerated parts became more magical when explained better, and unlike the movie that relies on visuals for the audience to understand a certain point, a book can give detailed explanation for their meaning. Like most Latin American stories, this one was magical realism genre and was very beautiful. It tells the story of the life of Talia, a girl born to take care of her mother for her whole life. Talia is not allowed to marry because of this tradition, but she falls in love anyways. You can imagine what problems she faces, but with her amazing ability to make food (she is a cook with some magical properties) she finds a way to get through them. My biggest problem with her and most everyone around her was their inability to say no to other people in ‘authority’ positions who treated them like crap. Even so, I really liked the book. Another interesting fact was that the book was a novel in monthly installments, with recipes, romances, and home remedies. The story really had all these things mixed and blended well, so when I first started reading I did not even notice. I am not sure if they were useful, I never tried them, but I thought it was cool.

-Blog Barista

aaaaaaa4.   Lost Heroes by Rick Riordan

So I never really cared much for the Percy Jackson novels, mostly because I didn’t care to read about Greek Mythology that was very black and white (the beauty about Greek myths are that everyone is pretty much gray, there is no definite force of good or bad). Anyways, I got this book by mistake, because it didn’t have a cover explaining the plot, and I liked the name (and if I had known 100% what the story was about, I probably would not have bought it). But I can say that in the end I REALLY liked the book. I liked the three main characters (Piper, Jason, and Leo) more than I liked Percy or Annabeth, and I liked how funny the book was. I loved the adventure, the magic, the fact that they were children riding a mechanical dragon for crying out loud. Sure some things bothered me, like how Athena had kids (she is a VIRGIN goddess like Artemis) and Hera was treated like garbage (no one had to like her, but they either had to respect her or fear her, she is still a goddess), but I liked the incorporation of Roman aspects and the idea that the two sides of the same Mythologies get to come together. Again if you like high fantasy, Harry Potter/ Edge/Peter Pan type books, you might just enjoy.


aaaa5.   The Gods of Gotham by Lyndsay Faye

Every book I have read on this list was enjoyable, and something that I would recommend to others. It is no surprise then, that I will only have good things to say about this book as well. This one was a mystery novel set in the 1845 New York, with the creation of the police force being the focal point of the plot. I really enjoyed the story a lot, as it touched on the discrimination of Irish immigrants into the United States and how badly all people seemed to fair in that time period. The book was completely historical fiction, and to me that was very wonderous. I also liked the main character a great deal, though I preferred his morally imperfect brother. Timothy was a little to modern in terms of his personal opinions and that tended to take away from the realism/authenticity for me. But it was still a great book, but maybe my least favorite of the four I read. The story follows Timothy Wilde after a fire left him somewhat disfigured and jobless. Under the instance of his morally ambiguous brother, Tim joins the newly created police force and goes searching for the murderer of 20 dead kinchin (children) all child prostitutes. The story is full of slang from the era, but after a while you get used to it. I loved all the twists and turns that the author gave to the story. And though I could guess who the main antagonist was from early on, it still was not in the way you would guess. Turns out, that this is part of a trilogy. I read the backgrounds on the others, and they don’t interest me all that much so I won’t buy them.

-Blog Barista

6.   Shadow Climbers by Mickey Zuker Reichertaaaaaaaa

So this is your basic adventure book. Its pretty short with only a little bit of magic towards the end, but honestly this book kept my attention, so I like it. It starts off with this young man Tazir whose small size and rough past forced him to be the renowned thief, Shadow Climber. His desire to take on any challenge ends up getting him caught by the man who essentially murdered Tazir’s father and mother, but he escapes with a barbarian from the North. The two grow close, battle their way North, make new friends, find old friends, and reveal hidden secrets. Even though this is your basic good vs bad, adventure/hero story, its not bad and truly entertaining. The book is the second one out of a series known as the Bifrost Guardians. I have not gotten the chance to read any other, but I looked them up instead. The Bifrost series seems to span over many different characters. I am not too sure, but the stories seem to involve a war between Norse Gods, and humans mixed in between. At some points there are soldiers from the Vietnam involved, and in other points, there are medieval knights and dragons.


aaa7.   Good Omens by Niel Gaiman and Terry Pratchett

I did not actually read this one, instead I listened to the audio version of this. Precious Stone is a big fan audio books (though I am mostly 100% against their existence, at least for me personally), but she really insisted that I would enjoy it. So late nights (like 1:00 am) when I would go running, I would listen to this book since I could not read while running (trust me I tried). I loved the book. It is very funny and since it was an audio book, the English accent really added to it. I would rather have read it as a book, but I am glad either way. The story focuses on the beginning of Armageddon, as Crowley (a demon) and Aziraphale (an angel) try to stop the coming of the end of the world without angering their superiors (respectively Hell and Heaven). I do not want to give away too much, but I just want to say that the story is hilarious while still being very well researched (full of historical and biblical illusions and so on). I really like how deep the authors can get too, talking about human morality and behavior, with out once losing the funny and carefree feel of the book (one that has the Antichrist involved for pete’s sake). All in all, it is a very good book that I highly recommend you try.

-Blog Barista

Anyways, what books have you read lately?

What did they see? Their GPA of the last semester.

What did they see? His GPA of the last semester?

Sugar Sugar Rune- by Moyoco Anno


Sorry these are coming late, but here’s the 25th magical girl anime, Sugar Sugar Rune. Off the bat I can say it is a cute show, and it is not entirely the typical magic girl. The plot seems basic at first, but becomes intricate with drama and good guys turning bad, and so are the characters. Ironically the witch type of magic they use is unique as most magic girls don’t use what westerners traditionally consider magic. All in all, I don’t like it, but I don’t hate it either.

What is the anime about?

11The Magical World is having their crowning ceremony where the future queen is chosen between two young witch candidates. To determine who will be queen they send the witches to the Human World where they compete to collect the hearts of boys. The one who has the most by the end of the competition is the winner. This time the two candidates are not only best friends, but also complete and total opposites, Chocolat Meilleure (daughter of a former competitor from the last competition) and Vanilla Mieux (daughter of the current queen). Aided by a guardian/pop idol, Rockin Robin, and their furry companions, they first set out to collect hearts, but they soon realize that they have many other things to deal with. An evil king named Glace, mysterious boys, and a friendship strained by rivalry. Yup drama bombs.

Heart Rankings

So the girls collect these stones, which house the emotions someone feels towards another thing. Doing so tends to dull the intensity of that emotion in a person; however, if it is strong a second heart appears instantaneously. The Magical world uses these gems as an energy source. Each type of heart varies in emotion/strength/color.

Yellow/jaune is surprise and the lowest heart.

Orange is infatuation.

Green/vert is friendship.

Blue is respect.

Rainbow is amusement

Pink/Rose is limerence (romantic attraction with an obsessive need to have their feelings reciprocated).

Purple/violet is forbidden love.

Red/rouge is passionate love.

Black/noir is hatred/jealousy/fear.

White/blanc is a purified noir heart and is used to turn familiars into their former forms.

Who are the central characters?


Chocolat Meilleure [In French, meilleure is comparative form of the word ‘good’ so when translated it becomes ‘better’]

❤ Extroverted, aggressive, energetic, forceful, and tomboyish, Chocolat is the most popular witch in the Magical World. She expects to be just as loved in the Human World, but her intimidating nature causes all the boys to fear her (yet her personality lets her become close friends with boys rather then a love interest). She is never afraid of creepy crawlies or snakes, and she introduces herself by threatening to kick anyone’s ass if they cross her. She has a caring and loyal personality (like all magical girl protagonists) and always encourages Vanilla, but she acts as if she does not and is prideful. Her familiar is Duke, and her mom is Cinnamon (there is a huge wtf moment when you learn who is her father).

Her spell is Sugar Sugar Rune! Choco-Rune!


Vanilla Mieux [In French, mieux is comparative form of the word ‘well’ so when translated it becomes ‘better’]

❤ Vanilla is the opposite of Chocolat and the second candidate to be the next witch. She is extremely shy, gentle, sensitive, and kind, but because of how timid she is if she is nervous and scared she immediately starts crying and is a bit clumsy. She is organized, intelligent, compassionate, and cute so she is very popular among boys in the Human World (not so much in the Magical World, which is not good for her, since she is the current princess). Compared to Chocolat Vanilla is very dutiful, but at one point she does start to feel insecure and inferior to Chocolat, which leads to a lot of drama involving the Ogre Kingdom. Her familiar is Blanca, and her mom is Candy. Her love interest is Houx.

Her spell is Sugar Sugar Rune! Vani-Rune!


Pierre Tempete de Neige

❤ The most popular boy in school, handsome, and the president of the student council, we all know that this is Chocolat’s romantic interest. He’s captain of the fencing club and tennis club, and he as a fanclub of crazy, mean middle school girls. He, however, has a cold heart and is quite mysterious, nonchalant, and uptight. He also proves to be the basic tsundere, as he slowly reveals his feelings. He is involved in most of the drama, and his past is part of a huge plot twist, so I cannot say anything else without giving away something important.


Duke and Blanca

❤ Duke is Chocolat’s familiar and a frog. He is laid back with a “go with the flow” attitude. He isn’t very helpful, but he does have an extensive knowledge on hearts. He has an intense rivalry with Blanca, and he is also a giant flirt. There is a plot twist with him, revealing his past and some important familial ties. Blanca is Vanilla’s familiar and a sassy mouse. She can be snobbish and mean as she teases others, but she is really loyal to Vanilla. She really wants Vanilla to win and will do anything, even cheat. Her story is not as important to the story of the show, so I don’t mind revealing a little bit. She was once a witch, who lost her heart to a human (she fell in love), so as punishment she became a familiar.


Cinnamon Meilleure and Candy Mieux

❤ These are the mothers of Chocolat and Vanilla. I will say nothing here, except that they were previous Queen candidates. From the start we get that Candy is selfless, caring, and a great queen. Little is known of Cinnamon (without ruining the story). Just keep an eye out for them and their story.


Houx and Soul (their names are the french words for holy and willow)

❤ They are twin brothers who are also childhood friends with Chocolat and Vanilla. Both have a crush on Chocolat, even though Vanilla likes Houx. They both go to the Human World to protect the girls. They are brash, brave, and always getting into trouble.


Rockin’ Robin

❤ Chocolat and Vannila’s guardian in the Human World. He is a pop idol, and steals the hearts of his fans during his concerts. He seems rude and straight forward, but he does have a caring heart. He’s also over 6000 years old.

How is the artwork?

The art is definitely cute and a bit unique. The eyes are enormous, the chins are thin and pointy, the legs and arms are long, and the outfits are extravagant. Its obviously a shoujo with lots of pink.

tumblr_mi3lpnWlZE1qfrg5po1_500 tumblr_mbe80cyJIu1qi75yxo1_500 tumblr_m86trhXQAW1rynmpbo1_500 tumblr_lzb4q7rrOF1r922azo1_r2_500 tumblr_lldxa8XPgJ1qcx8c3o1_500 sugar-sugar-rune-o SugarSugarRune6 chocolate Chocola-Vanilla-BF-s-sugar-sugar-rune-24477472-640-480 Chocola-and-Vanilla-sugar-sugar-rune-20053550-424-320

What makes this awesome?

The manga is better then the show, with a lot more drama. The magic reminds me of the western version of witches you think of during Halloween. Another unique aspect of the show is that the girls’ hearts can become black, when they fall into “despair,” and their hearts can be saved. Its like a nicer version of Madoka.


Ahhhh summer :)

Ahhhh summer 🙂

Episode 1:

Twin Princesses of the Wonder Planet- by Shogo Kawamoto


The 23rd magical girl anime will be one that has been floating in my computer for about 5 years. At the end of my eighth grade year, I came across this cute picture of a pink haired girl dancing, and I shit you not that I actually saved this picture and used it on high school projects. I still have the damn picture (I could never bring myself to delete it, even when I bought a new computer). It was a week ago that I finally found out who the hell she was. She is from Twin Princesses of the World Planet, and I am finally able to rest in peace.

What is the anime about?

ppppppppppInside of the Mysterious Star (more like a meteor) there are seven kingdoms: the Sunny Kingdom, the Flame Kingdom, the Moon Kingdom, the Jewelry Kingdom, the Water Drop Kingdom, the Seed Kingdom, and the Windmill Kingdom; however, the Sun’s Blessing, which illuminates the kingdoms and is in the Sunny Kingdom, is dieing and will disappear in a year. Once this happens, everything in the star will be covered in darkness and die as well. The most unprincess princesses in this star, the Twin Princesses, are given power of Prominence by Princess Grace to investigate why the Sun’s Blessing is in decline and save it. Yet, someone steals the power and unleashes an even greater evil.

Who are the central characters?


Sunny Kingdom

So the main protagonists are Twin Princesses, Fine and Rein, of the Sunny Kingdom. They are reckless, refuse to study, and are always running around and tripping on nothing. Because of this they are known as the most unprincess-like princesses in the history of the star, but their flawed characters prove that anyone can be a princess as long as they have caring hearts. Fine is the pink one with pigtails (she looks like her mom, Queen Elsa). She likes sports, is afraid of ghosts, and eats a lot (she reminds me of Sailor Moon). She is also a horrible dancer, but a great sister and cares a lot about others. It is interesting to see the “pink girl” as sporty and scared, which shows that the characters are not as basic as some in other shows. Rein is the blue haired princess (she looks like her father, King Truth), but even though she is the “boy” color I was surprised to see that she did not get the basic role as “pink girl’s tomboy second in command.” She loves fashion and dressing up, choosing to wear elaborate accessories. She is also the boy crazy one, having a huge crush on Prince Bright, the idol of the star. Rein is the brave and adventurous one between the two girls, preferring to run towards the unknown, but she always tries to come up with intelligent and positive solutions. They are both 13 years old.

Poomo (floating fairy above babies in right corner) is the magical creature meant to help the twins. He is kind, loyal, and serious. He also tends to be sassy towards the girls, but he cares a lot for them.

Flame Kingdom

The main characters from the Flame Kingdom are Princess Lione (orange haired girl with white ears) and Prince Tio (little boy with white ears, blonde hair, and red outfit). In the first episode you learn that Lione is scared of dancing in public, and will do anything to get out of it. She gains confidence and learns to smiles more, which is why she got the title of the smile princess. She also supports everything Fine and Reine do, putting a lot of trust in them. She appears to be around the same age as them. Her younger brother Tio spends most of the time trying to protect Rein and Fine, and he idolizes Prince Shade.

Moon Kingdom

Princess Milky (right corner, pink hair, yellow dress, crescent tiara) is 2 years old and travels on floating stars. She speaks entirely with her “babu” talk, yet her brother and Fine can understand her. She also is a glutton, eating everything in her path. Her brother is Prince Shade (15 year old, purple haired prince behind Rein), and he takes the persona Eclipse. Eclipse is cool/calm, but cold and looks a little like Indiana Jones (whip and all). As Prince Shade he acts gentle and kind, but that is just to live up to expectations. He is really smart, doing things practically. At first he is an enemy, but later they work together, and even later he becomes a love interest for Princess Fine.

Jewelry Kingdom

The royal children in this country are Prince Bright (blonde 15 year old prince behind Fine) and Princess Altezza (8 year old blonde princess in front row with big puffy hair). Prince Bright is your gentleman, kind to all the princess, and the super idol of the star. He also adores his sister dearly, is a very talented swordsman, and has a huge crush on Fine. At first he was suspicious of Eclipse, but eventually treats Shade as a brother. He also becomes Rein’s love interest (thank god too, because she was all googly eyed and Fine did not like him like that). His sister Altezza is a talented princess, but at first she seems really selfish and spoiled. In reality she is super kind, but is afraid to show that. She loves jewelry, like Milky or Fine likes eating, and, though she is talented in everything princess-like, she sucks as art. She eventually develops feelings for Auler, Prince of the Windmill Kingdom.

Water Drop Kingdom

There are two children from the Water Drop Kingdom, Princess Mirlo (Top row, all the way to the right, honey colored hair, brown ears, purple eyes, water like crown) and Prince Narlo (right hand corner, baby with blue and white outfit next to Milky). Narlo is 1 years old, and he has a crush on Milky. Mirlo is 10 years old, wants to be an artist, but is afraid to speak up (mostly due to her strict mother). She is very kind, and learns to speak up for what she wants sometimes.

Seed Kingdom

There are 11 identical girls and one boy in this kingdom. What is cute is that the eleven girls have names that match the Japanese numbers: Ichele (ichi), Nina (ni), Saya (san), Shiyon (shi), Gorchel (go), Loloa (roku), Nursya (nana), Harney (hachi), Quarry (kyu), Julia (jue), and Joiner (jue ichi). The Prince’s name is Solo (get it), but because they are secondary characters they don’t have much personality past kind and friendly.

Windmill Kingdom

Prince Auler (blue/greenish haired prince, top row all the way to the left with white and pink floppy ears) is the eldest child from the Windmill Kingdom. We see very little about him, but we learn that he is kind, a joker, romantic, and eventually falls for Altezza. His younger sister, Princess Sophie (to his right and looks somewhat like him), is the innocent character. Even though her rival kingdom is the Jewelry Kingdom, she still likes Altezza a lot. She is the kindest character in this entire show, willing to do anything to help others.

How is the artwork?

This is your cute show like Doremi and Comet. I do want to say, however, that even though it looks simple the show is really smooth and exaggerated with expression and movement. If you pay attention even characters in the background have ridiculous yet appropriate reactions, which shows that the artists pay attention to detail. I also like that this is the first one I have seen where the queen is pretty, but the King is also very handsome (usually he is a short, balding old man).

iiiiii iiiii iiii iiipppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

What makes this awesome?

It is really lighthearted, the twins are hilarious, and I like that this has nothing to do with Earth, but some weird star world, which is different. The fact that the main characters are not like the usual and are unprincess-like tells the viewers that anyone can be a princess, which is a nice message. The show is very topsy turvy in my opinion.


Twin Princess-Fine

The plague of my childhood…

Ojamajo Doremi- by Takashi Yamada

33333Today we look at the 21st magical girl anime, Ojamajo Doremi. Now I did not see this one growing up, and I now know it was available in a lot of other countries, but whenever my family would go outside of the States visiting relatives we would always find these guys. I still have all the keychains, earrings, and necklaces we found. It was like our mission to get as many as we came across, so I can honestly say I was very excited and happy to find out years later that they were magical girls.

What is the anime about?

3So the story follows a girl named Doremi Harukaze. At the start of the series, she is just your average third grader, but one day she finds herself in a magical shop called Maho-Do. She ends up guessing that the owner, Majo Rika, is a witch; however, all witches are cursed. If they are discovered by humans they are punished, and in Rika’s case she is turned into a frog. In order to return to her original form she grants Doremi powers appointing her to witch’s apprentice. Doremi has to pass tests and keep her identity a secret, but later on her friends and sister joins her. She makes many more friends along the way, saves her rival, and even raises a baby from the Witch world.

Who are the central characters?

There are a lot of characters in this series, but they are pretty cookie cutter. They are all cute and funny, but expect a lot of drama.


Doremi Harukaze is the titular character of the series, and she is your typical magical girl protagonist. She is energetic, a bad student, clumsy, but compassionate and boy crazy. Her fairy is Dodo, her color is pink, her gem is a bean, her instrument is a piano, and her spell is “pirika pirilala popolina peperuto.”

Next is Doremi’s best friend since kindergarten (and my favorite girl), Hazuki Fujiwara. She is your typical smart girl. She is sweet, shy, and passive. She gets the best grades in the school, and she has a crush on her childhood friend, Masaru Yada. Her fairy is Rere, her color is orange, her gem is a heart, her instrument is the violin, and her spell is “paipai ponpoi puwapuwa puu.”

The third girl also comes in as Doremi’s friend, Aiko Seno (fyi she is my second favorite character, because of how tough she is). She is the tomboy girl, who talks to everyone and even speaks with a Kansai dialect (which is harsher then the standard). Her parents are divorced, but she lives with her father, which is why she knows how to cook and clean. Her fairy is Mimi, her color is blue, her gem is a diamond, her instrument is a harmonica, and her spell is “pameruku raruku laliloli poppun.”

The next girl is Doremi’s witch rival, but later her comrade, Onpu Segawa. She is the apprentice to Majo Ruka, who is not on good terms with Majo Rika, so that is why she did not like Doremi. At first she seems cold, mysterious, and a spoiled brat, but when they become friends you find out she is selfless and kind. She is actually a popular idol loved by boys, and her most emphasized characteristic is her ability to balance school, work, and magic. Her fairy is Roro, her color is purple, her crystal is a teardrop, her instrument is a flute, and her spell is “pururun purun famifami fa.”

Ok next is an American/Japanese transfer student from New York, Momoko Asuka. She originally was the apprentice of Majo Monroe, but Monroe dies (which is sad because Momoko adores Monroe) and Momoko breaks her crystal (for reasons I don’t want to say, because I don’t want to ruin the show for you). Because of this she becomes one more of Rika’s apprentices. At first she speaks no Japanese and communicates through a translator (but don’t worry eventually the other girls teach her). Her fairy is Nini, her color is yellow, her gem is a 3-leaf clover, her instrument is a guitar, and her spell is “perutan pepton paralila pon.”

So that magical baby Doremi and her gang raises is non other then the 6th girl, Hana-chan. She is the Witch Queen Rose’s baby, born from a rose in the Queen’s garden, which only produces a baby every 100 years in order to succeed to the throne. Doremi cares for her and names her Hana Makihatayama, but at one point she transforms into a 6th grader in order to attend school with her “mama.” She is childish, air-headed, excitable, and throws tantrums, but she has a huge heart. Her fairy is Toto, her color is white, her gem is a sphere, her instrument is an accordion, and, though she does not need a spell, she made up her own, which goes “pororin pyuarin hana hana pi.”

12The last girl is Doremi’s younger sister, Pop Harukaze. She is in kindergarten, and accidentally discovers Doremi’s power, so she becomes an apprentice. At first she is a know-it, jealous, and pretty annoying, but she really loves her sister dearly and acts really mature and much more responsible compared to Doremi. Her fairy is Fafa, her color is red, her crystal is a 4-leaf clover, her instrument is a trumpet, and her spell is “pipito purito puritan peperuto.”

13The last person I will talk about is Majo Rika, because she is like their magical creature that teaches them how to use their magic. She is short tempered, and she calls her apprentices the Bothersome Witches (aka Ojamajo, which is clever because this backwards is also Ojamajo). In reality, however, she really loves the girls like her own children.

How is the artwork?

Big eyed, long legs, colorful hair. Yup, this is your generic cute magical girl, though the hair styles are more realistic. I like the style, and I like how many costumes the girls get. Hell, I especially like the fact that they are witches and use spells (not just you know the wand-waving girls who have fairy/alien/some-world-that-are-not-made-up-of-witches type magic). They really remind me of the Cosmic Baton Girl Princess Comet.

1 4 5 6 33 333 333310 9  7 2Doremi 2Doremi

What makes this awesome?

Even though this is just another cute anime, which lacks depth, I like the fact that you can relate to at least one of these girls. I also enjoy the running gags. There is nothing really special to distinguish this magical girl series, but its a nice stepping stone. Personally, I enjoyed it.


When I found out that Doremi has a new sequel, Ojamajo Doremi 16.

When I found out that Doremi has a new sequel, Ojamajo Doremi 16.

Here is episode 1:

For the life of me I cannot find episode 1, subbed or dubbed, that is good, which is really annoying. If anyone finds one tell me, but I can give you this for now (I’m sorry its in English).

Cosmic Baton Girl Princess Comet- by Akira Okeya

6Day 20 of this Magic Girl Marathon brings us to the very carefree plot of a magical princess’s journey on Earth, Cosmic Baton Girl Princess Comet. When the BlogBarista and I first saw this anime we actually really liked how casual the plot is and how cute it is, but six episodes in and one realizes how cliched and repetitive it can get. Even the main goal of Comet’s journey is forgotten two to three episodes in. The anime is still cute and enjoyable, but I cannot recommend watching to many episodes in a row (otherwise you’ll die of boredom).

-What is this cartoon about?

2So in this universe there is the Triangle Nebula, three major star worlds (I am not sure what is the purpose of these worlds, but in the Harmonica Star world the little star worlds are born and tended). The three worlds are the Harmonica Star world, the Castanet Star world, and the Tambourine Star world, and a ball is held for the future rulers in order for the Tambourine Prince to pick his bride between the Castanet Princess, Meteor, or the Harmonica Princess, Comet; however, the Prince has ran away to Earth. To win his heart Comet is sent to find him (Meteor joins later on). She has no clue what he looks like, but her only clue is that she can find him “by the twinkling in his eyes.” Comet quickly comes to love Earth and its people, and we follow her little adventures as she looks for the prince.

-Who are the central characters?

1Comet is the 12 year old protagonist of this anime. She is the princess of the Harmonica Star world, though she doesn’t act like it. She would much rather watch the little star world creatures or have adventures then worry about marrying the prince. Even her decision to go to Earth was based on the fact that her mother told her wonderful stories about her time on Earth (It’s not like she actually wanted to look for the prince). Aside from the fact that Comet is full of curiosity, her personality is a little 2D. She has a gentle nature, which means it is easy for her to make friends. She cares deeply for others, and thus enjoys helping others. Compared to other magical girls she is pretty mature, but she learns a lot about life and others through the anime. She also has a hard time realizing other people’s feelings, especially those involving boys and love.

11Meteor is the opposite of Comet. She holds grudges, has princess hissy fits, and is loud, selfish, spoiled, and rude. When Meteor first learns that Comet went to Earth to find the prince, her goal becomes finding the prince in order to ensure that Comet doesn’t marry him (she really dislikes Comet), but nothing goes her way since she is lazy. She always follows Comet in hopes that she can swoop in at just the right moment, she uses magic to make these rich people like her, and she mistreats her magical companion. Though I seem harsh in decribing her character, there are times were she is generous and actually tries to be kind; however, they are rare.

17Rubba Ball, Comet magical creature and friend, is a little star world creature helping Comet on Earth. He was sent by Comet’s “Jii-san” (this word means Grandfather; however, I am not sure if he is actually her Grandfather or if he is just an older gentleman). Most of the time he seems like he is daydreaming, not realizing some things around him, but he constantly nags Comet to stay on task (though he cares deeply for Comet, he can be stern). He inflates into a giant ball (hence the name), and can detect twinkles with his tail (which is why he was sent with Comet). I think he is a cute character, and he kind of reminds me of Hippo from Mermaid Melody. He even falls in love.

20Mook, a star-eyed bird, is Meteor’s companion. He is always pushed around by Meteor, and is seen as her servant. Mook is pretty sassy and even makes sly comments here and there, but he is very loyal to Meteor. Without Mook, Meteor would probably get nothing done, because he is more of a voice of reason when she is blinded by jealousy or arrogance.

famFujiyoshi family is the eccentric family that takes Comet into their home when the find her in trouble. There are twins Nene and Tsuyoshi Fujiyoshi, and their parents Sayaka and Keitaro. Nene and Tsuyoshi are identical fraternal twins (they look a like, but because they are boy and girl they are not identical in genes) in pre-school. The father runs the house like a kingdom, and the mother is kind and sells weird things that are full of love.

keiKeisuke works for Keitaro, and wants to be a life guard (because of this strong desire he has a twinkle in his eye). At first he seems cold, but later he starts to show that he is dedicated and actually a very warm person. He maybe a love interest of Comet’s.

-How is the Artwork?

This is a cute show. Nothing fancy, simple art, and reminds me of Doremi. I enjoy looking at it, but it is not enough to get over the plot.12 8 9 10 7 5 4

-What makes the cartoon awesome?

The show is cute, but cliched and boring after a while. It is interesting because most Princess based magical girls actually want to become queen, but Comet is more focused on living life her way. I like her character, but she reminds me of the 80’s magical girl protagonists.


Jiggle Jiggle

Jiggle Jiggle


Tokyo Mew Mew- by Reiko Yoshida


Today is Day 17 of our magical girl marathon, and we will be looking at one of my favorite magical girl anime, Tokyo Mew Mew. This one is particularly special for me, because I saw the entire series in elementary school (subbed not dubbed). It, along with Sailor Moon, is what paved the path for my love of frilly, cute, badass heroines, and eventually lead me to others like Shugo Chara and Madoka. Sadly, the BlogBarista does not hold a love for this show as adamant as my own.

 -What is this cartoon about?

mewewewThe show starts out with your average middle school girl, Ichigo Momomiya, going out with her crush, Masaya Aoyama. They are enjoying their day at an endangered animal exhibit, but unbeknownst to her she has been targeted by two men. An earthquake (and some mysterious light) knocks her out, and she awakes to find that she has cat-like abilities. It seems her DNA has been scrambled with that of the Iriomote wildcat, and now she can transform into a cat-eared, pink haired warrior named Mew Ichigo. She and four other girls chosen to posses these “Red Data” animal DNA for the Mew Project, Earths only hope to fend off the aliens and their leader known as Deep Blue. As she works part time at a pastry shop, the MewMew Headquarters, she meets interesting characters and pretty much goes through the magical girl story of love, friendship, shocking personas, and defeating a new Chimera creature each day.

-Who are the central characters?


Ichigo Momomiya (pink) at first feels like another Usagi. She is hyper, cheery, madly in love, sweet, and a klutz (she even has pigtails); however, she is not the crybaby type and turns out to be very headstrong, brave, and hard working. She is the leader of Tokyo Mew Mew, but she’d rather spend her free time shopping or with Masaya. She loves sweets and eating in general, except for carrots, and she transforms into a pink, cat themed heroine, Mew Ichigo.

Minto Aizawa (blue) is initially the small, spoiled, rich, snobby character, but eventually you learn that she is empathetic, very caring, but headstrong. She loves dancing ballet (which is evident in her transformation), and she loves French food, which is cliched for the rich character. Her DNA is mixed with the Blue Lorikeet, and she becomes Mew Mint. She also idolizes Mew Zakuro.

Retasu Midorikawa (green… literately her name is Lettuce Green River) is the character I feel is forgotten at times. Looking at her, no one can guess that her animal DNA is a Finless Porpoise. Actually, I thought she was some bug at first. She even has one of the shorter transformations, which is disappointing. Anyway, she fits the cookie cutter personality of the smart girl. She is shy, sweet, polite, and positive, though she has little confidence in her own abilities. She speaks formally to everyone, even family, and she doesn’t fight as Mew Lettuce unless it is to defend someone. Her favorite food is shiitake mushrooms. The unique thing about her, however, is that she has a crush on Ryou Shirogane. Blog Barista really liked her and cheered for them to be a couple.

Bu-Ling Huang (yellow) is the youngest MewMew (by like two years) and is Chinese. She loves doing acrobatics, which is what her fighting simulates. She also loves playing, because she is the “child” character, which is immature, full of energy, and hyperactive. This matches the Golden Lion Tamarin DNA scrambled with hers. Her favorite foods are tientsin/sweet chestnuts and pudding, and like any kid she dislikes onions. Her outfit is Chinese themed, she becomes Mew Pudding, and her love interest is one of the aliens, Tart.

Zakuro Fujiwara (purple) is a model and actress who speaks many languages and is idolized by young girls. She has a hard past, however, being left alone as a child and losing someone close. She also has a lot of church themes and symbols, visiting the church when she is confused. She is the “loner” character, who refuses at first to fight with the Mews, but later becomes the mature, calm older sister character. She likes watermelon, milk, and the internet, but hates natto (fermented soybeans). She is Mew Zakuro, and her DNA contains that of the Grey Wolf.


Quiche Ikisatashi is one of the three antagonists working for Deep Blue to “reclaim” Earth. He is carefree, clever, and playful, though as a child he was always sad. He also seems open-minded, but then again he wants to destroy mankind. He even as a cruel sense of humor, playing with his opponents (he’s sadistic). Even though he teases Ichigo a lot (even a little possessive of her) and wants to wipe out humanity, he is actually very kind and only wants to help his people, family, and friends. He acts for what he thinks is a noble cause, so you can’t actually hate him. Throughout the series Quiche is shown to have developing feelings for Ichigo, whcih alternate between love and obsession.

Tart Ikisatashi is another one of the alien antagonists. He is a crybaby and hates being called small. He argues alot, mostly with Ichigo, and acts very childish and rude. He is similar to Bu-Ling as they both like having fun and playing games, though he likes to make people cry. He also laughs a lot and throws tantrums and has a curious personality. He has a crush on Bu-Ling.

Pai Ikisatashi is the last of the alien antagonists. He is the calm, serious, and analytical character, who does not express is emotions and rarely smiles (God hes the Spock of Tokyo Mew Mew). His mission is to wipe out humanity, and though he seems emotionless, he shows interest in Retasu.


Keiichiro Akasaka and Ryou Shirogane are the two mysterious men who recruit Mew warriors. Kaiichiro is the main leader of the Mew Porject and he is the baker in Cafe Mew Mew. He is calm and sympathetic, often seen as the gentleman with excellent taste and manners. Ryou is the genius in this partnership. He is stubborn, rude, headstrong, sarcastic, and anti-social though he cares a lot for the Mews. He is the closet thing to a magical creature, because he helps the girls and advises them (though there is this ball of floating fluff). He the love interest of Retasu and Ichigo at one point.


Masaya Aoyama is Ichigo’s love interest. He is popular at school, polite, and calm. He is an interesting character (that is ALL I will say).

-How is the Artwork?

The artwork looks old, but its so cute. The transformations are great and the little CG they do just works with the simplicity. At first you think it would look cheap and badly done, but the animation is actually great.

mewwwwwww mewwwwwwww mewwwwww mewwwwmwewmwewwmwewwwmwewwwww

-What makes the cartoon awesome?

Even though its cliched, it is pretty unique at times. The drama is not overly done like in Mermaid Melody, and though it resembles Sailor Moon, this is the only animal DNA based magical girls (so its more like unrealistic science magical girls). I also like that the entire show follows two themes: nature/animals and sweets. This is a great cartoon and just one more magical girl to add some variety to the genre.



Me trying to do all the Precures.

Me trying to do all the Precures.


Check it out!!

Pretty Cure- by Izumi Todo


Before, I never bothered with Precure. It’s not that I hated the shows for no reason; it’s just that I wasn’t interested. Now that I have seen them, I do respect them a lot more. If this showed in the states when I was in elementary school I would have loved these shows. They would have been my favorites with Pokemon and Yugioh. I would have collected the cards, toys, plushies, anything. They teach girls to be cute and badass and to accept themselves. Now, I can’t really appreciate the shows, because they aren’t heavy with plot and character development. They are full of clichés, and I think I would only watch most of these if I had nothing else to do (like no internet, no books, no nothing- but-this type thing). -TheBetterCup

I have seen and been a part of the Magical Girl fandom to know what PreCure is. We watched all of them in one night, and let me tell you, I found it pretty hard to enjoy all of them. But let me throw this out there: I LOVED HAPPINESS CHARGE. I have heard the negativity and though a PreCure will never be in my top ten for magical girls, I at least found this one cute and fun. EVERY THING SAID HERE IS BASED SOLELY ON OUR OPINIONS. WE MEAN NO DISRESPECT. I STILL SUGGEST WATCHING AT LEAST THE FIRST EPISODES OF ALL THE SERIES SO AS TO DECIDE ON YOUR OWN IF YOU WILL LIKE THEM. -Blog Barista

1. Futari wa Pretty Cure
42803ad4ab378a5903ee23c4a0ca250dFutari wa Pretty Cure is the first series in the metaseries known as Pretty Cure. The first of two protagonists is Nagisa Misumi (eighth grader). She is athletic, strong-hearted, lazy, and loved by all the girls. Her partner is Honoka Yukishiro, a bookish, quiet girl in her class loved by all the boys. The two normally would have never been friends, but one day Nagisa makes a wish on a shooting star, which turns out to be Mepple, a refugee fairy running from the Dusk Zone organization. She is lead to an amusement park where she meets up with Honoka and Mepple’s love, Mipple. They fight as Cure Black and Cure White: Emissaries of Light, Pretty Cure.

I really liked this Precure compared to some of the later ones (compared to other Magical Girl shows; however, it’s not much). The characters are basic for a magic girl story. The sporty one versus the book worm leaves no in-betweens for their personalities. Not to mention that one is boy crazy and the other a klutz (I would like to see girls with diverse personalities not just clichés). The fighting is very physical with only a magical final blow attack. Both the girls have super-strength and agility,
which makes the fight scenes more like Dragonball Z then Wedding Peach. Even their magic based attacks have to be done together (no solos), which emphasizes the Yin-Yang theme. The plot is basic (they try to save the magical Garden of Light), the r1mop2transformations are cool, but still basic (they stand still as their outfits poof on), the art is cute (but it’s not that unique), and the villains remind me of Sailor Moon mixed with Kiss (I laughed so hard. His name was Pissard). All in all this is a bland cartoon full of clichés. I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it either. -TheBetterCup

Since it is the first PreCure, it is actually really good. Though cliche, it feels acceptable since it is older. Also the story is original at this point, and who does not love the idea of hand to hand combat for girls. -Blog Barista

2. Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star
42803ad4ab378a5903ee23c4a0ca250dTwo girls, age nine, met while following balls of light to the Sky Tree, a large tree in the forest near their town. Five years later the two girls meet again to become Cure Bloom, Cure Egret, Cure Bright, and Cure Windy in order to protect the Fountain of Sun. The two balls reveal themselves as spirits Flappy and Choppy (from the Land of Fountains), and the villains are the Dark Fall organization looking for the Fountain of Sun (the last of the seven fountains that feed the World Tree, which is the source of life). The two girls are Saki Hyuuga and Mai Mishou. Saki is the optimistic, athletic girl (unlike Nagisa she is a softball player not lacrosse). She is bad at school, large appetite, childish, and easygoing. With Choppy she becomes Cure Bloom, but with Muupu she becomes Cure Bright. Mai is quiet, studious, gentle, and innocent. Like Honoka she is into science, also loves art. With Choppy she becomes Cure Windy, but with Fuupu she becomes Cure Egret. This time the theme is nature. This is Futari wa Pretty Cure all over again. The two characters look the same as the original Precure, the plot is almost identical, and even the outfits seem the same. I was disappointed after watching the first one to see that the second one is not unique in comparison. The fighting was basic, but not as good as the first Precure. The plot was 1jpgclichéd, the transformations were basic, the art wasn’t even as cute as the first Precure and the protagonists were a disappointment. My opinion is, that if you want to watch Precure, don’t watch Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star right after Futari wa Pretty Cure (way too similar). -TheBetterCup

I was just out right disappointed. The story was so similar, and they looked just like the last girls. Worst of all the villains looked like they escaped from from a Dragon Ball Z. -Blog Barista

3. Yes! Precure 5
42803ad4ab378a5903ee23c4a0ca250dOne day Nozomi Yumehara bumps into this (obviously older) guy. She instantly falls head over heels for him, so much so that when she sees him at her school she follows him. This is a good thing though, because he turns out to be the prince of the Palmier Kingdom, Coco (he is a fluffy squirrel like creature that transforms into a human). Nozomi was struggling because she felt she had no passion/dream, but with Coco she decides to help restore Palmier against the Nightmare organization by completing the Dream Collet (the book) and finding the 55 Pinkies (with these you can get one wish). She transforms due to her pure heart into Cure Dream. She then assembles her own team (Cure Rough, Cure Lemonade, Cure Mint, and Cure Aqua). Nozomi Yumehara (Cure Dream) is the main protagonist. A second year student who has no idea what to do with her life, she is clumsy, carefree, talentless, cheerful, and optimistic. Rin Natsuki (Cure Rouge) is Nozomi’s tomboy, athletic friend. She loves boys, is scared of ghosts, is straight-forward, and down to earth. Her dream is to design jewelry. Urara Kasugano (Cure Lemonade) is the youngest member (a first year). She is half French, dreams to be an actress, and is very mature. Next is Komachi Akimoto (Cure Mint). She is a third year, shy, kind, and a bookworm. Her dream is to become a writer, and she falls in love with Nuts (Coco’s brother who is trapped in the book). Her best friend is Karen Minazuki (Cure Aqua). She is wealthy, popular, but very lonely. She is seen as “cool,” and later Nozomi sees that she is the most trustworthy. Karen develops a bond with Milk a magical rabbit (the next chancellor). She transforms into a Precure warrior named Milk Rose when she gains a human form.
Precure 6Personally, this Precure was better than the Splash Star, but the fighting, plot, transformation, art, and characters were basic. I hated the villains (that bug guy was ridiculous and I prefer the Dragonball Z characters from Splash Star), but I do love the Dream Theme in this one. I also liked that though this was full of clichés, this was the first one where the girls fall in love with their magical creatures (that is unique). It also helps that the characters and plot don’t repeat like the Splash Star. -TheBetterCup

I outright hated this one. I found the characters and the plot bland. But I ADORED the background art so… yeah. -Blog Barista

4. Fresh Pretty Cure
The main protagonist is 14 year old Love Momozono (oh god, her name -_-). One day, while at a Trinity concert, members of the Labyrinth Kingdom ruin the show in order to collect “unhappiness.” Love saves the leader of Trinity, and one of the missing Keys gives her the power to become Cure Peach, protector of the world. Her friends join her as Cure warriors and in a dance competition. She is determined to become a dancer and cares more about others than herself. She is hyper, sympathetic, hates sports and studying, and forms the dance group Clover. Miki Aono is one of Love’s best friends. She likes sports, but wants to be a fashion model. She is Cure Berry. The next Cure and member of Clover is Love’s and Miki’s friend Inori Yamabuki. She is an animal lover and wants to be a vet. She is calm, quiet, and has a low self-esteem. She is Cure Pine. Lastly, Eas (also known as Setsuna Higashi) was a former Labyrinth solider, but dies and is reborn as Cure Passion. Their theme is fruits and clovers.
tumblr_m6x4f4L16l1rwgxwjo1_500I like this one more then Yes! Precure and Splash Star Precure, but its tied with the original Precure. The fighting is pretty cool, but I love that they are like superheroes. People actually see them fight and save the world, so it reminds me of Superman more than Sailor Moon. The plot is basic (but the dancing part just adds a little something), the transformations are basic, the art is basic, but cute, and the characters are basic (seriously, they each fit a mold). The villains are better than the previous Precures though. -TheBetterCup

I found the story for this one to be more enjoyable. It has hand to hand combat, and I like the characters. It is not great or anything, and the theme is kind of lame. Yet, I could recommend this to some one who is willing to try. -Blog Barista

5. Heartcatch Precure
The great Heart Tree watches over the Heart Flowers of every person. Pretty Cure warriors defend the tree against the Desert Apostles (another evil orginazation). When Cure Moonlight (current Precure) is defeated, she sends two fairies (Shypre and Coffret) to recruit Precures. Tsubomi Hanasaki, the new girl, is given the power to become Cure Blossom. Her new friend, Erika Kurumi, joins as Cure Marine. The two fight Desertarian (monsters of the Desert Apostles, which are created from stolen Heart Flowers). Each time they defeat these monsters, they gain Heart Seeds, which revive the tree. Tsubomi Hanasakin (Cure Blossom) is 14 years old, loves plants, and is very shy, which is why she wishes to change herself (she wants to speak up for herself more). Erika Kurumi (Cure Marine) is 13 years old, loves fashion, is energetic, and bluntly says whatever is in her head without thinking about the consequences (she wants to change this about herself). Itsuki Myoudouin (Cure Sunshine) is the student council president and grandkid of the principle. At first Itsuki looks like a gentle, athletic prince, but you later find out he’s actually a she cross-dressing, because she is the heir to her family’s business. She really loves cute things. Lastly is Yuri Tsukikage (Cure Moonlight). Her creature was destroyed when she was defeated, so at first she can’t transform; however, when all of the seeds are collected she can transform again. She is 17 years old. Their theme is flowers.

PreCure1I actually like this one. The art is really simple, but smooth and cute. It is very different compared to the others, and I liked the characters (though they are still a little bland). The fight scenes are a little more detailed, the plot and transformations are a little more unique (they spray perfume bottles to transform), and the villains, though similar to the other Pretty Cures, actually fight sometimes and are really cute (neither Sailor Moon/ Kiss hybrids, nor resembling Dragonball Z). Thus, all together it might be my favorite. -TheBetterCup

tumblr_n4k23fW6D91s024xzo1_250I loved this one. The story is fun and different (at least as far as PreCures go). The characters are not all super mary jane, and they are super likable (at least for me). Most of all, I love the animation style for the fight scenes which are bad ass and I adore how cute the art is. The simple background is just a plus for me. I also find this to be a favorite. -Blog Barista

6. Suite Precure
42803ad4ab378a5903ee23c4a0ca250dIn this Precure the Melody of Happiness, from the Major Land, is played to give happiness to the world. Mephisto, a villain from the Minor Land, steals the Legendary Score so that he can change it into the Melody of Sorrow and spread sadness. The queen of Major Land, Aphrodite, scatters the Notes of the score on Earth, and sends Hummy, a cat-like fairy, in order to recover them. Hummy meets two girls, who don’t see eye to eye but have a bond through music, and they become Pretty Cure warriors in search of the notes before the Minor Villains recover them. The first girl is Hibiki Hojo, a 14 year old with an optimistic personality who excels in sports (what’s not surprising is that she dislikes studying). She is Cure Melody. The next girl is Kanade Minamino. She is in the same class as Hibiki, and she is her childhood friend. She is an excellent student and is also extremely popular. She dreams of being a pastry chef and is in love with the school’s “prince of music,” Ouji (his name even means prince). She is Cure Rhythm. Later on in the show the female cat/fairy, Seiren, who assists Mephisto becomes a Pretty Cure. She was Hummy’s friend, but is jealous when he is given the role of singing the Melody of Happiness, so she becomes evil. When Hummy is in danger, however, she tries to save him, but breaks her necklace, which traps her in her human form. She is Cure Beat. The last warrior is Ako Shirabe, a 9 year old girl who is very mature, but also cold. She often assisted the Cures as a masked fighter, but later she becomes Cure Muse. The theme is of this Precure series is Music.

tumblr_lle77jZSsj1qf9wd7o1_400This was the first Precure I had ever seen. I really did not like it. The plot was uninteresting, the characters bland, and the villains were really stupid (seriously, the Minor Trio). The art is cute, though, and it has some unique aspects. It is a new twist to have a former villain and mascot become a Precure, and it is also has the youngest Precure. -TheBetterCup

This was the first one I saw, and though unique in plot compared to the others, I just could not like it. Maybe as a kid this would have been great, but I just did not enjoy the theme. But I would like to say that the twist in the villain’s relationship with the Queen was fantastic. And the outfits are awesome. -Blog Barista

7. Smile Precure
42803ad4ab378a5903ee23c4a0ca250dMarchenland, home of fairytale creatures, is attacked by Pierrot, the emperor of the Bad End Kingdom. He steals the Cure Decors and plans to irect the world to bad endings. The queen of Marchenland is Royale, who seals Pierrot way. His minions, Joker, Wolfrun, Akaoni, and Majorina, seek to revive him by getting Bad Energy from the people of Earth. Royale sends five Cure Decors and a fairy named Candy to find the Precure warriors. Candy first meets Miyuki Hoshizora, the new girl in town, and gives her the power to become Cure Happy. Like most of the protagonists in Precure, Miyuki is cheerful, but a klutz, and as Cure Happy her powers are Super Leaps and the manipulation of light. Later her classmate, a volleyball player, joins as a Pretty Cure. Her name is Akane Hino, and jokes around a lot. She is Cure Sunny, and her powers are super strength and the manipulation of Fire. The next cure is Yayoi Kise. She is timid, prone to crying, but very headstrong and diligent. She dreams of being a manga artist and loves superheroes. She is Cure Peace and can manipulate electricity. The fourth Precure is Nao Midorikawa, and she also is Myuki’s classmate. She is straightforward, confident, and reliable, though if it doesn’t go her way she gets angry. Janken-HNNGShe is, however, scared of bugs, ghosts, and heights. As Cure March she manipulates wind and has super-speed. The last cure is Reika Aoki. She is Nao’s childhood friend, and she is the serious, elegant, and kind, though she is scary when she loses her patience. She is Cure Beauty and her powers are ice manipulation and enhanced reflexes. The theme is fairytales.
This one was interesting, but just as clichéd as the past ones. There is nothing unique in this one, but I think it’s one of the cutest. To me it’s pretty much the same as the previous Precures. -TheBetterCup

This is definitely one of the better drawn magical girls. But plot and characters are bland. -Blog Barista

5b979d0d7b44a230a9907081d52f2e0c8. DokiDoki! Precure
Princess Marie Ange rules over the Trump Kingdom, the land where all hearts live happily. One day, Jikochu, an evil organization, attacks the kingdom. Cure Sword is then sent to the human world to find the missing princess and three other cures. One of the fairies who went with Cure sword finds Mana Aida, a bright, energetic student council president (14 years old). She will help anyone without thinking about the consequences, and she possesses leadership capabilities. She becomes Cure Heart and purifies enemies. The student council clerk and friend of Mana, Rikka Hishikawa, also becomes a cure. She is always looking out for Mana to make sure she doesn’t do anything crazy. She becomes Cure Diamond, and she can freeze people with ice. The next cure is Alice Yotsuba, Mana and Rikka’s childhood friend. She is rich, polite, and caring, but unkowningly flaunts her wealth at times. She even knows martial arts, but fears her strength. She is Cure Rosetta, and she has the ability to create protective barriers. Makoto Kenzaki, or Cure Sword the royal guard, is responsible and loyal to the princess. She becomes an idol in hopes that she may find her. Her attacks are mostly slicing with her sword. The last cure is Aguri Madoka, or Cure Ace. She is a mysterious fourth grader who helps them, which sounds like Cure Muse from Suite Precure. She is calm, wise, quiet, but stern. She is a cure before the escape of the princess, and she is unique because when she transforms she becomes an adult (like the 80’s Magic Girls). Cure Ace also has a unique weapon, a lipstick that determines her powers. The color of her lips will state what power she possesses in battle. The theme for this Precure is playing cards.
Doki-Doki-precure-pretty-cure-35397577-500-280This series was one of my least favorite, but mostly because of the protagonist. I felt she was too perfect, and I could not relate to her. Not that I could relate to the other (more clumsy or athletic) protagonists. I just didn’t relate to any of the characters. Not to mention that this was the same basic plot as all the other Precures, so I wasn’t as interested in what magical land they had to protect against X evil organization. -TheBetterCup

Not only do I find the characters boring, but their designs are a little extravagant (unrealistic). The combination is unsatisfying. Even if its not the best one, it is so cute you cannot help but wanna watch it. -Blog Barista

9. HappinessCharge Precure
27599e227c5d74931c424f6c3e488406Earth is being invaded by Queen Mirage of the Phantom Empire and her army of Choiarks and Saiarks, All over the world, Precure warriors are fighting, even the princess of the Blue Sky Kingdom, Hime Shirayuki; however, because she always runs in fear she recruits a partner. A 14 year old girl named Megumi Aino is chosen to fight as Cure Lovely. She is happy-go-lucky and always tries to help others, even though it never works out (kind of like Love from Fresh Precure). Her wish is to cure her sick mother, and she has an interest in fashion. The princess, Himelda Window Cure Queen of the Blue Sky, is shy, spoiled, and rather selfish. Actually, she was the one who accidentally released the Phantom Empire. Her wish is to save her kingdom and atone for her mistake. Even though she is Cure Princess Pretty Cure warrior, she is a scaredy-cat. Megumi’s classmate and best friend, Yuko Omori, becomes Cure Honey. She loves to cook, and reveals that she was a cure prior to the start of the series. The last cure is Iona Hikawa as Cure Fortune. She is the cool character, great academically, very determined, and wishes to be strong so she can defeat her rival Phantom. She has a strong sense of justice and wants to save her sister, Maria/Cure Tender, who Phantom trapped in a mirror. For this series the themes are fashion and dancing.

Precure 5This last one I actually liked, a lot. I thought that the clichés weren’t so bad, since the show kind of makes fun of some aspects. The characters are cute and flawed, and the art is great. I like that people go on with their everyday lives even though they now there is some magical war going on, and I like that Megumi idolized Precure warriors before becoming one. It’s like comic book superheroes. I would definitely watch this one. -TheBetterCup

dd8201abfbedc43cb3b6132c95bcce75 (1)I liked this one. It was not that this was a thousand times different in any way. It is just as basic and has characters that are are not really super deep or anything. It is just that this one was funny, cute, and kept my attention. Also the fact that the characters are a different set of basic magical girl personalities is good enough for me to enjoy. -Blog Barista

Blog Barista: For the most part, I had fun. I enjoyed seeing all of these magical girls, and it was nice to see a variation in themes. The anime style is cute which is always great, and I love all the badass, bombastic, female fighters.

I definitely loved the idea of the All Stars Movie having so many characters meet. And so well drawn too!

I definitely loved the idea of the All Stars Movie having so many characters meet. And so well drawn too!


Hime-chan no Ribbon- by Megumi Mizusawa

hcDay 14 of this magical marathon, and today’s Magic Girl anime is Hime-chan no Ribbon. So this looks like a 90’s magic girl, but follows a 80’s magical girl theme.

-What is this cartoon about?


So the story opens up with a young witch riding on her broomstick looking for someone with the same face as her, Himeko Nonohara. The young witch is Princess Erika of Magical Kingdom, and she explains to Himeko that for her to succeed the throne she must invent a useful device, and she wants Himeko to test it out for a year; however, if she gets caught she and everyone around her loses their memories. The device is a magical red ribbon and watch that allows the user to change into any person on Earth. This device does have conditions (like in Pastel Yumi): she has to be looking at her reflection in order to change, she has to recite “parallel, parallel, become (name of person)”, and it only lasts an hour. With this she gets herself in interesting predicaments, and eventually finds love, rivalry, friendship, and what it means to be herself.

-Who are the central characters?


Himeko, Daichi, and Pokota

Himeko Nonohara is the 14 year old, titular character. Her name is somewhat ironic, because it translates as “little princess,” but in reality she is a clumsy tomboy. She is always enthusiastic, great at sports, kind of bad at school, a complete klutz, and funny; however, people tend to forget that she is a girl. Because of this she has an insecurity that she is not feminine enough (yet her optimism propels her to face her weaknesses). She as a crush on Kouichi Hasekura, a boy in her older sister’s class, who is the kind, prince type. She hates a boy named Daichi Kobayashi, because he thought she was a boy and embarrassed her in front of Kouichi.

Daichi Kobayashi is a 14 year old boy in the same school as Himeko. He is a trouble maker, good-looking, and smart, but he can also be rude at times. I can’t say much about him and his relationship with Himeko without ruining the story, but I can say that although Himeko hates him he is probably the love interest.

Pokota is Himeko’s stuffed lion and best friend. Himeko has had Pokota her whole life, talks to him all the time, and takes him everywhere she goes. When she meets Princess Erika and is given the ribbon, Erika explains that Himeko needs a magical creature to watch over her, so Pokota comes to life (but only when she wears the ribbon). He is very friendly and always helps her out of the tough situations she gets herself into.

(There are other important characters, but talking about them might ruin some aspects of the plot.)

-How is the Artwork?

The art is damn cute, and for a 90’s teen she has a realistic figure (no long legs and tiny waist like Wedding Peach or Sailor Moon). Even the hair styles are surprisingly realistic.


-What makes the cartoon awesome?

Although there are some cliches (like how she’s a klutz), the show is hilarious and really realistic. When Himeko first meets Erika she tries to scream (because she was floating outside the window), when she hears Erika’s tale she calls her mom (because she doesn’t believe her), and when she finally sees the magical broomstick she just sits down slowly in disbelief. Also, when Daichi reveals he thought she was a boy, her first reaction is to kick him in the face. As the story progresses Hineko screws things up (while trying to do good things), which makes her character more relatable. Not to mention that she is 14 year old girl (not a kid in grade school), that does not fall in love with a high school kid. This is like Creamy Mami, Pastel Yumi, Minky Momo, and such with a young girl transforming into an older-type person, but because she has a more flexible transformation (not just one person with many occupations) I feel that the anime is an evolved version of the 80’s Magical Girl.

All in all, I liked it.



Magical Broccoli Wand!

Episode One:

LilPri- by Makoto Moriwaki


Day twelve of our Magical Girl Marathon hits off with Spellbound! Magical Princess Lilpri. This is an adorable anime, but that’s about it. I say if you are a fan of the magical girl genre and want to watch something idly, then this is the anime for you. I wouldn’t mind watching this before a test to calm my nerves, or after a long day, or even just to waste some time (like if you are waiting for your flight). It doesn’t require much thought or emotion like other shows *cough cough* Madoka *cough cough*.

-What are these cartoons about?
8Fairyland holds all the creatures, kingdoms, princesses, and magic found in fairytales and folklore. Sustaining this world are the twinkling Happiness Tones from the people of Earth; however, the Sky over Fairyland is almost empty. Slowly the princesses and their worlds are disappearing, causing the stories on Earth to vanish as well. In order to save Fairyland, the Queen sends three magical creatures (Ma Pets) with magical gems to Earth to find three girls who have princess abilities. These girls will become “Super Miracle Idols” who will bring happiness to thousands by transforming into 17 year old singing superstars. These girls have an accidental debut at a Wish Concert, one of the most popular male idols, and became “Lil’Pri”.

-Who are the central characters?
Ringo_YukimoriRingo Yukimori is one of the three girls recruited as princesses. She is a ten year old girl with short, pink hair that curls at the end. Her outfit (red headband, puffy shirt, frilly skrit, lacy vest, large bow, and brown boots) is meant to resemble Snow White (her name even means Apple). She is a kind, sweet, adventurous child aspiring to become an idol when she grows up. Her parents own a bakery that makes the “best” apple pies, and Ringo is a talented at cooking and loves to help her parents bake. She is also laid back (and a heavy sleeper), but she always helps others even when she is busy. To emphasize the Snow White reference, Ringo has seven identical little brothers (The Seven Dwarfs) named after the days of the week. Sei, is her Ma-Pet, her symbol is an apple, and her magical bracelet is pink.
Leila_TakishiroLeila Takashiro is the next of the three girls. She is ten years old and has blonde hair clipped on both sides. She is a forgetful and clumsy child (she forgets lines and trips over rocks) and daydreams a lot. Like Cinderella she is good at housework, like washing, cleaning, sewing, and laundry. We learn that her father is Italian and her mother is Japanese, but I am not sure why they picked Italian (the oldest account of Cinderella from 1634 is French and so is the most popular version made in 1697). Her outfit doesn’t really represent Cinderella, which is disappointing. They put a lot of effort into Ringo, making her represent Snow White. So I wish they did the same for the other two protagonists, but at least Leila’s outfit is cute (Leila’s name is also similar to Ella, which is Cinderella’s real name). Her Ma-pet is Dai, her symbol is a sparkle, and her color is blue.
Natsuki_SasaharaNatsuki Sasahara is a rich, headstrong, feisty tomboy. She is ten years old, but does not admit to her feelings at times. She also hates lies. She likes sports and is talented in things like soccer and box vaulting. Her family sells fabric meant for kimonos (very traditional to represent her princess Kaguya, a moon goddess found inside bamboo as a baby and refused all her suitors). Her hair is straight and purple with pigtails, but when she transforms she has a hime cut (straight with cheek length sidelocks) with odangos (small side buns), which is traditional and matches her princess. Her outfit, however, is not traditional, but that makes sense because you can’t play soccer in a kimono. I did like her punkish style though. Her symbol is a moon, her Ma-pet is Ryoku, and her color is purple.
28Chris is a male idol (extremely popular between young girls especially the three heroines) known by his stage name Wish. He has light blue cropped hair and red eyes. We can’t say more about him without ruining the story, so you will have to watch in order to learn how he gets involved in this whole thing.
18Sei the parakeet is Snow White’s creature. He is a natural leader.
Dai the dormouse (not a squirrel) is Cinderella’s creature. He is gluttonous and often has to remind Leila of things she forgets.
Ryoka is a green dragon and is Kaguya’s creature. He teases Natsuki for not being honest about her feelings. He is often mistaken for a toy (or broccoli. Why? I have no idea).

-How is the Artwork?
It is very, very, very adorable and colorful. Other than that the only notable aspect is the CG. It is the first anime to use CG (the show is based on a Sega game), but because of this it is not the best CG (now a days there is a lot better, like Pretty Cure and Love Live High School Idol Project).

43 13 14 1517 7 21 26 20 24 29

-What makes the cartoon awesome?
Aside from the fact that this anime is cute there is not much else. It is interesting to note, however, that Lilpri was an actual J-pop group. They are the voice actresses of the three girls and they are managed by Up-Front and Hello! Project (the latter agency had Buono! the group involved in Shugo Chara’s ops and eds). They were formed for the promotion of the anime, and these are the same members in Shugo Chara Egg! (a group promoting Shugo Chara). They, however, ended with the end of the anime.30-TheBetterCup






Check it out!!

Cutie Honey Flash- by Yukako Iisaka


So today is Day 10 of our little Magical Girl Marathon, and the Blog Barista and I were very very excited to watch today’s Magic Girl, Cutie Honey Flash. When we first saw/ looked her up two things caught my eye: first, Cutie Honey transformed appeared a lot older then most magic girls, and second, Honey is badass and sexy (not the general “Cute” magic girl). Since she is just one more alternative in the magic girl universe, we really wanted to watch her show, and I am glad to say we were not disappointed (we watched the original, not the Re Cutie Honey Flash OVA though I will talk about it). There are three different anime you could watch: New Cutie Honey was made in 1970 and follows the manga (Personally Blog Barista did not like this one at ALL), then there is Cutie Honey Flash made in 1990s that was super awesome, and lastly Re Cutie Honey is a 3 episode Ova that follow the manga in a less serious more perverted light. We are going to focus on the better and more serious Cutie Honey Flash (this is the only one of the three where she is depicted as a magical girl and not android).

-What are these cartoons about?

.a.The story is about Honey Kisaragi, a regular high school girl, who gets involved with the evil organization, the Panther Claw, when her scientist father is kidnapped. On her sixteenth birthday, Honey goes to meet with her father (she stays at a boarding school, St. Chapel’s Academy); however, her father comes crashing into a light post, disheveled and bleeding, and eventually is taken. Honey’s father, however, leaves behind a device (choker and ring) that allows honey to transform into eight different women (all 27 years old): Hurricane Honey (black haired motorcycle rider) , Scoop Honey (short orange hair photographer), Nurse Honey (short blonde haired nurse), Elegant Honey (blonde haired bride), Stage Honey (blonde movie star), Escort Honey (brunette tour guide that always takes you to hell), and Cutey Honey (kickass, red haired sword wielding heroine). Honey fights evil with the help of a private eye detective named Seiji (who is specialized/obessed with taking out the Pather Claw) and the “Twilight Prince” (a mysterious man who knew her father).

-Who are the central characters?

cuteyhoney1So there are a lot of characters involved in this show, but I don’t want to talk about most of them, because some of them are tied into the plot. If I mention them I can ruin the dramatic roller coaster ride that is this show, so I will only talk about three people.

Honey Kisaragi is the 16 year old main protagonist of the series. She is very beautiful and is the star of the school. She is an excellent swordsman (even part of the fencing club). This Honey, however, is not an android like the original Honey and New Honey. Other minor characters at the school (like her best friend is Natsuko Aki and the faculty) are all returning characters from the original series, though some of the male students are based from other anime pilots. Through out the anime she gets help and gadgets from the Twilight Prince, including the choker that allows her to transform (the required phrase is “Honey Flash”). She uses the power of love (for her father) to fight.

I am glad to point out that Honey is not a klutz, cry baby, or love obsessed. She is skilled, idolized, loving, and heroic, acting first and asking questions later. Best of all she fights for love, just like other magical girls, but her’s is not a romantic one it is familial.

..kSeiji Hayami is the private eye detective that aids Honey in the battle against the Panther Claw organization. In this version he is a possible love interest and has feelings for her at some point. In previous versions Seiji is a photographer (and never actually likes Honey that way). Interestingly, he is actually considered Honey’s sidekick or support character (she doesn’t get a magical animal like other magical girls so this works). He is the first person to realize her secret identity and is always consulting her in her moments of doubt.


Sister Jill (left) and Prince Zera (right)

Panther Zora, Sister Jill, and Prince Zera are the highest members in the Panther Claw organization. Panther Zora is the leader and a giant statue that desires shiny stones and the Airborne Element Fixing Device (the choker). Sister Jill is Zora’s second in command, and Prince Zera (only male villain other then the masked henchmen) is one of the leaders who is seeking Sister Jill’s position. They are not human, and the fights between Honey and the henchman throughout the series is almost identical to the process found in Sailor Moon (each episode she fights one bad guy part of a bigger organization that is really colorful and weird).

-How is the Artwork?

This magical girl is more of a comic book girl. It does not follow the generic magic girl path, and watching it you can feel that it is not the same as Pastel Yumi or Pretty Sammy. As I was watching this I noticed that the 1950’s mafia henchmen, the night time crime runs, and the large city reminded me of Batman in Gotham city (specifically Batman: The Animated Series). The super strong, yet bad ass, I-am-not-taking-this-crap woman who is sexualized yet still awesome reminds me of Superwoman. The long legged, big eyed style looks like Sailor Moon (by the way some of the animation and writing staff from Sailor Moon worked on this anime). The anime is wonderfully done, but even the OVA (Re: Cutie Honey Flash) is amazingly cute. The animation is extremely smooth and surprisingly adorable (for an anime that focuses so much on the protagonist’s body). The following is a mix of pictures from both the Cutie Honey Flash and its OVA.

tumblr_mc2xfrQWtT1qfbewxo1_5002207748043-re_cutie_honey_ yandere24135sample_zps9ab9aa7f 57831tumblr_m0eezi9abq1qmj04jo10_250 .seiji1244237-20131111-rPSyo9Jill tumblr_m6ms0rGG5u1rr6cyuo1_500tumblr_m2m5uwLrdi1r4dyjuo1_250tumblr_m6msw4vBrC1rr6cyuo1_400.4.scre.444444.44444.4444.44.screetumblr_n699e569uJ1tvj99ko1_500

-What makes the cartoon awesome?

Now I am not looking at Re: Cutie Honey Flash, because that OVA makes the show comedic and more sexualized (to a ridiculous and annoying point that makes it hard to enjoy just how well drawn it is) then the original. Cutie Honey Flash is EXTREMELY dramatic, like holy crap the twists and turns man. Its not even sappy drama, but Batman’s-vengeance drama (its the Batman for girls). Just like Correcter Yui from yesterday, Honey Flash is new form of magical girl that broadens the view of what a heroine can be like. She is strong, she actually battles, she is not innocent and cute but really sexy. She fights for love but it is one for a parent not a love interest. She does not complain, but powers through. Cutie Honey is different and amazing, and she is another great magical heroine to be added to a diverse list of awesome.



This is you when you stay up till 4 am the day before.

Pretty Sammy- by Kazuyuki Hirokawa, Magical Project S- by Katsuhito Akiyama, & Sasami Magical Girl Club- by AIC & BeSTACK

zzz (1)

Day 8 of the Magical Girl Marathon, and because there are three that are related I have decided to do the impossible and talk about all three. I will try my best, but all of this is based on Tenchi Muyo!, and since that is not a magical girl anime, I will not go over it (so if you need more info, please look this series up).

-What are these cartoons about?

Ok, so basically it starts off with Pretty Sammy. What happens is in Tenchi Muyo!, Tenchi is some useless kid in the country side who meets a group of alien girls ( space pirate Ryoko, Juraian princesses Ayeka and Sasami, scientist Washu, and officers of the Galaxy Police Mihoshi and Kiyone,) and Ryo-Ohki (Ryoko’s spaceship that is a cat/rabbit). Anyways, its a harem and they have galactic adventures. Moving on!

samhy3Pretty Sammy is an OVA/Spin-off of Tenchi Muyo. Sasami is Tenchi’s little sister in Pretty Sammy and she is the main character, Pretty Sammy. One day Sasami Kawaii (yes that is her actual name) is sent by her mother to an abandoned mansion to deliver a CD (wtf), and there she meets a princess in line to be queen, Tsunami. The princess gives her powers in order to be her candidate (she will prove she should be queen through Sasami who is getting points for solving problems as a magic girl). Anyways, all the original characters are now having “normal” lives. Ayeka (the student council president) and Ryoko are fighting for Tenchi, Sasami’s best friend is Misao (who thanks to the second princess, Ramia, and her brother, Rumiya, unknowingly becomes Pixy Misa, another magical girl and rival), Washu is their science teacher, and Mihoshi and Kiyone work at the CD shop. Ryo-Ohki is even the magical girl’s companion. This is a parody. It is so stupid that if you go in thinking its serious you will be wasting 90 minutes of your life.

sammyNow because Pretty Sammy was a hit they made a full series called Magical Project S (its a comedy, but not a parody). Then they made another spin-off set in a different dimension called Sasami Magical Girl Club (which fyi has new and old characters). In this spin-off Sasami Iwakura is born with magical powers, but  is forbidden to use them. She keeps her powers a secret, but when a new teacher, Washu, and her pet, Ryo-Ohki, appear her life gets flipped.

The magic girls are Sasami, Misao, Makoto, Tsukasa, and Anri. They train with Washu and Daimon (Washu’s boss) as part of a cooking club, take trips to the magic world, and compete against other magic teams. Later they have to face the Chief Sorceress who wants to use the magic girls in a plan to cleanse the corrupted human world (sounds a little like Kyuubi).

-Who are the central characters?

I will not talk about all of the characters, just the magic girls briefly.

zezeSasami is the lead character of all three series. She is a happy, bubbly 10 years old girl (her age is really unknown but in the Magic Girls Club she is in the fifth grade), and in the Club series her power is to move things around with out touching them (which is pretty useless), and she possesses the ability of light (the most rare magic). She is also very responsible (loves to cook for her family and help out), but she acts more mature in the OVA and more aggressive in Project S. Additionally, though Pretty Sammy is your generic magic girl, Sasami from the Club series is more of a magical witch girl, learning magic rather then just acquiring magic through nonsensical chants and they don’t transform. Instead, they change clothing. Her parents have forbidden her to use her magic (since she was three), but her mom is really air headed, so her dad makes her promise never to use it.


Misao, the shy, sweet character. She is easily scared in the Club series, but has a darker past in the Sammy series (her parents fought a lot). She is hypnotized into being the evil, yet friendly rival magical girl Pixy Misa, who harasses Pretty Sammy. In the Club series, if she is afraid her fear manifests itself as worms around her body. I want to point out that in the English version of Magical Girls Club one of Sasami’s friends warn her that if she talks to Misao she will “catch emo” (that was a ridiculous line and made me laugh). In the magical club she has a bluish purple hair, but in Pretty Sammy her counter part has black hair. Misao’s magical ability is to create a defensive cloak (with cat ears).

zezMakoto is the short, bossy, hot-headed, strong girl whose special powers is the ability to enlarge or shrink herself. She has issues with her size, skips class (hanging out in the bathroom), and drinks as much milk as she possibly can (in hopes of growing), but is the reason why she is always going to the bathroom (she might be lactose intolerant). She realizes her powers when she wishes on a star to be taller. She does not appear in Pretty Sammy.


Tsukasa is an emotionless girl with pink hair, and she manipulates the wind. She is “really really famous,” but her dad is super over protective, forbidding her to do lots of things including using her magic. She is a dandere, and eventually reveals she actually does care about others.


Anri is a himedere (acts like a princess). She has lots of boys that follow her and do her bidding, but she is obsessed with Tsukasa. She has the ability to transform her drawings into tangible things. The truth is she is actually poor and has many younger siblings.

-How is the Artwork?

The old and new vary, so its up to you to decide what you like. For the old I personally hate the ridiculous hair styles, but I liked how thick the characters were thicker; however, the new one is way cuter. The old one also reminds me of Dragon Ball Z (or those How to Draw Manga books, but the new one looks like Pokemon or YuGiHo).

zzz (2).................zzz (3)zzezezzzz (2)zzz (1)

An acceptable panty shot (seeing as she is not in grade school) appears in Pretty Sammy.

In Sasami Magical Girl Club Washu tells the girls they can distract people with panty shots, but they don’t need to “whore it up like high school girls” (there is so much wrong with this statement).

-What makes the cartoon awesome?

Pretty Sammy is funny and cringe worthy, so I enjoyed suffering through it. It is full of cliches and is a great Parody.

Magical Project S is still funny, but not as stupidly forced. Its not one of my favorites, but I say try it.

Sasami Magical Girl Club is very cute, has some romance, but is surprisingly dark (mostly because of Misao and her fears).

All in all this was so so for me.


I give up. I just wanna trundle forever...

I give up. I just wanna trundle forever…

Here is Episode 1:

Sasami Magical Girls Club: (sorry its in English)


Magical Princess Minky Momo- by Kunihiko Yuyama

Minky.Momo.full.472171 Day six of the Magical Girl Marathon stars the last Magical somethin’ girl (I am not counting Magical Angel Sweet Mint, because I might not review her), Minky Momo! Looking this up was hard, because there are two stories with two VERY different Momos. I will be focusing on the Sora Momo, aka the sky one, not the Umi (sea) Momo (Tip: the Sora Momo has a star on her headband, and the Umi Momo has a heart. That is the only big difference in appearance).

-What is the cartoon about? tumblr_lhpiypn3jN1qfiwuro1_500

Magical Princess Minky Momo is the princess of a land of dreams in the sky called Fenarinarsa. Fairy tale characters live in Fenarinarsa, but because people were losing their hopes and dreams, Fenarinasa was in danger of leaving Earths orbit (cause that’s gravity for you). To save this sky world the King and Queen send their daughter, Momo, to Earth in order to help people regain their hope. She uses her magic to trick a childless couple into thinking that she is their daughter. She has three companions, and she transforms into an adult with a specific occupation. Every time Momo brings happiness, the Fenarinarsa crown shines, and after four shines a jewel appears. With all twelve of these jewels, Fenarinarsa returns to its rightful place.

-Who are the central characters?

tumblr_n17f8wvfLT1re6nxeo1_400Momo is the princess of Fenarinasa, and she appears to be a little girl of at most 12 years of age. Actually her age is not mentioned, and her personality is pretty much non-existant. Maybe later on in the series when she actually faces obstacles there might be something more; however, she is cookie cutter and seems to fit the Magic Girl basics (kind, likable, helpful, optimistic, etc..). The funny thing is she comes with a car/bus/helicopter thing and no one questions why this preteen is driving; however, the fact that she might actually have learned something from her father as a vet is completely impossible.

cfbbaedde18265a584d5424ca3fad7cdHer magical companions are Sindbook the dog, Pipil the bird, and Mocha the monkey. Pipil is the only girl, and she tends to talk a lot. Her favorite subject is herself, and she always talks about how beautiful she is or how she wishes she could be like Momo (she is shallow). Mocha first words focuses on justice, but he seems like the slower one of the three (I could be wrong, but this is my first impression of him). Lastly, Sindbook is pessimistic and ready to leave her when she needed help (in episode one he only stayed because he was there for most of it and felt like he might as well stick it out). He didn’t even believe she would succeed. This is true friendship. Only reason I don’t considered these guys as the worst Maho companions so far is because of Kyuubi.

-How is the Artwork?

This is an old anime magic girl, so she looks like the other 80’s cartoons. She is super colorful and cute, and you could get a picture of the scenery and not know if its from Momo or from Yumi, Mami, Emi, or Mai’s cartoons. tumblr_mloqm3GWFY1qesgs1o1_500............... -What makes the cartoon awesome?

So Momo has her unique points. First, aside from her twirling (which is due to physics) there are no glaringly obvious panty shots or nude scenes. Also though at first the story seems bland at some point there are twists and turns that just cause Momo’s life to flip upside down (I won’t spoil anything, but for an 80’s cartoon Momo faces some tough shit and actually fights shadows who are the causes of the troubles people face). Also there is a second Momo from Marinarsa (land of dreams in the bottom of the sea). She has a dog (Cookbook), bird (Lupipi), and monkey (Charmo) as well, and she is sent for the same purpose, but her obstacles are different (and just as messed up). The two even meet. Their stories teach us that hopes and dreams are never lost, and the fact that Momo transforms into different occupations teaches kids that they can be whatever they want. Also, Momo references Momotaro (Japanese folklore) who is also accompanied by a dog, bird, and monkey. All together I want to say I don’t like this cartoon, but once you get past the beginning its actually decent.



God Damnit. That teddy looks so soft.

Pastel Yumi the Magical Idol- by Kiyoko Arai


Day four of the Magical Girl Marathon Pastel Yumi! I have to be honest, even with the standards set by the last Magical whatever gals, Pastel Yumi ended up my least favorite. I was very disappointed with the first impressions left by the first episode and my time reaseraching Pastel Yumi. Don’t get me wrong. There are a lot of stuff I like about it. On top of some plot aspects I like that its cute and different as far as magic girls (mostly compared to the other Magical whatever gals), but you will see a mini rant at the end of why I am upset.

-What is the cartoon about?

SandydaiMilleColori17Magical Idol Pastel Yumi is about an 11 year old girl who loves to draw and wants to be a manga artist. The first episode starts with these voices in the sky (you don’t see who is talking at first) noticing a flower carnival and revealing that they looking for a girl named Yumi. Then we see  a rich, chubby lady and her butler on a hang glider and a young man (who you later recognize as someone working with Yumi’s parents) instructing them on hang gliding. Anyways, the fat lady notices down below children gathered at the wall surrounding her house and she goes to confront them. Turns out Yumi is drawing on the wall, and the kids are all watching her (because they like her art). The rich lady, Fukurokouji, had said in an interview that she wanted kids to draw tumblr_mrnad9GgFP1qesgs1o4_500on her plain wall, but in reality she is a bitch who lies to look good in the public’s eyes. She makes Yumi clean the wall (and even sabotages Yumi by getting her dog covered in paint to run around so that she cannot go to the carnival). When Fukurokouji notices a daffodil she orders her butler to destroy it (because she is allergic to flowers), but Yumi stands her ground to keep it safe. The two voices from the very start of the show appear as little fluffy cat things, and they help Yumi protect the flower. When Yumi goes to a flower field to plant the daffodil, the two creatures reveal themselves and tell Yumi that they are fairies from the flower kingdom who have come to give a child how loves flowers magic. They give her a necklace and a wand, which when she recites the magic words (Pastel Poppuru Poppin-pa) anything she draws with the wand comes to life.

-Who are the central characters?


Yumi Hanazono is a girl in grade school. She loves flowers and does not do well in school (she is not a klutz like Mai from Magical Star Emi, but she is not as rambunctious as Mami or even Persia). She also loves to draw, and wants to become a manga artist. Her family runs a flower shop, and that is why she has such a strong appreciation for flowers. Yumi is a very good artist (apparently because everyone loves her work, but when she would doodle a chubby pony a majestic horse would come to life); however, Yumi does not always use the best judgement when choosing what to draw.

Sandy2 Keshimaru and Kakimaru are the fuzzy talking creatures that accompanies Yumi. Kakimaru comes from the verb Kaku or Kakimasu meaning to write, and Kakimaru is the yellow fluff-ball (its a she) that draws or writes when helping Yumi. Keshimaru comes from Kesu or Keshimasu meaning to erase, and Keshimaru, the boy, is the pink fluff-ball, and he helps by erasing things for Yumi. Both of them are fairies from the Flower Kingdom, that came to Earth to give Yumi magic. Keshimaru is more fun loving then the stricter Kakimaru. Kakimaru insists that before they can go enjoy the Flower Festival they must finish their mission (also Keshimaru hogs all the ice cream and is the reason why Yumi’s father’s doll was destroyed).

-How is the Artwork?

Like the other Magical Whatever Gals, this is retro animation. I find it cuter than Persia, but not Mami or Emi. I also feel that the young man in this cartoon reminds me of Tuxedo mask (the Blog Barista is judging me for comparing the two), so I like this cartoon’s style.

207.2d3a2d5e121a6a536064a16d5f011cef411a17c1original 526x297-_jT mahounoidolpastelyumiepiso54


-What makes the cartoon awesome?

The cartoon is different so it wins a lot of points for uniqueness. Yumi is not a klutz, her family is dysfunctional (her mother is an alcoholic, her parents are always fighting, and they even separate at one point), and her powers have a time limit. I did not like the music playing when she uses her powers, but I guess they have to make up for the fact that she does not transform. Its also interesting that her powers are bringing doodles to life. My only beef with the entire show is the perverted-ness towards an elementary school student. Panty shots? Well, I saw a lot of them in the other Magical Whatever Gals, and this one also had quiet a few. No, my problem is the fact that in the last few seconds of the first episode the girl is stripped nude. Fine, it makes sense with the fact that her dress disappeared because of the time limit thing. Then why is it that when I Google Pastel Yumi I get only pictures of Yumi taking a bath or losing her clothes again and again? That’s sick. She is 11.




The Magical Whatever Gals. Its missing Minky Momo though….

Check out the first episode!


Persia the Magical Fairy- by Takako Aonuma


-What is the cartoon about?

tumblr_mrnad9GgFP1qesgs1o2_500The story starts off with Goken, an old man, and his grandsons, twins Riki and Gaku Muroi, bringing Persia Hayami to Japan to live with her adopted parents, Hideki and Kumi (who own a grocery store). On the flight to Japan, however, the plane experienced a turbulence-like incident that brought Persia to “Lovely Dream,” a land where dreams are born and grow; however, it’s a cold and wintery place, so all the dreams freeze once they are freed (Persia can understand and free these dreams). A fairy Queen appears, in the form of a butterfly, tells Persia that Lovely Dream is in danger and asks for her help (or else everyone she loves will turn into women, aka the twins). Giving Persia a magical headband, she teaches her the magic words necessary to transform into an older version of herself (Papirikko gets the headband to work and Perukko Raburin Kurukuru Rinkuru gets her to transform). She is sent back with three kappas as her observers and her new mission of collecting love energy to thaw out Lovely Dream (Her goal is to pretty much get others to fall in love with her).

-Who are the central characters?

tumblr_mjbm90NLjO1qg653uo1_500Persia Hayami is an 11 year old girl who has grown up on the Serengeti plains of Africa with her animal friends. She only ever wore a leopard skin (like a cave man), but for the rest of the anime she wears a sailor fuku. Once she visits Lovey Dream she gets a headband, which summons this baton (she does a similar twirly dance as Creamy). The baton then transforms her and allows her to use magic (which means she can magically change clothing or objects into what ever she wants). She is irresponsible (duh, she’s 11) and uses her magic for silly things like bringing her pet lion, Simba, to Japan as a kitty cat. She also gave him the ability to talk.

3Gaku and Riki Muroi are the grandsons of Goken and friends of Persia. They both care for Persia as if she were their little sister. They are both reckless when it comes to Persia, like when they lost her they were running everywhere without a second thought. Riki is dating Sayo Mitomo, but both boys are in love with Persia’s older self.


Puri Puri, Meso Meso, and Gera Gera are the three kappas that look over Persia. Puri Puri is the girl kappa with the pink purse. Her name is the onomatopoeia meaning “huffing,” because she scolds Persia a lot. Meso Meso is a coward (wearing a red bow tie), and his name is the sound of whimpering. Gera Gera is the kappa in the orange shirt who also scolds. His name means “guffawing.”



-How is the Artwork?

The artwork looks like Creamy Mami’s, and it’s cute and retro. Sometimes they have random moments where the characters have buckteeth, which I don’t like, but it reminds me of Monica from the Truma da Monica comics. All in all I love the range of emotions the characters display.

tumblr_n3bj74QIXW1reytm5o7_5005 2 1999999

-What makes the cartoon awesome?

This cartoon is adorable, and the character is very optimistic and not an airhead. I liked her transformation, and I liked that her little helpful creatures were kappas. My one problem (and its the same for Creamy Mami and such) for a 11 year old girl, there are WAY too many panty shots. Not cool.


Motivational Pic for Today

Motivational Pic for Today

Top 10 Favorite Kpop Songs

TheBetterCup and I are fans of Kpop songs; and for anyone who may not know, Kpop is a music genre from South Korea. It is basically Korean Pop music and has quite a large foreign fan base in the interwebs community. When we decided to make a top ten post for kpop a couple of rules for our choices were set. We did not to pick any artist twice (even though I was tempted to), our choices were based solely on our opinions, and it had to be pop-ish. This will be divided into two sets of mini top 5 Kpop Songs, since I like different songs then TheBetterCup.


5. Shadow by FX

In the K-pop world (and even in J-pop) I find that the female artists make songs that for the most part are not my cup of tea *cough cough* bubble pop *cough cough*; however, I like a good majority of songs made by f(x) and they have taken the spot as my favorite female group. There are a total of five members: the Chinese leader Victoria, the Taiwanese American Amber (personally my favorite member because she reminds me of Makoto from IdolM@ster), the Korean members Luna and Sulli, and lastly Krystal the Korean American member (this is an SM Entertainment group by the way). On average their songs tend to be songs I would listen to, but they never would make it to my top favorites. This song, however, is just so different it breaks through to my top five. When I first heard it I immediately fell in love with it. It has a mystical feel to it that’s kind of creepy at the same time (because it makes me think of puppets). Anyways, the song is original, not following the cliches of pop songs.

4. That X.X. by G. Dragon

Kwon Ji Yong, or G. Dragon, is one of the most popular K-pop idols today. He is the Fashionista of the YG group Big Bang, and he is well known for influencing fashion trends in South Korea. His singles tend to be outrageous, colorful, catchy, and just a mess of symbols (Crayon and Michigo), but the song I pick is nothing like the others. “That XX” is so much calmer, and the best part is that it is an emotional song without being like other pop songs. No one is crying or quivering or trying to grab the sky, which occurs in most k-pop ballads.

3. ADTOY by 2PM

God every time this song plays I start singing. I am not even a fan of 2PM, hell I like none of their songs, but this one. So heres the background info: They are a Jyp idol group, there six members (Jun.K, Nichkun, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Junho, and Chansung), and they are all in the twenties (hello!). Now ADTOY as a song (I am ignoring the video) is unique and honestly sexy. The fast paced lyrics, the strong steady beat, the escalations through out, and that high note just ties up nicely.

2. Doom DaDa by T.O.P.

Quick facts on Choi Seung-hyun. He is also a member of Big Bang, his stage name is T.O.P, he is known for his beautifully low voice, and stoic/cool persona. Now the song. I am gonna ignore the music video (because that alone is awesome and full of movie references, but not the reason why I like this song). I (unlike the BlogBarista) am not a big fan of rap, but hot reservoir this is my jelly!! TOP just kills it, and I cannot explain just how different this song is compared to your average rap songs. The rap is hypnotic, the sound is creepy and surreal, and the lyrics are abstract (I thought at first they were senseless).

1. Neverland by FT Island

This is a little unfair that I picked this song as my number one, because even though the band is Korean (the first instrumental idol group) the song is originally sung in Japanese; however, out of all of the songs that have come from Korea so far, this is my absolute favorite. Five Treasure Island is a five member pop rock band (Choi Jong-hoon on the guitar/keyboard, Lee Hongki as lead vocalist, Lee Jae Jin on the bass, Song Seung Hyun on the guitar, and Choi Min Hwan on the drums), and their songs are so upbeat. When I first heard the song I thought it belonged as an anime opening/ending (which it is), and its also very emotional. The biggest reason why I like this song, though, is because it reminds me of J-Rock and Punk-Rock, which is my favorite genres of music.



5. No Joke by Block B

Block B is one of those few gems in the Kpop community. The group consists of seven members (Zico, Lee Taeil, B-Bomb, Ahn Jaehyo, U-Kwon, Park Kyung, and P.O) under the label Seven Seasons. The members write and compose some of their releases (more and more as time passes), and a few used to rap underground. This song is the epitome of Block B awesomeness! The lyrics are witty and the song is so catchy and hypes you up.

4. Baby Good Night by B1A4

Even though these are numbered, except for my number one choice, I find it really hard to like one song on this list more than another. So B1A4 may be listed as number four, but I really really love Baby Goodnight. B1A4 is a South Korean idol group made of four male members (CNU, Jinyoung, Sandeul, Baro, and Gongchan). They debuted in 2011 under the label of WM Entertainment. Usually when you listen to Kpop, you will not like every song an artist releases. Most times you will like one song from one person and one from another and so on and so on. Yet with a couple of groups (usually ones that do not change styles often), you may find that you like a little more of their releases. Well, B1A4 is one of the few groups that I liked more than a handful of what they made. This song is really fun, and the tune is catchy (most their songs tend to be this way). Its upbeat and definitely puts me in a good mood.

3. Smile by Cho Kyunhyun

Kyunhyun is a twenty six year old singer, best known for being a member of the top Kpop boy band called SuperJunior. I am not really a fan of SuperJunior (I dislike most of their songs), but dear goodness I love smooth jazz. I have a whole playlist filled with Smooth jazz (many from South Korea), but this one is one of my all time favorites. It is soft, and pleasing to hear. I usually listen to it when I study. I just cannot get enough.

2. Boogie On and On by Beenzino

Beenzino is a relatively new rap/hip-hop artist. I only just heard of him this past fall, but I just adored his song Boogie On and On. His voice is so smooth (almost a little sultry) as he sings about being in a party mood. His rise in popularity is do to his excellent rap skills that do not feel as forced as many raps tend to be in Kpop. I am not sure if he really counts as being part of the pop genre, but this is kind of pop like so, yeah. I like Beenzino’s music, because it feels casual and like he really felt in like partying when he recorded the song.

1. No More Perfume by Teen Top

Teen Top is my favorite artist group in the Kpop genre. They are South Korean boy band featuring six members (C.A.P, Chunji, L.Joe, Niel, Ricky and Changjo). They were founded by Andy Lee (Kpop artist of the 90s) under the TOP Media label. I love a large quantity of what they have released, and it was through them that I was introduced to Kpop. I had seen some SNSD and SuperJunior before, but I only really started liking it when I listened to Teen Top’s No More Perfume on You. I love the beat, I love the tune, I love their voices, and over all I just love the song. Now I know that there has been a lot of negative opinions about the song because of the message, but it does not bother me. I see it as nothing more than a song, one that does exactly what songs are meant to do, makes me wanna dance and sing and makes me happy. If this song is not much up your alley, I recommend trying some other of their songs like Mad At U or Be My Girl, most are pretty good (I don’t suggest Angel, though). This song is my all time favorite.



Here is an extra song. Kwill is by far the idol that transcends all others. His songs do not disappoint, and he is so wonderful that TheBetterCup and I refused to include him on the list because we could not pick a song. But I leave you with this song because trust me, there is no way to dislike it.