Beware Us Greeks Bearing Gifts

Greeks Bearing Gifts (Bernie Gunther, #13)Greeks Bearing Gifts

The author did a great job of making sure he incorporated every single negative stereotype of the Greek people. Some parts were ridiculously offensive, and he made sure that every Greek was ugly or flawed in every way possible. The Greeks were not even the bad guys. It was a German protagonist against a German antagonist, and some how the Greeks are the ones constantly being downgraded (even by their own people). It would be one thing for the author to have been showing the dislike between Greeks and Germans, but somehow this went beyond that. The author himself seemed to hate the Greeks. Every Greek is a thief, corruptible, lazy, and selfish. Some were cowards or hardcore communists in favor of the Soviet Union, but none of them were positively characterized in anyway. He even suggested that women needed to carry guns in Greece because “the men of that country” were dangerous. At one point, his Greek love interest (who he sexualizes to the high heavens) explains that she was almost raped by an Egyptian, and somehow he replies again that the Greek “men of this country” are dangerous that way. Ignoring his obvious dislike to the Greeks, I found his use of metaphors and similes to be over done and annoying. He attempted to put in some reference to Greek history in every other sentence, and they made little to no sense. This was an ugly book, and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

Here is my gift to you, don’t waste the money (unless you enjoy boring books with a really barely interesting plot and hatred for a whole group of people). Maybe you should beware any gifts I give you, since apparently all Greeks are liars (they can’t help it Kerr says, look at Odysseus), but I’m gonna give you the warning that it isn’t worth it anyways.


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