91 Days by Shuka Studios

AngeloTheBetterCup and I have to commute to our respective schools (since we still both live at home). So, we both wake up pretty early every morning (like 6 am) to get to our 10 am classes every day. It isn’t really that great, but at least everyday we make time to watch one anime episode together while eating breakfast or on the commute or any time we are both free. On Thursdays we started 91 Days, because the art looked so good and the plot seemed interesting.

-What is the story?

angelo4So the story is set in Illinios, USA during the Prohibition. 1920’s USA is one of my absolute favorite settings for books, especially if gangs are involved (and of course this is one of them!!).  In the town of Lawless, Italian American Angelo Lagusa witnesses his family’s murder at the hands of the Vanetti family, a mafia gang. After seven years on the lamb (since the family would kill him if they knew he survived), Angelo returns under the alias Avilio Bruno after receiving a letter addressed to him prompting him to exact revenge.

angelo3Avilio returns and infiltrates the Vanitti family under the guise of brewing and selling moon shine (with a childhood friend of his). He befriends Nero, the don’s son and the man who years earlier hesitated to kill Avilio when he had the chance. The story follows Avilio through his 91 days of revenge and the dramatic story that unfolds. angelo1

-How do we feel?

I really loved this anime. It comes off like a giant movie that was broken into segments. The art is beautiful, the story is dramatic, and the authors put in a lot of effort into recreating the world of Prohibition era USA. I love the character designs, and the fluidity of the animation seems high quality. The story can seem to move slowly at times, but every episode leaves you wanting more (literally, since it almost always ends on a cliff hanger). I am excited to see how Angelo exacts revenge (and to see if he can keep his sanity through all of this). I loved his personality and his story, and really want him to have a happy ending (I hope he kills everyone, well almost everyone). Nero is also a main character, and I feel like there may be a chance that they truly befriend each other in the end. So if anything, I hope he can reconcile with him while getting revenge on everyone else. Either way, I can’t wait to see how this revenge ends.

-Blog Barista



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