Yokai Manga

I have read so many manga lately, and barely talked about any of them (which is such a shame because I am afraid I won’t remember most of them), Anyways I am starting with these because I am continuing to read them and thus remember the story line.

Reimei and TobariAke no Tobari by Momo Chidori

This is a web-comic (fully colored) that follows the story of Tobari, a fox demon that dreams of creating a word where humans and demons can coexist. He loves humans, especially after meeting a young girl and befriending her (but she dies of old age once he comes back to the town she lives in). He befriends the town’s local priest Reimei. Tobari becomes Yokai Leader of the Shinonome Mountains, and together with Reimei starts to work towards the dream of creating paradise for all. The characters are lovable, and the art is wonderful. I am really enjoying the story so far. Tobari and Reimei find themselves facing opposition from both yokai/demons and human beings, but slowly bring both together through handwork and friendship. But seriously, look at how cute they are (left is Reimei and right is Tobari).

4be39f06df7959a4e03e32f18db92f58Kanojo wa Rokurokubi by Nieki Zui

Another really cute, almost slice of life romance manga. This story focuses on Kanoi Natsuki, a rokurokubi (demon girl whose neck becomes long when they fall asleep) who has a crush on her childhood friend (who is perfectly human). This world seems to also have a mix between humans and demons, only in this case it is almost normal and set in the modern era. The story is pretty light and very silly and funny at times. I love Natsuki’s friends who are both demon girls (though you only find that out as the story progresses). I also really enjoy learning about different less known mythical beings. The drawing style is cute and very round looking. The characters are not the delicate looking kind found in most shoujo, but it is still very cute. So far, I am on chapter 18 and the love story still has not really kicked in (it has been a little prevalent in the last 2 chapters, but not really), so I am not to sure if this is a romance. Either way, it is a really enjoyable story and also one of the few manga from the spring that I have continued.

mokkeMokke by Kumakura Takatoshi

Last but not least, we have this story which focuses on two sisters who live with there grandfather. Shizuru is the older sister (in junior high) who can see monsters that other people cannot see. Her younger sister Mizuki, on the other hand, cannot see the monsters, but is easily haunted by them. Each chapter focuses on a little episode of them dealing with monsters that either haunt Mizuki or other people. In many cases, Shizuru wants to help others, but her grandfather (who also deals with monsters) use his wisdom to guide them and keep them from getting involved with the supernatural and divine. One of my favorite chapters really took me by surprise with how serious it was and almost existential in a way. I really like this one, because it is like a slice of life mixed with mythology, and yet it adds some deeper stories inside too. I highly suggest it.

-Blog Barista


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