Sekko Boys written by Michiko Yokote

It has been a really long day, and I feel so exhausted. I have been awake for 13 hours and the day is no where near done (plus I slept maybe 3 hours last night). Anyways, I want to post a quick short post on an anime that I really enjoyed watching lately. All summer I have been watching One Piece (like all 754 or so of the current episodes), so I didn’t get a chance to watch new anime. So, TheBetterCup and I decided to watch this anime, Sekko Boys, for no reason other then it looked extra weird (which it is).

thhEc-What is the cartoon about?

The story starts with a young girl named Miki Ishimoto. After graduating art school, she finds herself getting a job as a manager for an idol group. This new rookie group, called Sekko Boys, is comprised of four statue busts: Saint Giorgio, Medici, Mars, and Hermes. And the series follows them as they try to rise through stardom.

-Who are the central characters?

GOODS-00056053_01St. Giorgio: Saint George of Lydda (the guy who slayed a dragon which I wrote a post on that myth) is the leader of the Sekko Boys. He is reliable and mature, but he makes horrible puns and isn’t the most popular between the boys.

GOODS-00056053_04Medici: Guiliano de’ Medici, duke and Italian nobleman, is the cute and extraordinarily popular one of the group. He is very rich and very selfish, but even so, the rest of the group still care for him. He is the only Sekko boy who gets to debut as an actor, in a drama, during the series.

GOODS-00056053_02Hermes: Hermes (the Greek God of thieves, travelers, athletes, and a psycho pomp) is the ‘smart’ one of the group. He is the only bust to be shown to also own the rest of his sculpture. Behind the back of the group, he is shown to be scamming people into buying useless items. He is the rational one in the group.

GOODS-00056053_03Mars: Mars (Roman God of War) is the bad boy of the group. He is tough, ‘muscle brained’ one that had a history of getting into fights and being with many women. He is the one that gets caught in a scandal by mistake. Mars is my personal favorite (with his horrible catchphrase: I’m not needy, just passionate), and TheBetterCup’s favorite is St. Giorgio.

SCa3BXqMiki is a recent graduate from art school who ends up working as a manager for the Sekko Boys. She is hardworking and willing to go with the flow (even though the whole thing seems to ridiculous at first). I love her personality, which is super funny at points.

-How do I feel?

I loved the anime. It is funny, interesting, and pretty unique. I loved the characters and the jokes thrown in. Lots of the jokes allude to mythology and sometimes its so ridiculous. I loved that Miki has a sculpture complex at the beginning (took me by surprise). I also really like how the actual sculptures are done in a different media and look like 3d objects in an anime world. The anime has mostly famous voice actors, and (even though so many people seem to be complaining online about this anime) I feel like the creators purposefully made this anime weird and mixed in witty jokes and different story so that it can be funny. I liked it, and am grateful to have watched it. Also the end theme is great!

-Blog Barista

S.E.K.K.O B.O.Y.S. Sekko!

S.E.K.K.O B.O.Y.S. Sekko!


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