Socks Goblin by Manmulsang

SocksThis is another really wonderful manwha. This one in particular is very light and fanciful which is reflected in both the story and the art style.


The story takes place in the Island of Four Seasons. In this island, there are four villages: Spring Flower Village, Blazing Sun Village, Five Color Autumn Leaves Village, and the cold Snowflake Village. The main character is Sujin, a sweet, optimistic, and dainty young girl who decides to take the adventurous opportunity of working in a Bigfoot Bank in Snowflake Village. She leaves behind her family and beautiful spring home and moves far away into the cold big city filled with strangers. Following behind her is a mysterious creature that eats her socks.

In the beginning, a grandmother is telling this story to her children and this reflects the very story book feel of the webtoon. The characters are all so likable, and most of them are not to extreme in behavior (which is a pet peeve of mine in manga). I really loved Sujin’s neighbor and her land lady. He is super cute and I love his facination with the coean, it feels very mystical. The land lady on the other hand is awesome and gives off a magical appeal similar to Witch or the Waste or Yubaba.

The story is a fantasy romance webtoon that focuses on Sujin’s day to day life in a new world.


I love the art style. It is very colorful and pretty and appealing. Everyone is super cute, and it looks more like a manga style art then webtoon’s usually seem. The magical and the normal aspects all seem to flow together so well, and the art emphasizes that magical sensation. I especially love the backgrounds. The Spring village was gorgeous and looked rural. While, the Snow Village is a dark colored and very steam punk inspired, and yet it looks so magical.


I adored this webtoon, and plan on continuing it. I am especially excited to see the romance section of the story. I feel like based on the character’s personalities and with the refreshingly slow pace of the romance, it will be a calming and loving romance. This is a new favorite of mine.

Go check it out!

-Blog Barista


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