My Hero Academia- by Kohei Horikoshi

all mightI saw this, and on a whim saved the name so TheBetterCup could read it. I saw the word ‘hero’ and figured it would either be something she really liked or a total flop. I didn’t even look over the plot summary, or check the reception of the manga. Well let me tell you, My Hero Academia blew away all my expectations. With the end of Naruto, I kept thinking ‘What is the next line of amazing shonen?’. I figured that I would never be able to enjoy another huge shonen like we did with Naruto, but I am so very glad to say My Hero Academia is the manga that will take the place that Naruto left behind. The story and characters are amazing, and most importantly the message is perfect and executed wonderfully! I love the entirety of this so much and am so excited to continue reading it! Most of all, I more excited to share my love for this fantastic manga to share it’s  awesomeness.

Also side note, Masashi Kishimoto (creator of Naruto) and Horikoshi keep giving me feels with their interactions (Kishimoto drew a picture of Deku and Naruto and Horikoshi wrote a farewell comment for Naruto). I just can’t T-T, the Will of Fire has been passed down. And the anime for Boku no Hero Academia came out!


The story is actually based off of an one shot created by the author which I also recommend highly because the story was awesome! And, reading that first is a great base to read this story.

The story takes place in a world where people are mostly born with strange genetic mutations called ‘quirks’ which grant them special powers. This leads up to a Hero culture, where there are many who use their quirks to protect others and some use it to harm others. Izuku Midoriya, known as Deku, is a regular middle school student, but he has no quirk. Never the less, he dreams of being a great hero and protecting people from danger. He is first to jump in and save people, even though he has no ability to do so, and All Might, the world’s greatest Hero, sees this. He decides to give to Deku his own quirk, “One For All”. The story follows Deku on his journey to become a true hero and learn to use his quirk. He meets the next generation of heroes and fights the newest threat, a league of villains bent on destroying everything he loves.


There are so many characters, all of which are extremely lovable and amazing. The author describes each one individually through out the story at the end of the chapters. I mostly like how the more major characters are interesting and feel well developed. For instance, Kacchan seems psychotic and ‘bad guy’ material, and yet he is one of the characters who would never be anything but a hero. They are all beautiful spirits of youth.


The art is bulky and like you would imagine typical shonen to be, but I love it. Its extreme, its exaggerated, and it fills with movement and emotional impact, especially the fight scenes! The author is amazing. Its also extremely colorful.


I loved this. TheBetterCup loves this. This is on the level of our love of Naruto. I recommend you try it out.

-Blog Barista

I can’t actually express how much I love this manga and soon to be anime. The manga is dynamic like Naruto, the expressions are extreme like One Piece, and the characters are full of flaws and are as youthful and determined as ever. The plot is deep and profound, looking at what truly makes someone a hero in an age where heroes are celebrities and a dime a dozen, and the art is a wonderful shonen style that hints at American super hero comics. I highly recommend this.



I love All Might. He is the Maito Gai of Boku no Hero Academia. Everything about him screams American patriotism (go figure) and Youthfulness. He is just a normal guy for the most part, but in his super hero form, All Might is amazing. He is sincerely heroic and almost ridiculously energetic. He is basically the stereotypical American hero, constantly smiling and constantly optimistic. He won’t ever give up and has faith that Deku never will either. Even his relationship with Deku is like Maito Gai. Deku like Rock Lee had no real innate ability like everyone else, and yet with their teachers and strong wills they prove they can be true heroes/ninjas without it.




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