My Girl by Sahara Mizu

my girlMy Girl is a seinen, slice of life drama following the life of Kazama Masamune, a single 23 year old man. He has a meek and kind personality, and he works a mundane office job. Early on the readers learn that Masamune met the love of his life, Yoko, when he was in high school. Though Yoko is four years older then him and an active and strong character, the two fall in love when Masamune carves Yoko little ladybugs from erasers. However, one day Yoko decides to leave and study abroad, leaving Masamune waiting for 5 years till she returns. That spring, he learns that Yoko has passed away and happens to meet a little 5 year old girl named Koharu. It turns out Koharu is his daughter raised by Yoko in secrecy, while abroad.

The story follows around 4 to 5 years of Masamune’s life, while raising Koharu. We see him struggle with the loss of Yoko, with becoming a father, and with his life in general. However, we also see his relationship with Koharu blossom over their love for Yoko and ladybugs, as they make new friends and learn what it means to be a family.

The author is the same person who wrote Tetsugaku Letra, one of the Blog Barista’s most favorite manga. The art style is similarly as colorful and unique. Even though this is not the usual story I would read, I fell in love with Masamune and Koharu from the moment I saw the first few pages. The art is pretty, and the storyline is emotional, often hitting a few nerves, such as when Masamune struggles with his youth passing him by. Over all, this has become one of my favorites, and I highly recommend reading it.



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