Cute New Favorites- Romance Edition

I love reading romances and I love stories about sweet, innocent, and more realistic love. I went through so many romance manga in the last week, many you will see in another post, but two of them really caught my eye and ended up becoming brand new favorites of mine.

stand upStand up by Yamakawa Aiji

Furuya Utako is the main character of this manga. She is a very tall (5 ft 6 in) high schooler with big ears, who is shy and reserved, because of past child teasing. She slowly starts to befriend Harada Naoyuki, a good natured and extrovert boy who sits next to her and who wants to be her friend. The story basically follows their relationship as they befriend each other and start to like each other more.

I loved the drawing style so much, its unique to the manga but still very cute. I also loved the character. Its hard to make a realistic love story still be different then other stories, and its hard to make realistic characters who don’t fall flat. Personally this one succeeded in both accounts, and for that reason, I find this an interesting manga. The boy character, who is supposed to be your average everyday popular kid, comes off more as an extroverted and likable character. Even his friends don’t stand out as weird or bizarre as characters in manga tend to do. And how often do you get a main character girl who looks more like a little monkey, with her ears and long limbs, and not the perfect cute girl. I really loved it and plan to continue reading this one.

StellaFlowerStella to Mille Feuille by Watanabe Kana

Another fantastic manga. This love story focuses on Ginga, a freshman in high school who feels that his past was heavy and traumatic, but learns that even though he may have had problems with his controlling father, his life was not all that bad. When he moves out to go to high school, he meets his new neighbors including an older (I think she is 23 years old) woman and her young (7 year old) niece. Her strong and hardworking personality helps him learn to make friends and he slowly falls in love with her.

I liked this love story. Its hard to find manga where there is a heroine in her 20s, mostly one that falls in love with a younger man. I am still not a fan of high schoolers and adults being together, but its ok as long as you don’t think to much about it. The art is pretty, but not extraordinarily different. I love the character personalities (though I can see some of them being slightly annoying, like the one girl who is in love with her sister’s boyfriend), but outside of that I loved the manga and plan to continue reading this.

-Blog Barista


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