Fun, Feel Good Manga (Review pt. 3)

I feel like I should soon do one post that is not about manga, but for now please bare with me. I have some more manga that I have read recently, and for the most part they are some what varying in genre. I really regret having read so many (attempting to write about a lot of them feels daunting).

TogetherAlways Together by Isshiki Makoto

This is a oneshot manga about two distant cousins who are close friends. Both of them are pretty obese. Momoka Node realizes that her size is getting the way of her love life (she over heard her crush and his friends talking about her, and she was not very confident to talk to him even before). She confides in her friend and distant cousin Ippei Noda that she wants to change (he became obese after he stopped judo). Though he didn’t feel the need to diet, he decides that they should go on one together to make sure that Momoka can successfully reach her goal.

It was a pretty cute manga. For the most part it was sweet and pretty normal. The one thing that was off putting was that at the end it hints that Momoka starts to like Ippei. It only felt weird because they described themselves as cousins, but its a distant relation so it may be ok. But anyways, I enjoyed reading this and would recommend it.

IbaraIbara no Kanmuri by Kamio Youko

This is an interesting one about a girl who sees strange things. One day, she is told by a demon that she will need to collect human negativity so as to feed the demon (and allow him to climb up the ‘corporate’ ladder that is demonic social status. It turns out that he grandfather made a contract with him so that she could live past the age of 5.

I didn’t hate this, but honestly I didn’t like this either. The manga story is so so, and the characters are not very memorable. I don’t care to continue it, and I would recommend anyone try (even though it doesn’t mean you won’t like it). Overall, I just found everything from the art to the execution to feel lack luster for me. But there was one thing I did like. I enjoyed how the manga focused on this concept on what is evil and how it is associated with humanity. It was a dark, but a nice touch to the other wise overly played girl-working-for-mean-demon story. I also liked that the main character female put her foot down from the start and made sure emphasize that they were now partners (not slave and master).

TanakaTanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge by Uda Nozomi

This manga was pretty cute and the characters were a little odd. Its about a listless young man who is sluggish and lazy and his stoic but caring friend, Oota. Together they go through some pretty silly little episodes. Its mostly a comedy and slice of life web manga. Its published by Square Enix (creators of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts) and actually an anime version should be coming out about next month of this year. The drawing style is pretty much adorable. There is not much else I can say about this. I think it is a nice web manga, but I probably won’t keep reading this.

AlienKiss x Death by Kanou Yasuhiro

This one was my very favorite one out of the group. I honestly did not expect to like it much. I went on a limb on this one, since I usually stay away from supernatural manga and also ecchi manga (I usually hate that sort of stuff). Anyways, this one out did itself. The plot is both different and entertaining enough to make it pretty good, and I really like the main character. This is the first ecchi that I honestly enjoyed.

Its about a young high schoolboy who gets involved with this mini alien that was transporting 5 evil alien prisoners. The alien prisoners have taken over the bodies of 5 ‘loser’ girls in middle school (about 2 years ago) and have been trying desperately to go back to their home planet (doing experiments on people and controlling others). When these aliens take over human bodies, they attach to the tongue of the person. The young man and his little alien ally must now try to save those girls and capture the prisoners before they can escape (or hurt anymore people). To do so, he needs to kiss them and let his alien detach the prisoners from the mouth of the other person, but the only problem is that he can’t seem to get near women (of course you see where all of this is going). It sounds a little ridiculous, but the story is actually fun. Its an ecchi, but the weird parts are for the most part pretty infrequent. Its pretty funny and action packed, and some how even I liked it. I will continue reading this.


mikakoMikako-san by Kyou Machiko

This manga felt like something TheBetterCup would like. It is a slice of life, but the kind that only takes snip-its of the day to day, so not everything really makes sense.  It really focused on some, unimportant, daily life events of a strange girl named Mikako.

There aren’t many chapters out right now, maybe like 8. So, I can’t even be too sure where the story is going to go. It is listed as a Seinen and a Romance, so we know she will fall in love. Anyways, its pretty cute and light, so I would recommend someone read this if they got some extra time. The manga cover art is extraordinarily pretty, with this airy sort of water color sort of design.

MafuyuOresama Teacher by Tsubaki Izumi

I actually tried to read this manga a while back. I didn’t really get hooked the first time. Reading through it now, I rather like it. I especially love the characters. They are all extremely funny, and I was cracking up for th emajority of the time that I was reading this.

This is an action comedy manga about a yankee girl named Kurosaki Mafuyu. She used to be the leader of the gang back at her school, but was kicked out for fighting. Because of this, she is sent to one of the only few schools who accept trouble makers. Now she is determined to be a normal high school girl (she was only a yankee cause it was what she was good at, but she is such a simple and sweet girl), but she soon finds out that her home room teacher is a child hood friend. He was the one who got into fighting, and now he’s keeping her from having an ordinary life.

The story is cute and the characters fun. Its pretty cliched in execution, but its fun. Mafuyu and her friends are also pretty awesome. And you see the picture to the side? That is a hard core delinquent crying. I thought this was cute.

AjinAjin-chan wa Kataritai by Petosu

Ok so this last manga was about a man in his early thirties (maybe late twenties) who works as a professor at a high school. In this world, there are special beings called Ajin (popularly known as demi by the youths). They are born of normal humans, but some how end up being slightly different. In this school, there are 4 demi: a vampire (whose twin sister is average human), a dullahan (whose head is detached from her body), a Oni (who seems pretty normal, she just has cold skin), and a Succubus (whose is actually a new professor who just transferred in and really wants to be able to show affection, but can’t because of her affect on people). The story goes on, as he helps them through their normal (and not so normal) teenage dilemmas and with their problems that come from being different.

The story is extra cute, and I love anything with folklore and mythological creatures. I really hope that the succubus teacher can get a little bit of affection soon (like a hug or something).

I guess looking back, seven manga in one post is not so much. I just wish I was better at describing things.

-Blog Barista

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