Bunch of Young Love (Review pt. 2)

See I told you I read a lot of manga a lately! And many of them I don’t even plan on commenting on cause they were just that bad. Though the last post (on magical girl manga) had more that I disliked, this one has more that I really enjoyed. If you are into romance manga, which I hope you would be by this point see the title of the post and all, then you will enjoy many of these!

HadiHadi Girl by Miyabi Akino

Hadi Girl is about Sae, an extremely shy high school girl who is also really tsundere (but not as annoying as usual). Much like Shougo Chara, Sae makes a wish to break out of her shell (so that she may fall in love) and get visited by a little angel and has an egg. From then on, Sae must work to help hatch the egg by fulfilling little lovey-dovey challenges with guys (like holding hands or hugging) or she will never be able to fall in love again.

I actually really loved this manga and plan to continue reading it. It may be a little cheesy, but the story is really cute (just like the characters). I like Sae and the boy that she falls for. the drawing style is super cute with big eyes and almost chibi like bodies, and the plot line is a great idea. I am very glad to have started this one and recommend that you try it out also!

LoliipopHatsukoi Lollipop by Matsumoto Kaori

Another of the manga that I really enjoyed! Hatsuoi Lollipop is about a young high schooler named Seo. She goes to a nice school, with cute friends and lenient school rules. Everything is great, except for the annoying guy named Narusawa Shin who sits behind her. She finds him hard to deal with, but quickly falls in love with him.

The story may feel a little rushed (by chapter 2, she is in love), but it was fluid enough that it wasn’t a big deal for me. The story is cute, and I really like how the characters interact. The drawing style is also really pretty, and I love the way the main character female looks (so cute). Its only on chapter 3 right now, but its still very enjoyable. I also really liked how we get to hear from the guys perspective, instead of just the girl fretting over whether or not she liked him. I really loved the way the characters were drawn, with big eyes and lanky bodies.

FujiFujiyama-san wa Shishunki by Ojiro Makoto

Fujiyama-san is a really, really tall young girl who plays volleyball for her middle school team. She is sweet and a little naive (and quite stoic), and she has a childhood friend named Kanba who plays practical jokes and is a little runt. One day Kanba peaks into the ‘girl locker room’ and sees a little more of Fujiyama then he expected.

This story is a little different then I expected, and I liked it a lot more then I thought. It is a seinen (written for older men) and is from Kanba’s perspective with bulky characters. It is also an  ecchi which you can see in lots of the chapters. But even in this way, I really liked it. It tells the story of young ‘love’ with the curiosity and prepubescent sexuality that you may expect in reality. The characters are innocent and sweet and I found this actually really refreshing. This one may be the one on this list I liked most.

TaroTaro-kun was Kou Miete Igai to xxx Desu by Ichikawa Shou

This is the last one I read, and the last one I am writing about (even though its technically the fourth one you are reading about cause I put this out of order). Anyways this is a really cute story about a young girl (whose name slipped my mind) who starts dating a boy named Taro after he moves into her apartment complex. He is a typical half Japanese, half American with perfect blonde hair (cause that’s how genetics work) and piercings (cause Americans) lol. He is super shy and bad with people so he is always scowling, and thus everyone thinks he is a scary yankee. but in reality he is a gentleman and a sweet heart.

I love the fact that the girl lead is straightforward and wants to be physical (while still wanting to the guy to be in control cause its what she wants), while the guy is shy and awkward and all about staying pure. I also really liked the kids. The two highschoolers take care of the neighborhood kids after school, and those kids are really wise for their age. For toddlers, they give way to much advice in love and being adults (really silly but cute). I hope its only a one-shot, cause they story can’t go for long with out being repetitive and getting too silly, but for now it is really nice.

TsuruTsuru Tsuru to Zara Zara no Aida by Tsukiko 

This one was refreshing in a cute sort of simple way, with a light and airiness to the story line. Tsuru Tsuru is about a young boy, named Takumi, who goes to an all boys middle school, and whose parents run a pet shop for reptiles and amphibians. One day he meets Saya, a young girl from the all girl’s middle school, who is super cute and delicate, and who loves reptiles (and amphibians). Soon they start dating, and the story follows them as they get closer.

This is a slice of life sort of story, and is mostly from Takumi’s perspective. Its cute and nice. I am not sure if its something I really want to keep reading, but I would recommend it.

PochiPochamani by Hirama Kaname

This one was another cliched shoujo, that focused on a slightly chubbier main female lead and a guy who prefers larger women. Honestly I am not too sure what to say about this one. I didn’t like how everyone seemed so upset with how the main male lead was interested in a girl who was chubby. She was sweet and nice, and reality his preference is not that weird or wrong. I also didn’t like how big a deal they made it. It was not like she was ugly, dressed badly, or had a sour disposition. She was chubby, that was it. And not chubby like her fat was in the worst places. She was well proportioned and her fat was placed nice enough that she was still attractive, because she was an attractive girl with some meat. I don’t plan on continuing to read this. It was just so so.

And how is it all these manga girls get cute boys to fight over them, even when they are considered so ‘unacceptably not pretty’ in pop culture?

PopBeauty Pop by Kiyoko Arai

This is a typical and cliched shoujo manga with your angst filled male leads, reverse harems, and a female lead who seems indifferent and distant while also being extremely talented. It was a fun read if you’re bored, but its not that interesting. Though I say this, I still read it all to completion. Its about Kiri Koshiba who is completely uninterested in a lot of things, and also really talented hairstylist. Of course she goes to a special school that gives too much freedom to a select few students (the main leads) and with a lot of adults and students acting like hair styling is EVERYTHING in this world. Some of the characters are grossly annoying (like the cutey boy who does nails and the narcissistic perfume one). Its about as silly and ridiculous as most shoujo rom-coms from the 1990-early 2000’s. If you enjoyed stuff like Skip Beats (which had a better plot then this), then try this one out too.



-Blog Barista


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