Magical Girl Manga: Stuffed Animal Additions

I really love magical girls, and these are some that TheBetterCup suggested and most of them are connected back to adorable plushy beings. This is a short post, but the manga are so worth checking out. Also fun fact, kigurumi is the Japanese term for a costumed character and is the word commonly used for the animal onesies that have been popular lately.

CompletedKigurumi by Kurokata Kei

This manga focuses on Makoto, a young middle school boy who enjoys (and is quite talented) in creating stuffed animals. Lately, many have been dying by an unknown disease called Sudden Death, where a perfectly healthy people suddenly die of heart failure, and no one understands why. After a case of sudden death hits a crowd surrounding Makoto, he witnesses the true cause of the disease: giant stuffed bears brutally murdering and eating the people. Together with a small stuffed bunny and a strong bat wielding girl, he learns the true nature of the mysterious Sudden Death.

TheBetterCup loved this manga (I think it is her favorite of the group), and I for the most part also liked it (though its not my favorite). The characters and the plot are very unique with the boy being the main protagonist, but a very feminine theme (stuffed toys) as the main theme. It was a great way of mixing this horror bloody murder and cute fluffy beings. It is a seinen horror and has the art and feel of one. Its not as psychological as Puella Magi Madoka Magica or as violently gory as Mahou Shoujo Apocalypse, but it is still pretty dark. We loved it and plan to continue reading it.


KigurumiBoKigurumi Boeitai by Hoshino Lily

The plot for this manga focuses on a young girl named Hakka. She, among other students, have been chosen (because of their pure hearts), to help aid in protecting the Earth from strange creatures invading from another dimension and stealing the hearts of people consumed with desires. Each of the three student (2 girls and a boy) are teamed up with a large (and adorable and sassy) stuffed animal to battle the creatures. Though the students don’t fight, they help the stuffed animals transform for battle through a kiss, in which case they transform into handsome young men.

Of course I would like this manga. The art style is so adorable. The people are long limbed, big-eyed, and have large noses. I love it, and this is my favorite manga on this list. The character personalities are fun and diverse, and the plot still manages to make you laugh and leave deep themes. Its like your basic magical girl, but with a new twist to the plot. TheBetterCup also loved this, but she doesn’t like Hakka as much as I did. She may come off as annoying to some, but I found her refreshing. The students don’t do battle, but she always manages to jump in and be active participant. She is not strong enough to fight physically, but she still tries. I like that youthful spirit. We loved this and plan to continue reading the manga.



71uWKIf9tPLKatsute Mahou Shoujo toAku wa Tekitai Shite Ita by Fujiwara Cocoa

The story follows Mira, the right hand man and brains of an evil organization trying to destroy the Earth. Facing his new enemy, the magical girl Byakuya Mimori, he falls in love with her at first sight. The story follows him as he fails to follow out command to destroy the magical girl and instead help her out in her difficult situation.

I still counted this with the stuffed animal magical girls, because the magical girl’s familiar (side kick creature) is a giant kirugumi like creature that smokes and takes advantage of the magical girl’s poor economic status to get her to fight. This was an awesome manga! It probably would have been a favorite if it lasted longer. The manga is left incomplete  at the third volume because the author passed away. This was another unique take on the classic magical girl, where the main character is the male bad guy that falls in love with her. The art is also super cute. I loved it and wish it could continue.


I felt the post was really short, so I am adding some bonus magical girl manga that were also fun to read. They aren’t stuffed animal related, but they were super cute magical girls and thus need to be shared.


MagicalChangeMagical Change by Homerun Ken

Manaka Hiromi is a high school boy with magical powers helping protect the world from the Devil King. He and his team members (a girl with an awesome and not cute weapon that changes monsters to candy and a boy with an adorable and girly weapon) are unhappy with their magical powers though, especially Hiromi whose power is to turn into an extremely strong but sexy magical girl.

The story is pretty funny, and a good twist on the magical girl/magical boy genre. They are silly characters and for the most part it has an ok manga with pretty shonen art. It was an alright, but we probably won’t continue reading the manga


Hope you enjoy,

-Blog Barista

The Angel of Elhanburg by Aki

Oh my god, Aki is one of my favorite mangaka in all of the history of manga! If you go back to my earliest posts (almost 2 years ago), you will see I have a post on Olympos which is one of my most favorite manga ( ).  The Angel of Elhanburg is a beautifully drawn, and amazingly written, one volume story of two friends and an angel.AngleofElhanburg

The Angel of Elhamburg is a short, but bittersweet story with a small (more insignificant plot) and major characterization. This is a common aspect of Aki’s writings, and actually, this story and Olympos have the most mixed review because some find it boring. I personally adore this sort of story, it takes a lot of thought and focus on the story to understand what is being said.


The story opens up on Lalvan and Madeth, two friends from childhood who are now moving into an old, but enchanted castle after taking down the previous king. Madeth is the new king, though he has no royal blood, no education, and no skills (other than really good people skills). Lalvan is his childhood friend and knight who has many skills and can see spirits and angels. And since he could remember, they have always blessed Madeth. For all of these reasons, Lalvan is extremely jealous of his friend, but his feelings constantly conflict with his loyalty causing him to be a little cowardly. King Madeth, who respects Lalvan, knows all of this (though he acts like he doesn’t), but their friendship quickly falls apart when Madeth accuse Lalvan of being the father of his first born son Perseus (Lalvan may be jealous, but he is not bad enough to do that, and on top of that Madeth probably knew the whole time, he just couldn’t understand why Lalvan was not willing to take credit for all of the things he did/his skills).

So Lalvan leaves and many years pass before they meet again. But the meeting is not a happy one, as Lalvan has finally come to face his problems and realize how much time he wasted and the friendship they threw away.

GorgeousFinal Thoughts:

This is a story about a pair of friends who can see each others’s flaws, who sees that their ideals and values seem to be conflicting with each other, and who can’t seem to settle their own conflicting emotions until its to late. And its through the angel that they are all connected.

I loved the story and would recommend it 1000 times over. The art is absolutely amazing, as you would expect of Aki, and the colored images are also extremely stunning. Of course, her stories are short, but pack a mega-punch that leaves an ever lasting impact.

I know most people would probably start this and get frustrated/agitated/annoyed and not finish it, but I still suggest you try it.

-Blog Barista

Summer of the Ubume by Natsuhiko Kyogoku

Even though TheBetterCup and I read a lot of books and manga, one of the genre’s we don’t try to much of is mystery. It is not that we don’t like the genre, it is just a little harder to find some that aren’t really cliched. This was one of the first mystery manga that I tried, and man did I love it. I stayed up till 3 am finishing this manga.

UbumeBefore I get into the plot, I want to explain some of the parts of this that made it really cool read. So in the very beginning, the characters set up the story by discussing the story of the Ubume. Ubume is a Japanese yokai (mythological monster, folktale demon, etc) of ghostly woman carrying a baby. She is said to try desperately to get others to hold her baby, and once someone does she disappears. The baby then gets heavier and heavier until it is too heavy to hold, and becomes a boulder, crushing the person. This myth is told to the audience early on into the story, and is meant to give certain meaning to the mystery for the rest of the story. The use of mythology and other discussions, add a level of meaning to the story (so that our reasoning and understanding of the mystery would be surreal). I really liked this addition.

This is a mystery novel that is not really a mystery novel (where you try to solve the crime). Once you start reading, you start to believe that the story is not so much a mystery, but a book whose plot is moved along by the supernatural. In the end though, this was more about understanding certain characters psychologically (especially the side characters, and not so much the protagonist Chuzenji).


The story follows Sekiguchi, a freelance writer, as he investigates the rumors of a woman whose husband disappeared mysteriously 1 and half years ago and who has been pregnant for about 20 months (swelling up bigger and bigger). He is helped out by his friends Chuzenji (a temple priest and bookstore owner as well as the protagonist of the series) and Reijirou (a detective, and ex-military man who has a strange sixth sense).

The plot is extremely simple, but is soon made complicated with strange and almost supernatural and psychological twists. This slowly get explained through logical theories by Chuzenji. Lots of the theories remind me of NBB classes, physics classes, and religion classes. At some points, these explanations feel like a stretch, but it doesn’t deter from the plot all that much. They actually lend an almost sci-fi touch to match with the more psychological based elements.


I really liked the art style. The characters are so interesting, with great facial expressions (especially Chuzenji), and sometimes, the characters (especially the girl who comes and asks for the detective’s help), look kind of realistic with a film noir sort of feel. I don’t know if that made sense, but I really like the drawing style. Also, I loved the setting of the manga. It seems to be based after in some time in 1950’s (like it is after World War II), but I am not to sure about the exact time period. I really loved how the setting was drawn and how it adds to the feel of the manga.

Final Thoughts:

The very beginning is really dense with theories, that are setting up ideas for the latter end of the story. It honestly did not bother me much, but for some people it may feel like a slow start that may stop them from continuing. I suggest if you try this to read to about the point where Sekiguchi visits Reijirou, because that is when the main mystery starts to really form.

All the theories, I thought, were a really good touch. I loved how he deconstructed the supernatural, and it almost felt like the author had read Levi-Strauss and Geertz before. I really enjoyed this, and I plan on reading the other parts of the series as well.

Highly recommend

-Blog Barista

Fun, Feel Good Manga (Review pt. 3)

I feel like I should soon do one post that is not about manga, but for now please bare with me. I have some more manga that I have read recently, and for the most part they are some what varying in genre. I really regret having read so many (attempting to write about a lot of them feels daunting).

TogetherAlways Together by Isshiki Makoto

This is a oneshot manga about two distant cousins who are close friends. Both of them are pretty obese. Momoka Node realizes that her size is getting the way of her love life (she over heard her crush and his friends talking about her, and she was not very confident to talk to him even before). She confides in her friend and distant cousin Ippei Noda that she wants to change (he became obese after he stopped judo). Though he didn’t feel the need to diet, he decides that they should go on one together to make sure that Momoka can successfully reach her goal.

It was a pretty cute manga. For the most part it was sweet and pretty normal. The one thing that was off putting was that at the end it hints that Momoka starts to like Ippei. It only felt weird because they described themselves as cousins, but its a distant relation so it may be ok. But anyways, I enjoyed reading this and would recommend it.

IbaraIbara no Kanmuri by Kamio Youko

This is an interesting one about a girl who sees strange things. One day, she is told by a demon that she will need to collect human negativity so as to feed the demon (and allow him to climb up the ‘corporate’ ladder that is demonic social status. It turns out that he grandfather made a contract with him so that she could live past the age of 5.

I didn’t hate this, but honestly I didn’t like this either. The manga story is so so, and the characters are not very memorable. I don’t care to continue it, and I would recommend anyone try (even though it doesn’t mean you won’t like it). Overall, I just found everything from the art to the execution to feel lack luster for me. But there was one thing I did like. I enjoyed how the manga focused on this concept on what is evil and how it is associated with humanity. It was a dark, but a nice touch to the other wise overly played girl-working-for-mean-demon story. I also liked that the main character female put her foot down from the start and made sure emphasize that they were now partners (not slave and master).

TanakaTanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge by Uda Nozomi

This manga was pretty cute and the characters were a little odd. Its about a listless young man who is sluggish and lazy and his stoic but caring friend, Oota. Together they go through some pretty silly little episodes. Its mostly a comedy and slice of life web manga. Its published by Square Enix (creators of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts) and actually an anime version should be coming out about next month of this year. The drawing style is pretty much adorable. There is not much else I can say about this. I think it is a nice web manga, but I probably won’t keep reading this.

AlienKiss x Death by Kanou Yasuhiro

This one was my very favorite one out of the group. I honestly did not expect to like it much. I went on a limb on this one, since I usually stay away from supernatural manga and also ecchi manga (I usually hate that sort of stuff). Anyways, this one out did itself. The plot is both different and entertaining enough to make it pretty good, and I really like the main character. This is the first ecchi that I honestly enjoyed.

Its about a young high schoolboy who gets involved with this mini alien that was transporting 5 evil alien prisoners. The alien prisoners have taken over the bodies of 5 ‘loser’ girls in middle school (about 2 years ago) and have been trying desperately to go back to their home planet (doing experiments on people and controlling others). When these aliens take over human bodies, they attach to the tongue of the person. The young man and his little alien ally must now try to save those girls and capture the prisoners before they can escape (or hurt anymore people). To do so, he needs to kiss them and let his alien detach the prisoners from the mouth of the other person, but the only problem is that he can’t seem to get near women (of course you see where all of this is going). It sounds a little ridiculous, but the story is actually fun. Its an ecchi, but the weird parts are for the most part pretty infrequent. Its pretty funny and action packed, and some how even I liked it. I will continue reading this.


mikakoMikako-san by Kyou Machiko

This manga felt like something TheBetterCup would like. It is a slice of life, but the kind that only takes snip-its of the day to day, so not everything really makes sense.  It really focused on some, unimportant, daily life events of a strange girl named Mikako.

There aren’t many chapters out right now, maybe like 8. So, I can’t even be too sure where the story is going to go. It is listed as a Seinen and a Romance, so we know she will fall in love. Anyways, its pretty cute and light, so I would recommend someone read this if they got some extra time. The manga cover art is extraordinarily pretty, with this airy sort of water color sort of design.

MafuyuOresama Teacher by Tsubaki Izumi

I actually tried to read this manga a while back. I didn’t really get hooked the first time. Reading through it now, I rather like it. I especially love the characters. They are all extremely funny, and I was cracking up for th emajority of the time that I was reading this.

This is an action comedy manga about a yankee girl named Kurosaki Mafuyu. She used to be the leader of the gang back at her school, but was kicked out for fighting. Because of this, she is sent to one of the only few schools who accept trouble makers. Now she is determined to be a normal high school girl (she was only a yankee cause it was what she was good at, but she is such a simple and sweet girl), but she soon finds out that her home room teacher is a child hood friend. He was the one who got into fighting, and now he’s keeping her from having an ordinary life.

The story is cute and the characters fun. Its pretty cliched in execution, but its fun. Mafuyu and her friends are also pretty awesome. And you see the picture to the side? That is a hard core delinquent crying. I thought this was cute.

AjinAjin-chan wa Kataritai by Petosu

Ok so this last manga was about a man in his early thirties (maybe late twenties) who works as a professor at a high school. In this world, there are special beings called Ajin (popularly known as demi by the youths). They are born of normal humans, but some how end up being slightly different. In this school, there are 4 demi: a vampire (whose twin sister is average human), a dullahan (whose head is detached from her body), a Oni (who seems pretty normal, she just has cold skin), and a Succubus (whose is actually a new professor who just transferred in and really wants to be able to show affection, but can’t because of her affect on people). The story goes on, as he helps them through their normal (and not so normal) teenage dilemmas and with their problems that come from being different.

The story is extra cute, and I love anything with folklore and mythological creatures. I really hope that the succubus teacher can get a little bit of affection soon (like a hug or something).

I guess looking back, seven manga in one post is not so much. I just wish I was better at describing things.

-Blog Barista

Tetsugaku Letra by Mizu Sahara

tetraToday, is the first day of my Spring Break. Actually it starts in about 20 minutes. Right now I am in class as we compare sexuality in Ancient Greek religion and Taoist religion (and whether or not they contrast in ethical substance). Anyways, yesterday I read a few manga that I really enjoyed, and I feel that I need to have individual posts for each of the really good ones. This particular manga is one of my absolute favorites (I would love to own them in English, but I am not sure if it has officially come out in English).


The story is about Ichinose Kimitaka. He is a first year high school student, who feels a little lost (he hates himself a lot). In middle school, he taught his friends how to play basketball and found his friends were getting more skilled (as he fell behind). He was frustrated and jealous and overheard his friends saying that they wished he would suicide. From then on, he blamed himself and his feelings of jealousy as having ‘polluted’ his life.

Upset, Kimitaka went to the bridge to throw away his red basketball shoes (in frustration), but meets a tall girl throwing away her dance shoes. He learns that because of her height (and large appendages, feet, and hands), she cannot become a flamenco dancer like she dreams of doing. She too feels frustrated and a sort of self hatred. Kimitaka trades shoes with her and tells her to try basketball out (since her size would help her).

As he enters high school, Kimitaka discovers that the girl’s life changed so much because of their meeting, and he suddenly realizes that he was the one that let his own life become sad and stagnant. Now he wants to go after his own dreams, and show to the girl how much his life changed.


The main character is Kimitaka. He is, like many of the young characters, just a man in his new found youth struggling within himself and socializing with others. Personally, he seemed a little pessimistic, but was still empathetic person. Like most shonen tend to be, Kimitaka is just in need of a push to reach for some goal, and in this case its through some soul searching that he realizes on his own accord that he needed to change. He ends up helping the other characters that become his friends. I really liked him. He seemed pretty normal, not ridiculously talented or extremely strong willed or even unrealistically happy.

Kimitaka meets lots of characters, but the most important would have to be his two new friends and the young girl. Ichikawa Tsubura is a young man in Kimitaka’s class who is on the heavier side. He has some self esteem issues, but is kind, understanding, and considerate. He is a sweetheart, and will go to any extent to help a friend. Kikuchi Hana is another classmate who is stoic and can’t be bothered most of the time. He also has self esteem issues that came about when he began puberty (and led to him losing his dream and even to an eating disorder). He is actually really kind and silly, willing to go any extent to be less pitiable and show gratitude for his friends. Lastly, there is Fujimoto (the tall girl who plays basketball). She is a tall and lanky girl, who also lacks confidence (due to her huge size and soft spoken almost stoic demeanor). Fujimoto is a hard working high school girl, who just wants to be able to be depended on by someone.


I love the art. Again the characters are mostly lanky, but in this case you can see the more ‘shonen’ like tone. What I like most are the really pretty covers on the volumes. They are super colorful and pretty and I really love them. Also, the parts where he dances are really cool.

Final Thoughts:

At first, I thought that maybe this manga was going to be silly. Its weird that the author picked flamenco dancing, and Kimitaka and his friends all seemed to suffer from mostly minor problems (not so much the bullying, but the fact that small problems affected their personal view of themselves heavily). But I realized, that is what made them so sympathetic. We have all probably been there: one point in our lives where we give up because a bunch of small things add up, and we don’t feel like we are enough. And the simplicity of the story line also really helps. Sometimes the simplest plot can be the most touching, especially if its executed well. Here I really like the interactions between the characters. Its refreshing, even though its a pretty dour at times, and I really just want to cheer him on so he can meet that girl head on and with some confidence that their meeting meant a lot to him.


2847196217863844321353703939I found it weird, but I really liked this manga. I think this is definitely a favorite of mine. It felt weirdly sad while also very motivational in a not so loud way. Its almost whimsical in a way, while still being more realistic. I don’t know if that made sense, but mostly this just makes me want to work hard, even though things won’t always turn out very well (or even mediocre level of average). I especially feel a simple happiness. I mean, there was one point where he was crying and holding those ridiculously gaudy, red girl shoes. At that moment, I think he realized how much of his life he just let slip because he felt he wasn’t good enough. It was sad, but cute and really moving, but in a simple way.

-Blog Barista

Bunch of Young Love (Review pt. 2)

See I told you I read a lot of manga a lately! And many of them I don’t even plan on commenting on cause they were just that bad. Though the last post (on magical girl manga) had more that I disliked, this one has more that I really enjoyed. If you are into romance manga, which I hope you would be by this point see the title of the post and all, then you will enjoy many of these!

HadiHadi Girl by Miyabi Akino

Hadi Girl is about Sae, an extremely shy high school girl who is also really tsundere (but not as annoying as usual). Much like Shougo Chara, Sae makes a wish to break out of her shell (so that she may fall in love) and get visited by a little angel and has an egg. From then on, Sae must work to help hatch the egg by fulfilling little lovey-dovey challenges with guys (like holding hands or hugging) or she will never be able to fall in love again.

I actually really loved this manga and plan to continue reading it. It may be a little cheesy, but the story is really cute (just like the characters). I like Sae and the boy that she falls for. the drawing style is super cute with big eyes and almost chibi like bodies, and the plot line is a great idea. I am very glad to have started this one and recommend that you try it out also!

LoliipopHatsukoi Lollipop by Matsumoto Kaori

Another of the manga that I really enjoyed! Hatsuoi Lollipop is about a young high schooler named Seo. She goes to a nice school, with cute friends and lenient school rules. Everything is great, except for the annoying guy named Narusawa Shin who sits behind her. She finds him hard to deal with, but quickly falls in love with him.

The story may feel a little rushed (by chapter 2, she is in love), but it was fluid enough that it wasn’t a big deal for me. The story is cute, and I really like how the characters interact. The drawing style is also really pretty, and I love the way the main character female looks (so cute). Its only on chapter 3 right now, but its still very enjoyable. I also really liked how we get to hear from the guys perspective, instead of just the girl fretting over whether or not she liked him. I really loved the way the characters were drawn, with big eyes and lanky bodies.

FujiFujiyama-san wa Shishunki by Ojiro Makoto

Fujiyama-san is a really, really tall young girl who plays volleyball for her middle school team. She is sweet and a little naive (and quite stoic), and she has a childhood friend named Kanba who plays practical jokes and is a little runt. One day Kanba peaks into the ‘girl locker room’ and sees a little more of Fujiyama then he expected.

This story is a little different then I expected, and I liked it a lot more then I thought. It is a seinen (written for older men) and is from Kanba’s perspective with bulky characters. It is also an  ecchi which you can see in lots of the chapters. But even in this way, I really liked it. It tells the story of young ‘love’ with the curiosity and prepubescent sexuality that you may expect in reality. The characters are innocent and sweet and I found this actually really refreshing. This one may be the one on this list I liked most.

TaroTaro-kun was Kou Miete Igai to xxx Desu by Ichikawa Shou

This is the last one I read, and the last one I am writing about (even though its technically the fourth one you are reading about cause I put this out of order). Anyways this is a really cute story about a young girl (whose name slipped my mind) who starts dating a boy named Taro after he moves into her apartment complex. He is a typical half Japanese, half American with perfect blonde hair (cause that’s how genetics work) and piercings (cause Americans) lol. He is super shy and bad with people so he is always scowling, and thus everyone thinks he is a scary yankee. but in reality he is a gentleman and a sweet heart.

I love the fact that the girl lead is straightforward and wants to be physical (while still wanting to the guy to be in control cause its what she wants), while the guy is shy and awkward and all about staying pure. I also really liked the kids. The two highschoolers take care of the neighborhood kids after school, and those kids are really wise for their age. For toddlers, they give way to much advice in love and being adults (really silly but cute). I hope its only a one-shot, cause they story can’t go for long with out being repetitive and getting too silly, but for now it is really nice.

TsuruTsuru Tsuru to Zara Zara no Aida by Tsukiko 

This one was refreshing in a cute sort of simple way, with a light and airiness to the story line. Tsuru Tsuru is about a young boy, named Takumi, who goes to an all boys middle school, and whose parents run a pet shop for reptiles and amphibians. One day he meets Saya, a young girl from the all girl’s middle school, who is super cute and delicate, and who loves reptiles (and amphibians). Soon they start dating, and the story follows them as they get closer.

This is a slice of life sort of story, and is mostly from Takumi’s perspective. Its cute and nice. I am not sure if its something I really want to keep reading, but I would recommend it.

PochiPochamani by Hirama Kaname

This one was another cliched shoujo, that focused on a slightly chubbier main female lead and a guy who prefers larger women. Honestly I am not too sure what to say about this one. I didn’t like how everyone seemed so upset with how the main male lead was interested in a girl who was chubby. She was sweet and nice, and reality his preference is not that weird or wrong. I also didn’t like how big a deal they made it. It was not like she was ugly, dressed badly, or had a sour disposition. She was chubby, that was it. And not chubby like her fat was in the worst places. She was well proportioned and her fat was placed nice enough that she was still attractive, because she was an attractive girl with some meat. I don’t plan on continuing to read this. It was just so so.

And how is it all these manga girls get cute boys to fight over them, even when they are considered so ‘unacceptably not pretty’ in pop culture?

PopBeauty Pop by Kiyoko Arai

This is a typical and cliched shoujo manga with your angst filled male leads, reverse harems, and a female lead who seems indifferent and distant while also being extremely talented. It was a fun read if you’re bored, but its not that interesting. Though I say this, I still read it all to completion. Its about Kiri Koshiba who is completely uninterested in a lot of things, and also really talented hairstylist. Of course she goes to a special school that gives too much freedom to a select few students (the main leads) and with a lot of adults and students acting like hair styling is EVERYTHING in this world. Some of the characters are grossly annoying (like the cutey boy who does nails and the narcissistic perfume one). Its about as silly and ridiculous as most shoujo rom-coms from the 1990-early 2000’s. If you enjoyed stuff like Skip Beats (which had a better plot then this), then try this one out too.



-Blog Barista

Heap of Magical Girls (Review pt. 1)

I think it goes with out saying that I have read to much manga in the last three weeks! I have to tests, one tomorrow and one on Friday, and here I am writing this instead. But I just can’t help it! There are so many good (and bad) manga that I enjoyed and really want to share. So here is one of three posts that focus on the manga reviews of this month.

DaisukiDaisuki Desu!! Mahou Tenshi Kosumasu by Minazuki Suu

This manga is about Akikaze Cosmos, a little girl who works in her mother’s hostel. She is mature and responsible and lives with these crazy, older characters that include a silly high school girl, a college drunk (she always wears a witch hat) and a twenty year old pervert (who Aki loves). Aki lives a normal life, in a small town surrounded by a nuclear desert that is attempting to swallow up the town, but one day she becomes a magical angel to save the town and all the people she loves.

I did not like this one so much. The characters are annoying and basic (in an unrealistic sort of way). Its nice to see a main character fall in love with a man that is not the typical love interest, even though he is almost a decade and a half older, a huge pervert, fat and gross. It has an interesting story line, that seems creepy sci-fi, but it loses me with the characters. I definitely won’t continue reading this manga.

GyoushouninMahou Gyoushounin Roma by Kurazono Norihiko

This manga was pretty interesting idea. It focuses on this mysterious girl who is collecting the greed of humans by fulfilling wishes using magical items. She seems like a magical girl: she has the little strange but cute creature, magical charms and items, and seems to be helping people. But the end result, after fulfilling their goals, always seem a little negative. This has a ‘monkey’s paw’ sort of feel.

The main character’s name is Roma. She doesn’t seem to care much about the people, and she may not be human (not too sure). I really liked the plot though. It takes the idea of magical girl and makes a little twist to it, but I am not to sure I will continue this manga.

OnnaMahou Onna ga Kuru by Hagio Nobuto

Another manga I don’t plan on continuing, and actually I really disliked. It had such a good chance of doing well too, but its Ecchi and gross, and it doesn’t take it’s plot as seriously as I would have liked. Sakazaki Riko is a 31 year old magical girl (once known as Magic Girl Collie) who is past her prime. Her power was the ability to become an adult, and when she was a young girl, she used it to help lots of people. Now though, she is an adult and her powers are of no use. So single and skill-less, Riko and her other past-her-prime magical girl roommate are searching for the love of their lives (hopefully successful and rich) before they are past that time too.

I liked the idea of what magical girls do after they get older, but I just wish this was not as silly. I like the comedy to an extent, its just that Riko seems desperate and gross, and very materialistic. If the story line was more serious, and we had less nakedness, maybe it would be easier to sympathize with Riko.
OreMahou Shoujo Ore by Moudama Chokusen

Saki is a fifteen year old girl and rising idol. She learns one day that her mother was once a magical girl, fighting for mankind, but is unable to continue now that she is older. A scary yakuza type guy turns out to be her mother’s old magical girl mascot, and he gets Saki to become the next magical girl. Problem is, magical girls are not that magical and actually have to fight fist to fist, so when Saki transforms she becomes a strong man in a magical girl outfit called Magical Ore.

These magical girl manga keep getting more and more creative as time goes by. I also found this one’s plot had a lot to offer. I am not too sure how it goes as you delve deeper into the plot (as I stopped at chapter 2), but hopefully it is successful. I for one will not continue reading this though. the character bored me (she was annoying), I am not a fan that the boy love interest is in love with her guy form (its funny, but I don’t read shonen ai), and most importantly, there is so much going on sometimes that I get a little lost. So though this maybe did not stick to me, I still think you should give it s try and see if you like it.

HeroOre to Hero to Mahou Shoujo by Sogou

I have seen this one before, and actually I read the first chapter once, but never continued. Now that I try it out again, I really like the story line. This is a web manga about a young man who wants to be a hero. One day he finally gets the chance, but when he transforms into his hearts image of a hero, he becomes a little girl. Reluctant and embarrassed, he continues to fight monsters and strives to become a great hero like he dreams. Along the way he meets other hero (including a high school girl and an old lady) while having to battle monsters and other hero who have gone a stray.

This one also has a interesting story line, and I actually enjoy it. I will continue reading this manga. I like the characters, and I like the art style which looks like sketches. As of now, the story has not progressed to far into the main point of the plot, but I feel like it will go very well.

-Blog Barista