Valentine Manga

This is extra late, but I figured I wanted to make a post about romance manga and manhwa that were fun to read and February is the best time of year to do so. These are all mostly really sweet love stories and great shoujo/josei stories.

Picture1Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai by Nakahara Aya

I loved the characters so much, thirty year old love story

This is a  josei manga that focuses on a 29 year old unemployed Shibata Michiko. She wastes all her money on a frivoulous university student after losing her job in a company (it went out of business). One day she meets her old boss Kurosawa, one that she hated because he was so strict, and he ends up helping her get her life back together. Along the way, she ends up trying to help him too.

I love how the characters interact with each other; they are just so funny. And I also like how simple the story feels up until now. The fact that they are older helps keep the story grounded and more real world (though the fact that Shibata is almost thirty, never had a boyfriend, and acts like shes a middle schooler in love may be the most unrealistic part). The art is pretty cute, and the characters are great because they aren’t delicate or shy high school characters. They are sarcastic little bastards and really sweet at the same time.

Picture2Tsubasa to Hotaru by Haruto Nana

Such a sweet story, high school level

The manga is about Tsubas Sonokawa, a high schooler who is rejected by the upperclassman she loves because of her ‘extreme’ personality. Just like the previous manga, this girl too shows affection by being as helpful as possible and trying a little to hard. Through some events, she ends up becoming manager of the basketball team and makes some great friends with the players. This is cute story, simple like some of the better shoujo tend to be (no extremely rude or narsistic male characters who fight a lot with the girl or treats her poorly). I like most of the characters and even root for the other guy that falls in love with her. This isn’t my all time favorite shoujo romance (Ao Haru no Ride and Say I Love You are much better), but this one is still really great if you like this genre! I love the drawing style too, especilly the side profiles.

Picture3Our Relationship Is… by Lee Yun Ji

Colorful love story, university level

This was definitely my favorite of the bunch. I found the characters easy going and very relatable. This is a manwha that focuses on two friends, Do Gayoung a girl who is also nicknamed Pig and Han Woojin a guy nicknamed Hanwoo (beef). Both are in university and have been friends since high school. Slowly, Do Gayoung realizes that Hanwoo means a lot to her and she begins to develop feelings, but he has his sight set on a super cute friend of hers. Right now I can’t help but to root for Do to end up with Hanwoo. The two of them have such a wonderful friendship and it feels more real to think of people who have known each other for a while to fall in love (instead of like most manga where it is a little rushed). The story is going at a great pace, and it is so cute. The art is pretty and its all colored in light pastel colors that make it extremely aesthetically pleasing. I love it and plan to continue reading when new chapters come out :D.



The first two characters had something in common. Both Tsubasa and Shibata were the type of girls to go overboard, to try and do everything in their means to help, and were ‘extreme’ in their affections. I really liked them for being that way. To be honest (though we may not all be that extreme), I felt a little bit of a connection to them, and I feel like maybe lots of other people can imagine a time where they did something similar.

Bonus Stuff:

Picture4Witch Workshop by So Hee Park

So so art and story, but it is interesting and unique

I also read this manhwa. It was OK, but I don’t think I would continue reading it. To be honest, I wouldn’t recommend it, but that doesn’t mean it was bad. The story is about 3 families that have been cursed for 400 years, because of a really creepy situation that happened in Europe between a witch and a noble family. The main characters girl, whose name escapes me now, has no idea about the full story, but its about her and two other guys (one who is the descendant of the noble family and one from a Korean family that is meant to protect the witches) as they try to fulfill their own personal goals. Its hard to explain the story with out giving away too much. The art is ok, I am not a fan, but the colors are really pretty.


Check them all out!

-Blog Barista


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