Shuumatsu no Laughter by Tanabe Yellow

I just took an hour out of my day to read as many chapters of this manga that I could, and let me tell you: I am in LOVE! This is an amazing story; I don’t even know where to begin.

Shuumatsu no Laughter means Laughter at the End of the World. It follows a young man named Luca, a demon who hunts other demons, and his kid sister about 20 years after a great monster with a thousand mouths tried to swallow the world. After the monster was killed by the church (swords of light), many human beings became ‘infected’ and thus became immortal demons. This plot is truly breath taking, with twists that will really get you hooked, and the art is stunning! Yellow Tanabe is an amazing manga writer, and I hope she continues to make such amazing stories in the future. This one is unique and I loved the characters (Luca and Haru). I don’t know if the series is on-going (I think it is not to be honest), but I really hope it is because I can only see this becoming more and more successful.

Chapter1The most important part of this series (since it is so short) is the characters. A major theme is understanding how people interact with one another and how they judge one another. Especially in the case of the two main characters, one who looks/acts like a demon and the other the personification of innocence. It also focused greatly on what fear is, and who are to blame in situations where both parties act out of spite and anger/fear. And through this, it brought into question the humanity of the demons and of those shunning them.

I really loved the plot, and wish I could tell you how it goes, but I think its best you read it on your own. Trust me its awesome!

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2 thoughts on “Shuumatsu no Laughter by Tanabe Yellow

  1. Yup, it’s finished. She only made it a 5 chapter series – sadly – as she was working on birdmen. I wish she’d continued it though, because as a mangaka, I genuinely loved the art and the plot. It’s unique and very attractive. When I read it I couldn’t pull away from it until I finished it. I even read it for a third time and still wonder if she’ll ever continue it; wishful thinking true, but one can always wish for the best.
    I also recommend a few stories myself, like
    Radiant – Tony Valente
    Vinland saga – Yokimura Makoto
    No Guns Life – Karasuma Tasuko
    Horimiya – hero
    Fire brigade of flames – ookubo atsushi
    Hansza Sky – Sadogawa jun
    Bullet Armors – moricha (although bullet Armors got lost halfway near the end because moricha completely went off road with the story, and it got chaoticly sloppy in the ending, but still a good read).

    • I feel you, the story and art was amazing and I would have loved to continue reading and seeing how it went. I agree it was really unique! Thank you for the suggestions. I will definitely read these next, especially Radiant (looks super cool). I haven’t read any of these yet (except for Horimiya which was awesome :D).

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