Nimona by Noelle Stevenson

This was supposed to be written by TheBetterCup, but she is a little to busy to do so. We got this book recently (if about 3 months ago counts as recent), but we know that the book is fairly popular and well known by this point. Anyways, Nimona is a great fantasy comic book with an unique art style and story line, that we feel lots of people can enjoy.


The story is a mix of sci-fi and fantasy (which is TheBetterCup’s favorite genres) and focuses on a story of a super-villain who meets a young girl who wants to be his side kick. The super-villain, a mad-scientist, isn’t all bad though, he just plays the part given to him and was actually a knight once. But the titular character, Nimona is a young shape-shifter who doesn’t seem to operate on the same moral code has him. Together they learn a lot about each other, the meaning of god and evil (and what that means about a person), and the types of institutions that affect a person’s ‘morality’.

The story is fun and actually really hard to put down. It also does a great job of showing the grey-area of reality and morality. Its extremely funny, and the characters are really lovable even though its not a very long book that has time for characterization (but the author does a great job anyways). I love how the story took a twist in the end, and completely ended in a way that at least I didn’t see coming. I just wish that the characters could have been together longer, but I hope that their lessons in life at least made sure that they were happy.

Well I hope you guys check it out (if you hadn’t already),

-Blog Barista


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