Hongdo- by Snowy Owl

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I have been reading lots of manga this semester, and let me tell you, I read a lot of stupid shit. I mean I read some stuff that I really regret and can’t understand how any person could possibly like (trust me it was really bad). BUUUUTTTT, I have also found some really awesome manga that I plan on continuing for quite some time. Usually most of these manga I don’t continue (except if its one of my favorites), but this is one of the manga I plan to keep reading.

Screenshot_2015-10-26-01-18-37Hongdo is a manhwa (I think its Korean), that focuses on the story of Hong Do Yi. The world has both humans and non-humans and even some people with supernatural powers. Those people are sorcerers that can smell and hear what normal people can’t (they can see and interact with the non-human ghosts, demons, and gods).

Hong Do is a powerful sorcerer who is the bastard son of a great general (governor?). The story focuses on his journey after he abandoned his job as an Imperial sorcerer, in search for the mysterious Crow,  and is hunted down by bounty hunters. During his search, he learns of a dangerous plot that threatens the world.

Screenshot_2015-10-24-23-53-08There is not much else that I can say. The story only has about 8 chapters translated so far, and a lot of the story is still left as a mystery (and can be confusing because of the way its translated), but overall this is AWESOME. The art is amazing and the story is unique and great!!! I really enjoy this manwha and am excited each time for a new chapter. Hong Do is a great antihero and so far the characters he meets are also well rounded. The very first chapter focuses on a great Guardian River God whose ‘body’ (the river) gets mutilated by humans and his attempted to get vengeance for his family. Its so beautiful.


I feel like its a little hard to describe this better, but trust me. Just give it a try and you may see that you like it.

-Blog Barista


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