Magical Girls (who are not quite magical girls)

The post for today is one on a bunch of anime I watched recently that seem to fit that magical genre with out being exactly like magical girls. Some have magical boys involved, and most have really unique twists to the basic story line. I didn’t like most of them to be honest, but they were fun to watch.

When Supernatural Battles Became Common Place by Kota Nozomi

screenFor this anime, I watched about four of the episodes. I really liked the art and concept, and I loved the characters (even if they were a little bit on the basic side). For most people, this anime is great in the first half and the second half tends to be either hit or miss. I really liked it though, and felt that it really was a unique story.

The anime is about the five members of the Senko High School’s Literature Club and the class president; each of which have superpowers that awaken in the first episode. Their superpowers become a part of their day to day menial lives until they get mixed into battling others with similar powers.

The main protagonist is Jurai Ando, the only young man in the literature club and a big ‘chuunibyou’ (which means eighth grader syndrome and is someone who still acts like a child, so basically a big nerd). He is the most excited for the powers that he and his friends get. Because of his nerdiness, he is a great leader and strategist. The only problem is: he got the worst magical power. The “Dark and Dark” is a cold and useless black flame that he can light in his hands and that does about nothing. The other five main characters are all females with much more useful powers such as creating and destroying existence, stopping/speeding up/slowing down time, controlling five elements, and so much more.

Show by Rock by Geechs

73674lThis anime was a completely different kind of magic. I really went ham with this one and watched almost all of the episodes with out stopping. Its not that this is the best anime on this list, but I enjoyed how ridiculously funny this anime was. The art is extra adorable and I love the characters (for the most part), especially the males from Shingam Crimsonz who are the comic relief for the whole story. The concept was also pretty unique. This was based off of a rhythm video game that had these little three dimensional animal creatures playing the instruments. The anime did a great job incorporating this aspect, making the game story line and the anime story mesh well, and even found away to make something so ridiculous kind of good.

The story is about Cyan Hijirikawa. She is a freshman in high school who loves music and wishes to join the music club (but is way to shy to do so). One night, while playing a rhythm game (*wink wink*), she gets sucked into her smart phone. She ends up in this world called Midi City, where music is almost everyone’s passion. She learns that she is meant to help protect that world from dark monsters and then through a series of events joins a lower (moslty unknown) agency. As a part of the Plasmagica band, she and her new found friends perform together in the music scene while discovering the secrets surrounding the world’s problems and how to get Cyan home.



The Rolling Girls by Yosuke Miyagi

Rolling☆ saw the concept art for this anime about a year ago and was super excited to check it out, but sadly it was my least favorite. Its an interesting idea, but I felt that the first episode kind of struggled to get my attention and make me want to continue. Weirdly enough, I honestly felt put off by the color scheme too.

This anime is set 10 years after the “Great Tokyo War” in Japan. The country is now split up into city-states and constantly fight each other. The vigilantes who fought in the war became hired as ‘warriors’ that representing their city-states in territorial disputes. The main character Nozomi decides to travel around Japan fulfilling requests and searching for heart-shaped jewels, that can make a person possesses unlimited power.

I think the only thing I can say about this anime is that out of all of the ones listed here, it has the BEST fight scenes! I mean, they are really well made and extra bad-ass and still very girly.



Gatchaman Crowds by Toshiya Ono

a32d4b90c43b863b2c25c72febea11e1The final series has to be the coolest one on here. The art is cute and pretty basic (like a shoujo) but with bad-ass cg robots mixed in. It felt like a good mix of kawaii and awesome. I really liked the story line as well. It has the basics needed for a magical girl, but also really sci-fi like at the same time. The characters were so so though. the main character is overly optimistic and basic, but her weird quirk with stationary and never being very surprised with how life works makes her likable. And then the other characters are mixed with some weirdos (that I loved) and some that I didn’t (that little panda -_-).

The series is about a group of teens (and some aliens) who have been recruited as Gatchamen (warriors who fight other aliens with special robot suits powered by their souls).

The newest member is the main character, Hajime Ichinose, a 16 year old, quirky, high school girl. She usually disobeys orders and despite seeming irresponsible, her unique point of view helps her be successful.


Well guys, that is about it!

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Kira Kira PUNCH



Sweet Manga

Ok guys so I have a few more manga that I wanted to share. The very first one was actually supposed to be for the Halloween special that never happened (I read so many creepy and shitty manga that I just gave up on the idea), and the second one is just one that I found by mistake and really liked. I read both of them to completion (Dr. Hitomi’s Infirmary may be on going but I have yet to check), and I really loved the stories and the characters so I hope you all do too.

Screenshot_2015-10-27-19-07-00Dr. Hitomi’s Infirmary- by Shake O

This manga was so much fun to read. I am so certain that this would be the best manga to read for growing little girls (at least for the most part, there may be some inappropriate stuff mixed in so be warned for that). Its basically a story of young girls going through puberty and having to accept themselves and each story has a lesson. It is a series that follows Hitomi, a cyclops that works as a nurse at a school. Each of the stories is about one of the students who come to her for help with their pubescent problems. All of the kids that come for help are monsters (like ghosts) with problems with their growing bodies. Its a fun read and really cute too. I love the drawing style so much and most of all I love the characters (especially Hitomi and Mr. Tatara, her really handsome childhood friend and a science teacher in the same school. I hope they get together!).

Screenshot_2015-10-26-01-20-34Tenohira Size by Tendou Kirin

This is an extremely endearing and adorable manga that will touch on heart strings you didn’t think existed. Its super simple and only has 8 chapters, but definitely a story worth looking into. The story focuses on the Onishi family, a single mother and her three children, and their daily lives after their father moved out. As may be expected, they are really poor and the mom has to take on two jobs and the kids have to go through their feelings of betrayal from the dad. I really loved the kids and the mom and all the other characters they befriended. The art is also simple and really quaint.

I hope you guys are having a great Holiday Season!

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Dangan Tenshi Fan Club by One

screensThis is another manga written by ONE and drawn by Murata Yuusuke, and just like One Punch Man this manga is wonderful. The story is a comedy one-shot that follows a young man new to the school. He accidentally finds out the secret of a classmate, a girl who fights monsters with mechanical weapons. She is observed and supported during her fights by her fan club, composed of male members of her class, but has no idea that there is anyone who knows her secrete. The young man helps the fan-club help her and give her the confidence she needs to continue fighting.

For such a small one-shot, the characters are well written and extremely interesting. The story really is a unique take on magical girls, and ONE is just a great writer. He has a great imagination and really takes cliches to the next level. I highly recommend this manga.

Sorry about how short this post is, but I really feel like this manga is worth checking out. Go now go!

-Blog Barista

Hongdo- by Snowy Owl

screen Screenshot_2015-10-24-23-47-41

I have been reading lots of manga this semester, and let me tell you, I read a lot of stupid shit. I mean I read some stuff that I really regret and can’t understand how any person could possibly like (trust me it was really bad). BUUUUTTTT, I have also found some really awesome manga that I plan on continuing for quite some time. Usually most of these manga I don’t continue (except if its one of my favorites), but this is one of the manga I plan to keep reading.

Screenshot_2015-10-26-01-18-37Hongdo is a manhwa (I think its Korean), that focuses on the story of Hong Do Yi. The world has both humans and non-humans and even some people with supernatural powers. Those people are sorcerers that can smell and hear what normal people can’t (they can see and interact with the non-human ghosts, demons, and gods).

Hong Do is a powerful sorcerer who is the bastard son of a great general (governor?). The story focuses on his journey after he abandoned his job as an Imperial sorcerer, in search for the mysterious Crow,  and is hunted down by bounty hunters. During his search, he learns of a dangerous plot that threatens the world.

Screenshot_2015-10-24-23-53-08There is not much else that I can say. The story only has about 8 chapters translated so far, and a lot of the story is still left as a mystery (and can be confusing because of the way its translated), but overall this is AWESOME. The art is amazing and the story is unique and great!!! I really enjoy this manwha and am excited each time for a new chapter. Hong Do is a great antihero and so far the characters he meets are also well rounded. The very first chapter focuses on a great Guardian River God whose ‘body’ (the river) gets mutilated by humans and his attempted to get vengeance for his family. Its so beautiful.


I feel like its a little hard to describe this better, but trust me. Just give it a try and you may see that you like it.

-Blog Barista