Manga/Manhwa/Manhua Review: Fun Compilation

It has been a long while since I last updated, and I think I will try and do something special for Halloween. For now I just wanted to do a couple of quick posts on some things so as to have something come out. I haven’t been reading a lot of manga lately (because of school), but I still try and find some time. So here are some that I am currently reading (or in the case of Majo to Yajuu, finished reading), and my opinions on them.

100Majo to Yajuu by Fujio Ai

So we are starting with a manga that I actually read sometime in the end of summer, before school actually started. I wanted to talk about it sooner, but did not have enough manga to fill in a post with. Anyways, It turns out better this way cause it is October and this one matches well with Halloween.

The story focuses on a lonely lion who falls in love with a kind human girl. Each day he asks a witch to grant his wish to change a part of himself until he becomes fully human. I don’t want to ruin the end, but the manga poses the problem of whether it is worth losing yourself in order to have someone love you.

This is a one-shot so it is fairly short read, but it was an enjoyable story and concept. I really liked the art style, though it is not really aesthetically pleasing. It has a mystical quality to it, and that really brings out the story well.

10One Punch Man by One (illustrated by Yusuke Murata)

The second manga is one the both the BetterCup and I recommend highly. This started off as a poorly drawn web-comic, and soon blew up into an amazing anime and manga featured in Shonen Jump.

The story focuses on Saitama, an extremely strong hero, who defends the the fictional Japanese metropolis of City Z from an epidemic of monsters with only one punch.  However, due to his overwhelming strength, Saitama has become bored with his life and constantly looks for an opponent who can help him gain back that thrill he experienced in his first fight. He meets new friends, makes enemies, and gains his own disciple, the cyborg Genos. Later he joins the Heroes Association to try and gain fame for his hard work (though no one sees that it is him doing all these amazing things) struggling to gain respect. Most people look down on him due to his plain physical appearance, and some accuse him of being a counterfeit hero. Only a small number of individuals recognize his incredible talent and humility towards others (the bad guys always seem to notice, but die before they can say anything).

Wow if ever there was manga I wish I started sooner, it was One Punch Man. This is an amazing manga and anime. The art is amazing, the fight scenes are epic (even in the manga it is extremely dynamic), and the concept is so original and funny (with awesome characters).

10Lookism by Park Tae Joon

This third one is actually a manhwa from Korea. It is fun and wonderful, while also pointing out how we can tend to be a little more focused on appearances then we should (I am guilty of liking the protagonist more when he is handsome).

Park Hyung Suk is overweight and unattractive. He is constantly bullied and abused by other students and then takes his frustrations out on his hardworking mother. When she finally realizes that he is struggling, she pulls together enough to send him to another school. One morning, he wakes up to find a great miracle has happened, and he is able to live as someone handsome.

Over the course of the manhwa, lots of characters grow and come to realize that handsome or ugly, a person’s physical appearance has nothing to do with who they are inside. Park Hyung meets many great people and changes lives of many students as he learns and deepens his own understanding of what is important in life.

10Mosspaca Advertising Department by Old Xian, Tan Jiu

This fourth one is another that I am so very happy that I could find. It is incredibly funny and so enjoyable though it feels confusing at times. This one is a manhua from China and it is drawn so incredibly!

The story follows a trio of artists at the Mosspaca Advertising Department. There the personifications of Old Xian and Tan Jiu (the actual artists of the manhua) and their supervisor interact with various entrepreneurs and create commercials/advertisements for their products. Sometimes there are random stories mixed in.

There is no coherent story line, and at first you will feel like you were just thrown in with no information to go off of. But this is a gag comic, and it does its job well.

10Otoko Issho

This last one, that I am leaving you with, is a strange and some what sweet love story. I am still not too sure how I feel about it, but I will continue reading it. The art is pretty and light, and the story feels mostly the same way (airy). The only thing that makes me dislike it, is that the main male was in love with the protagonist’s grandmother before falling in love with her. But I think if you go in not worrying about that, its still a good story.

This manga is about Tsugumi Dozono, a woman in her late 30s/early 40s who works at a large electronics company in Tokyo. One day, after her grandmother passes away, Tsugumi Dozono decides to live in her grandmother’s house while working from home, but finds a strange man in the house named is Jun Kaieda, a professor at a woman’s university that is around 50. They live together and slowly fall in love.


Well there you go,


All Magical Girls EVER

All Magical Girls EVER

Honest Myth:Greek- Centaurs

Lapiths and Centaurs by Rubens, Peter Paul (1577-1640). I found this painting so funny

Lapiths and Centaurs by Rubens, Peter Paul (1577-1640).
I found this painting so funny

It has been quite a while since I lasted posted. I planned on writing a post based on the books I read over the summer, but I ended up reading 13 books from one series (so I didn’t have enough to talk about). Anyways, it has been about a month since school started up again, and I am actually taking a class in Ancient Greek and Roman Religion. It is a mix of classics, religion, and anthropology and does not focus much on mythology, but I really enjoy the class. Knowing I would be a little busy, I decided to pick a fairly safe culture for myths (not as much research needed).


A statue of a female Centaur abducting a man (if you know who the artist is please tell me).

Centaurs are creatures with the upper body of a human being and the lower body of a horse. They were wild, savage, lustful, and usually they are depicted as men (this changed later on).

They were born from the linage of Ixion and Nephele. Ixion was the king of Lapiths and son if Ares God of War. He married Dia daughter of Deioneus. Ixion refused to pay the bride price, so Deioneus took his horses for his own. For revenge, Ixion invited Deioneus to a lavish dinner and pushed him into a bed of coal, becoming the first man to commit murder of kin. Because of this horrible act, Ixion became insane and polluted, and all the princes of near by kingdoms refused to perform the rituals to purify him. Zeus took pity on him and cleansed him on his sin, and then invited him to Olympus for a great meal. But Ixion was not grateful and lusted after Hera Queen of the Gods and Goddess of Marriage (the wife of Zeus, so technically Ixion was extremely disrespectful to his host). Zeus, angered and wanting to proof of Ixion’s contempt, created Nephele out of clouds in the shape of Hera. Ixion coaxed and slept with Nephele (thinking it was Hera), and she became pregnant with Centauros (an ugly, deformed human like man that mated with Magnesian mares on Mt. Pelion) the father of the Centaurs. Zeus was angered and cast him from Mt. Olympus, struck him with a thunderbolt, and bound him to a burning solar wheel in Tartarus for eternity.

Nephele later had twins with King Athamas, Helle and Phrixus. He later divorced her and married Ino (who hated the twins and burned all the seeds so food would not grow). When farmers feared a famine, they went to an oracle, and Ino payed them to say that only sacrifices of the twins. Right before their execution, Nephele sent a golden ram to take them away. They were told not to look down, but Helle did not listen and she fell to her death. Phrixus lived and was taken to another kingdom. That ram later became the Golden Fleece that Jason would rather take it.

Ixion also had a son name Piritheus with Dia, who later became the King of the Lapiths. On the day of his marriage to Hippodamia, the Centaurs became drunk and attempted to steal the women and children. Piritheus and Theseus led the Lapiths into a great battle known as the Centauromachy and succeeded in protecting them from abduction.

Hope you enjoyed this story, and sorry for how small the post is. Check out more here:

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