Honest Myth:Greek- Anemoi

Zephyrus Abducts Chloris by Henrietta Rae.

Zephyrus Abducts Chloris by Henrietta Rae.

I felt so bad for missing so much time this summer for making posts, so now I may be compensating. 😀 I just really wanted to get out a bunch of them for as long as I could, and have been planning some other posts as well. So this is the last one for today, but it also seems to be the longest one. Anyways, I also wish I had some beautiful art work of all four of the Anemoi, but sadly only two could be found.

Anemoi are the Greek Gods of the Winds and of the Cardinal Directions. They are also associated with the coming of different seasons. The Anemoi are sons of Eos, the female Titan of Dawn, and Astraios, Titan of the Stars and Planets (I thought he sounded so cool, and have an amazing picture of him. I know TheBetterCup likes Zephyrus, but she is going to love Astraios. So, I am thinking I will have another post on him soon).

The Anemoi are usually depicted as men with wings, as actual gust of winds, or as wind in the shape of stallions. Each wind tends to be slightly different, but the majority are young, winged males (not always Boreas though, may be because he is harsher and is a bearded man). They are often depicted as stallions that sweep down on mares and produce the swiftest horses.

Boreas Abducts Oreithyia by

Boreas Abducts Oreithyia by Giovanni Franceso Romanelli.

The four Anemoi are:

  1. Boreas, the God of the North Wind. He is the bringer of the harsh, cold winter winds. He is very strong, and has a violent temper. he lives in the cold northern mountains of Thrake. His breath chills the air for the winter. He kidnapped Oreithyia, an Athenian Princess, and married her. Together they had a daughter named Khione, Goddess of Snow, and two purple winged sons called the Boreades.
  2. Notos, the God of the South Wind. He is the bringer of the wet, humid summer storms. He lived in Aithiopia, the southern most realm, and was feared for he could destroy crops.
  3. Eurus, the God of the East Wind. He is the bringer of the crisp, warm autumn winds. He lived near the palace of Helios in the far East (since he was the God of the Sun and it rises in the East).
  4. Zephyrus, the God of the West Wind. He is the bringer of the gentle, fresh spring winds. He is also the most popular wind. He is married to Iris (which I talked about in another blog post). Before Iris, he had loved many other divine beings including: Podarge, a harpy, Hyacinthus, Apollo’s lover and a story for another day, and Chloris, nymph of spring and flowers. Zephyrus abducted Chloris and had a daughter named Karpos, nymph or Goddess of Fruit. When ever a god transformed a human being into a flower or plant, Chloris aided in creating the plant (such as Adonis or Naricissus or even Hyacinthus). Zephyrus also served Eros, because Eros had saved him from possibly fighting Apollo.

I hope you enjoyed!

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Me and all foods...

Me and all foods…


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