Honest Myth:Chinese- Nu Gua

So, I actually found this goddess while pinning pictures on my mythology pinterest board. I loved this picture and started searching up Nu Gua (also known as Nu Kua or Nu Wa).

I am not sure who the artist is, but if you know please tell me.

This amazing piece of art is by an artist named Nuu. Please check out their work here: https://nuu.deviantart.com

Nu Gua is usually depicted as a young woman, with a human head and the lower body of a dragon/snake. I have seen some pictures/artwork where she is all human, but I have also seen some where she is entirely a snake with a woman’s head. Personally, I prefer the version where she has the upper body of human female.

Nu Gua is a creator Goddess, and she is credited with making the first humans from yellow earth after heaven and Earth had been separated. At first, she hand sculpted each person, but found that it was taking much to long. To shorten the task, Nu Gua took a rope, dipped it into mud, and begun swinging the rope above her head. The mud flung all around her, and splashes that occurred became the peasantry. Those that she had sculpted were the noble men.

She is also the Goddess that intermediates between man and woman, granting them children, and instituting marriage. After doing so, she married Fu Shi (Fu Xi) a cultural hero. He too is depicted with a snake body and human head. When ever he and Nu Gua are shown together, there bodies are intertwined (since they represent first union/Patriarch and Matriarch). He is her husband and brother.

She is said to be one of the Three Augusts or three  spirits that helped bring civilization to man. I am not to sure who the other two are, but I suspect Fu Xi may be one of them.

Nu Gua also seemed to save the universe. In the story, she helped restore the universe after Gong Gong, a Chinese sea demon who caused a great flood and smashed his head against a mountain a pillar holding up the sky, had destroyed it. This caused many problems such as the tearing of the sky, throwing the four cardinal points off balance, and release of the black dragon (who was water and thus the essence of the flood). Nu Gua took melted colored stones and used them to stitch together the sky (this referencing the different colors that the sky takes on). The five colored stones also helped create seasons. Then she had to cut the legs of a turtle to use as pillars for supporting the cardinal points. She later also destroyed the black dragon.

Her symbol is the compass which also represents the Earth.

I hope you enjoyed!

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Check it out:

Edited by Grimal, Pierre. Larousse World Mythology. London: The Hamlyn Publishing Group Limited, 1965, pp. 285-288. Print.

This had to have made you smile!

This had to have made you smile!


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