Honest Myth:Japanese- The Spirit of the Peony

So here is the second myth. Its simple, but kind of sad and pretty in a way. I really liked it, and I hope you all do as well.


Princess Aya was arranged to marry the second son of Lord Ako. One night the Princess walked through her great garden with her handmaids. She lingered near her favorite peony bed, and while sniffing them, she tripped. A handsome man, with a robe embroidered with peonies, caught her from hitting the floor, but he vanished before she could thank him. Princess Aya quickly became sick, and the handmaid told the king it was because the Princess was in love with the samurai. Each night great performers tried to cheer up the Princess, and each night the young samurai would appear, listening and watching the celebration. One night the King sent Mika Hiogo to lay hidden in the peonies. When the samurai appeared, Hiogo grabbed the samurai. A cloud emanated from the man causing Hiogo to become dizzy and pass out. When he woke, he held a large peony instead of a man. The Princess took the peony and put it by her bed. Each day, the flower grew bigger, and the girl became healthier. Finally, the wedding took place, and at that hour the peony suddenly died.

Hope you enjoyed,

-Blog Barista

So Kewt

So Kewt

I got this myth from a book:

Davis, F. Hadland. Myths and Legends of Japan. New York: Dover Publication Inc., 1992, pp. 171-173. Print.


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