Pilots and New Cartoons Review

Ok so TheBetterCup and I are big fans of cartoons. We grew up in a time where TV was full of cartoons for kids and adults, and so I think it is pretty evident this is not some sort of kid’s phase. Anyways, today we started talking about the cartoons we enjoyed on different networks (Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, and Nickelodeon) back in the early 2000s and we came across some new cartoons and pilots that we just had to watch. As far as cartoons go, we are big fans of things like Over the Garden Wall, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Gumball, and Regular Show from Cartoon Network. We also love anime, older Disney cartoons, Gravity Falls, and most of the Nickelodeon shows from the 90s and early 2000s (anyone remember Hey Arnold?). So here we go, some pilots we found today. Disclaimer: these are only opnions. Please go watch them if you want to know whether you will like or hate them.

  • Star vs Forces of Evil-
    Basically this is my opinion of the cartoon. AT first pleasant then it burned.

    Basically this is my opinion of the cartoon. AT first pleasant then it burned.

    This is a Disney channel cartoon and the second Disney Cartoon to be created by a woman (Daron Nefcy). It is a magical girl series about a princess, named Princess Star Butterfly (*blarf*), from another dimension who needs to learn to behave better (so she is sent to Earth).  We watched it sometime in March, before it was officially released, but it was such a disappointment. It was pretty bad. I would say that it was trying way to hard, and was far from original or enjoyable. To know if you will like it, think about the current cartoon Wander Over Yander. The creator worked on this cartoon, so if you liked that you will like this too. Personally I thought it was trash, but then I learned about Riding with Burgess and the Jammers and learned that this is trash, but that is not the worst thing a cartoon could be. The characters suck, and the story sucks. I wanted to like it so much, but just could not.-Blog Barista

    I had so much hope for this one. When they first talked about it in the later part of the fall (November?) I was really excited, because this was the basic magical girl (outer space princess with powers protecting the planet), but god damn was I disappointed. The main bad guy is pathetic, the main character Star is annoying, and the plot feels like it might not go anywhere. I really wanted to like it, I even watched all the episodes that where out (3 or 4 of them) but I couldn’t do, mostly after meeting her animal buddy Princess Unicorn Head (*shudder*). -TheBetterCup

  • Back to Backspace-
    I liked her, she was amiable.

    I liked her, she was amiable.

    This one’s plot was a little confusing. It was about a world where deleted items (from computers and phones) go. The main character is a young woman named Patty who we don’t know much about from just the pilot. There are other characters who work with her (it seems to be her job to welcome and categorize the deleted items, fix misspelled words as spellcheckers, and help deleted items either be rehabilitated to enter the real world again or destroy the evil ones). The premise and main character were great, and I liked the way it was drawn. My only complaint is the color palette which just was ugly and unlikable to me and the side characters. I think that they were a little too annoying and stupid (think of annoying, modern day cartoon style). If they were more likable and better developed, maybe then this would be a good cartoon. Over all I thought it was OK, I would not complain if it was the only thing on one day and I had nothing better to do. -Blog Barista

    This cartoon wasn’t all that bad. I liked the idea behind it and even Patty was enjoyable (the way that she gave zero shits, saying horrendous things as if it were mundane). I felt the style was cute and quirky, especially SweatPants (he reminds me of the cartoons I watched in elementary or middle school). My only problem is the characterization of the two side characters and the villain (which I also hated that he was just a letter F, but I would over look that if he was a better villain). I felt SweatPants and his brother Hersh (is that how its spelled?) where imbeciles, and the bad guy is a joke (like Star’s evil chicken enemy). The bad guys have to be threatening at least in appearance, otherwise the character’s tribulations become a joke as well, and lets be honest, what makes Adventure Time, Steven Universe, or Gravity Falls so fun is the depth. With such lame bad guys the show becomes more like Wonder Over Yander (Hater is a mess), and would probably be better off without a bad guy (like Flap Jack). Even the PowerPuff Girls and Courage the Cowardly Dog had scarier villains. But this is still an ok show. – TheBetterCup

  • Riding with Burgess- hojSo this started off as a nice surprise, but quickly became an atrocity once I met the main character. The plot is as follows, in some distant future (6000’s) due to some error in the network a random guy (his name is Burgess) selling hot dogs (or burgers not sure) on the corner of a street was chosen to be the ambassador of Earth. Burgess is your typical dumbass, not taking anything he does with leaders of the other planets seriously, but somehow his dumbassery works out in the end. Now I like cartoons, even cartoons I don’t like I can watch (such as Uncle Grandpa, Chowder, Clarence, Teen Titans Go, etc), but Burgess ruined this show for me. When I first saw the premise, I immediately fell in love with it, and it reminded me (appearance wise) of Regular Show, so I was hoping the main character would be like Mordecai (early twenties, slightly awkward and lazy young adult who does stupid things, but who recognizes his mistakes and tries to fix them); however, Burgress is beyond obnoxious, and of the four characters we meet I only could stomach the girl, so sadly I could never sit through any other episodes of this show (and I realllllllyyyyyy liked the premise of this show T_T). -TheBetterCup

 I hated the main character, I guess everything else was alright. It was not my thing. Aesthetically I found it displeasing, though I liked the opening sequence. -Blog Barista

  • Jammers-
    I hate this spawn of Satan

    I hate this spawn of Satan

    I refuse to explain anything about this cartoon. I don’t ever want to watch it again. I think it was horrible and I guess if you want you can watch it, but it is really bad in our opinions (I can’t believe I sat through the entire Pilot). It was disgusting…. -Blog Barista

    It was insufferable… -TheBetterCup

  • Twelve Forever-
    Super excited to watch more of this. She is like a Magical Girl!!

    Super excited to watch more of this. She is like a Magical Girl!!

    This is a cartoon pilot by Julia Vickerman. It focuses on a young girl (who never seems to be named, except she is called by Twelve her alter ego/alias), who has a key to an island that represents her subconscious. She has a friend named Shane who is much more mature and very accepting person. There is not much known about them nor the story, other than the fact that Twelve does not want to grow up and Shane is very level headed and that the main bad guy is a woman with a man’s voice and a huge smile. I loved the characters. I thought they were extremely interesting and went well together (and the problems seemed real. Like the fact that the entire episode was focused on how she had to learn to think before acting). Anyways, I really liked the bad guy too. I am not sure her name, but she was called Madam by her lackey and Butt Witch by Twelve. I also loved the art style and sense of humor. I really hope this gets a green light!! -Blog Barista

    Now this was almost everything I wanted in a show (almost because I am not sure how in depth this cartoon can get, but it is just the pilot, so I have hope, and even if it doesn’t I can still like it and watch it). I like the premise (girl who wants to be 12 forever and escapes to her subconscious? Sounds amazing!), I like the style (it is adorable), I like the fact that its a magic girl, I like the characterization of the main character and the boy she hangs out with, and most of all I am so impressed with the bad guy, the Butt Witch! This bitch is scary. She looks like a woman, with a dude’s voice, a happy face, and to top it all the way she reacts is so emotionless and belittling that she actually is scary (she reminds me of Him in the PowerPuff Girls). All in all I like this cartoon, I see potential, and I hope it continues, because I know I enjoyed it. -TheBetterCup

I mean look at how awesome this is.

I mean look at how awesome this is.

Go check out the pilots on the Cartoon Network website if you want, and enjoy the cartoons.


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