Hey guys, I know it has been almost a full semester since I got a chance to write any posts. I have many ideas and plans for the future, but my school work and job has got me so swamped that I have to push everything off for over summer vacation. Thankfully school ends some where near April 30 for me. I have a lot going on: studying for tests, writing papers, doing lab reports, tutoring, hunting for apartments, getting together my course schedule for next year (I cannot believe I will be a Junior in university) and so on. I feel like there is a lot going on but I still will keep this blog going. If not for the few people that really like it, but then for myself. This is my hobby, and this is a way that I get to share my hobby.

Also I have been writing a paper in my religion class on Guanyin and I am trying to decide whether or not I will make a post about her specifically. I am not too sure. In my research on her, I found a bunch of books in my school library that focus on goddess around the world, so I may be doing a goddess marathon soon. Who knows for sure. For next year I decided to take Calculus 2, Biochemistry, Religion of Health and Healing, Religion of Greece and Rome, and Religion Ethics of Human Goodness. I am so very excited for next year. What about you guys? Any of you in university?

Anyways I just wanted a fast update, at least to remind myself to get back in the swing of things.