Honest Myth:Hindi- Purusha

So, I have been taking a Religion course that focuses on East Asian Traditions, and today was the first day where we actually talked about a specific religion. We focuses on Hinduism, and I learned so much (it has become much less confusing to be honest). I learned about Brahman, and Brahma (who is super cool), and about the deities and the caste system, and so on and so forth. Though I find my teacher very boring, I greatly look forward to this class and the future classes I plan on taking (primarily Buddhism and Christianity). Anyways, this particular story was interesting and short so I figured I would write a quick post on it. It is hard to find pictures for this, so I won’t put any. But if anyone has one you would like to share please tell me.

Purusha was a premordial being who sacrificed himself for the creation of man (his body parts became man). The concept of the caste system was said to originated from this story. When he was sacrificed, his head became the priest (Brahmin), his strong arms became the warriors (Kshatriya), his quick legs became merchants (Vaishya), and his feet became the laborers (Shudra). These are the varnas or the caste system. Good karma (action) by doing your duties. And this brings you closer to moksha (release) to escape Samsara (cycle).

He was the sacrificial victim of the Gods, whose body became all life forms in the universe (including some Gods). He was the single cosmic man. Originally the varnas were equally respected with people doing the duty (dharma) of their varna. From his mind came the moon, his eye the sun, and his mouth made Indra and Agni. He had one thousand heads, one thousand eyes, and one thousand feet.

Well, that was some of the stuff I learned. Hope you guys enjoyed this and have a good week.

Check out more here: http://www.girardianlectionary.net/res/hindu_creation.htm

-Blog Barista

So cute, I am jealous.

So cute, I am jealous.

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