Ikemen Manga Reviews

I decided to try out these two manga on a whim. I saw them on Goodreads and the cover art was just so nice. As you can see in the title, both manga contain ikemen. An ikemen is a term used to describe very ‘good looking’ and ‘cool’ men. I have been reading so many manga lately on love stories of young people (like high school age), and it begins to take its toll. Reading shoujo manga with only cute love interests makes me think about romance all the time. The stories are so ideal and seem almost completely unrealistic, but I like them so much. *uggggghhhhh* All the shoujo lovers out there must know what I mean. You end up being a slightly naive person into romance, or at least that is how I feel lately. But anyways, if you like most of the manga that I have recommended so far (as you can see their is a theme to my choices), you will mots likely like these as well.

cover (1)Sugar by Yamamori Mika

f033Sugars is a collection of six short stories (one shots) per volume that connect some what between them. The stories can intertwine either by having previous characters being friends with each other or by having them come into contact one once with each other. All the stories focus on love and bettering oneself. Some of the love stories end well, some rejected, and others stay unrequited. For the most part each of the stories are the basic sort, but they are so sweet and airy. It is all mostly a slice of life so nothing bizarre or unexpectedly unrealistic occurs. The title is ‘Sugar’, and from the few chapters I have read so far, it seems that there is a theme of sweets and sweet food to go with the romance. They may be lovey-dovey, but there are none of those ridiculously annoying anime characters. Most are about as natural as they can get, more realistic, and the author seems to have put great thought in each of the character’s personality. We may not know everything, or get told everything about every single one, but the characterization through actions are pretty spot on.

I really like the art style. The bodies and limbs of the characters are long, and I really love the eyes of the characters. The art reminds me a little of Say I Love You with long eyelashes and large deep set eyes. It is exactly the type of art I like.

UPDATE IN Feb.20.2016: The manga is now completed and the stories are super adorable.

cov          Kimi no Chuusin ni Sekai Wa Mawaru by Hatta Ayuko

pkimi_wo_chuushin_sekai_wa_mawaru_v001_ch002_pg002This manga was created by the same author as Wolf Girl and Black Prince, but it is also many one shot stories that focus on love. There are only two chapters out so far, but the characters do not seem to connect to each other in any way. The stories are really cute and fantastic. The ikemen so far are all kind and good-hearted, understanding the problems of the female characters. The very first one focused on a possible student-teacher relationship. I am usually against them, but this one was more acceptable. The girl was third year of high school (so about eighteen years old) and the man was a young professor. In the end, she does not confess any deep feelings, but states that she may fall in love with him, and he handles it well. He does not accept the idea nor completely say no. Instead (repeating the same thing she said to him before), he tells her that she should not feel bad or act differently for liking what she likes. The stories also feel more innocent and like they would end with happier endings then Sugar does. So far none of the stories have left off with the girl not getting the guys, but the manga is still on going.

The art is great. The girls have these large round eyes and the ikemen look really cute too. It is not as artsy as the last one, and has more of the typical girl manga art, but it is still so very adorable.

I recommend both manga. Well written and fun to read.

-Blog Barista

This is how I feel nowadays....

This is how I feel nowadays….


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