Honest Myth:Norse- Jack Frost

collagefrost2It is after Christmas and New Years is steadily coming our way. This part of the season is always so strange, it feels almost like I am on a roller coaster and the cart is suspended in the air right before the drop. I know that after the New Years the days will pass very fast and school will begin again. I really don’t look forward to the new semester, but oh well. This was supposed to be the last post of the Holiday Marathon, but I figured i may add more.

Jack Frost is a form of Old Man Winter and a personification of snow, ice, and frosty weather, and the creator of the odd fern like patterns found on cold windows. He is said to be the one who ‘nips’ nose, toes, and other extremities in freezing weather. Usually he is depicted as holding a paint brush and paint so as to change the colors of the leaves in the autumn. Mostly he is an older kind man, but very rarely he is a young mischievous boy.

In Russia, he is equivalent to Grandfather Frost, a blacksmith who forges chains that is used to hold the Earth to water. In Germany, he is connected to Old Mother Frost, an old woman who shakes out feathered blankets to create snow.

Jack Frost is supposedly a modern twist to the name Jokul Frosti a sprite or elf connected to the Frost Giants. His father is Kari, God of the Winds.

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