Saint Young Men- by Hikaru Nakamaru


Happy Birthday!!!

So I am more excited then possible to talk about this amazing manga/anime that I just accidentally found on the internet. It has religious allusions, funny and awesome characters, brilliant slice-of-life plot, and just awe inspiring art. I swear this just made my day yesterday, and best of all it is so very appropriate for the holiday season. I want to talk mostly about the manga (since there is no anime just a 90 minute movie and two OVAs), but most of the pictures will be from the movie. They were just to wonderful to resist.



Jesus Parts the Chlorine

Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha are living together as roommates while on their Earthly vacation in Tachikawa. The story follows the two as they try to incorporate themselves into society, and hide their godly identities. It is a slice-of-life, and the plot mostly just follows them as they live basic lives such as shopping, going to an amusement park, or going to the community pool. Strangely enough it is not that easy for them to stay perfectly normal, even when performing such simple tasks.



tumblr_mu84nuz0A71qzqnxxo1_500Jesus Christ- Jesus is the air headed (but not stupid) friend and who is very carefree. He can also be very observant at times, but most of all he is silly and lives with little to no worries. Jesus keeps a blog, loves shopping, and he tends to know more about the modern era. I love it when he yells ‘Exotic Japan’ after he sees things that are associated with the East. He can be very impassioned at times and very impulsive as well. When he gets stressed, his stigmata starts to flare (he begins to bleed from his crown of thorns). And if he is too happy, his crown blossoms and water becomes wine.

tumblr_mymaz6MWZJ1qc74q3o1_500Gautama Buddha- Buddha is a neat freak who is constantly stressed by the smallest things. He is very cautious and tends to be the one who almost blows his identity most (i mean he has a very specific look to him). Buddha is super cheap and thrifty and tends to stay calm even when he becomes extremely upset. Since he is always so worried, he masks his emotion in being calm which leads to him being virtuous too often (at godly levels). When this occurs, a halo encircles his head threatening to reveal his identity.

There are so many other characters. We get to meet the four archangels (Uriel is the best!), Lucifer and Mara make an appearance, we get to see some of the apostles (Peter and Andrew), Asura, Brahma, and so many more!!


The art work is gorgeous and unique. It feels lighthearted and detailed, but best of all they are not extremely anime like. It is a seinen, so that art is more ‘adult’ which matches better with the characters who are supposed to be young adult males and godly. It is also extreme neat, and character movement was smooth with no choppy ‘swooshes’ to replace the actual actions (both in the movie and the manga). I am not sure how else to explain the art so it may be better to just take a look yourself. The movie and the manga were very true to each other in both plot and art style.


Final Thoughts:


Iwatobi swim club may want to take a few pointers.

I could not imagine anyone being offended by the plot, but if you are really religious and do not like to see Jesus/Buddha in an ungodly light, then this may not be the manga for you. I really just loved the idea of this in its entirety. The allusions are so fantastic, and sometimes they are made through the miracles these guys perform.

tumblr_mx931bteHc1qcsnnso1_500They act like regular goofy young men, and this is super enjoyable. They make a lot of puns (like really punny puns that lead to them laughing so hard it is ridiculous in a cute way that is). At one point they even get to be a comedy duo with stage names that stick: Long Hair and Punch. I will let you guess who is who. This manga is so very funny, full of religious detail, and extremely enjoyable.

You will not be filled with intense emotion of sadness or anger while reading, but you will surely feel light and happy. The manga is witty and well made, and the author is the same person as the creator of Arakawa Under the Bridge (I was not a huge fan of that one, but I know it was very popular at one point). The manga is still on going too, which means that there are more volumes to come thankfully! Both TheBetterCup and I recommend this 100%.

-Blog Barista


Too virtuous for his own good…


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