Honest Myth:Christian- St. Nicholas


Vintage card from Switzerland


It is Christmas Eve!! I hope every one is having a very fantastic holiday season right now. I love this time of year. I am not a fan of the whole commercialized celebration (all about presents and money), but I really enjoy the whole religious and familial aspects. Anyways let us get on with this.

St. Nicholas was a Greek man born in Patara of Asia Minor. He was the son of a wealthy family but both of his parents died in an epidemic while he was still young. He was instead raised by an uncle who was connected to the church. Afterwards as an adult, he became Bishop of Myra, dedicated his life to God, and gave all his inheritance to those less fortunate. He was greatly revered (called a saint while alive) and called the wonder-worker.

In one legend, he was the saint who saved the three young boys from the butcher (see: http://www.espressocomsaudade.wordpress.com/2014/12/23/honest-mythfrench-pere-fouettard/). He brought them to life by praying to God.


St Nicholas card from Ukraine

In another legend, a family with only three daughters could not afford dowries. With out money or marriage, the girls would never get married and would most likely become prostitutes. Either out of modesty, or so as not to humiliate them, he secretly threw three gold purses through the window one night. In one version, the daughters left their stockings to dry in the fireplace above the embers. He dropped the purses down the chimney, and they landed in the socks.

For this third story, the land of Myra was in a great famine. A ship delivering wheat to the Emperor stopped by the port. He asked them to leave some wheat behind. At first, the sailors disagreed (for the wheat was meant for the Emperor), but they finally agreed. They left behind two years worth of food, and when they arrived, they found that amount did not change.

Saint Nicholas is Patron of Children

To learn more go here: www.stnicholascenter.org/pages/who-is-st-nicholas/

I hope you enjoyed this!

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