Top Five Beautifully Drawn Manga

So in the beginning of December, i had a really sweet reader named Azukichan request that I make a post on manga with beautiful art work. So today, I did some research and compiled a small list of manga with really wondrous art styles. Many of these I have yet to finish reading and some I have never read. On that same note, many of these I would recommend reading and many I definitely would not. But over all I would like to say that this is purely opinion. These are top prettiest manga art to me, and many can either disagree or agree. So though I have these listed, that does not mean that there are not other manga that can be seen as more beautiful. If you have any that you find particularly pretty, please leave a comment down bellow.



  • Olimpos – Aki: (Here: I also wrote about this one as well . It tells the story of a young Trojan prince, but the author takes her own special twist on the entire mythology. The art is gorgeous and mesmerizing. This one, I believe, may be the most beautiful manga of all (but it definitely does not have the attention to detail like Otoyomegatari).


  • Naruto – Masashi Kishimoto: It may be a little unfair to include, but one of the things I like about Naruto is the art work. I have made no posts for Naruto.

These next manga were all found today. I wrote them in order of which I found had the best art style. There was this other manga that I liked, but it was so good that I decided to make a separate post.

sayahatori_shoukanjou_v01_ch01.ayahatori-shoukanjou-v01-ch01-p0310011.Ayahatori Shoukanjou – Kajiyama Mika

So this one was interesting. The art is very beautiful, but like most shojo the background can be a little lacking sometimes. But for the most part it is very well made. I am not to much a fan of the plot, but if you want a manga where the main character girl uses her naivety and kindness to soothe the heart of a mean male, this may be up your alley. Don’t get me wrong though, the plot is pretty unique outside of the love story portion. The story focuses on Kozakura Saaya as she summons one of the three most beautiful women in the world, Ono no Komachi who turns out to be a man. Now she plans to befriend Komachi, her historical familiar, instead of enslaving him like the others in her clan.

njnlg2.Aria – Amano Kozue

Both TheBetterCup and I have seen the first few chapters of this manga. The best way both of us can describe this is that the art is airy and light. It is very colorful and almost Utopian. Yet, I read it a very long time ago, and my only impressions of it now is ‘what..?’ I am not sure what the plot was while reading it. A girl named Akari lives on Aqua (formerly Mars) in a neo-futuristic imitation city of Venice. There is no technology in this planet (it has yet to reach them from Earth), but Akira has decided to become a gondolier (tour guide). It is a slice-of-life, and the art really shows this heartwarming and adventurous world.

3. Song of the Doll – Lee Sun Young

hI was not planning on reading this one. It, honestly, did not look good plot wise for me. The art is extravagant and detailed and beautiful, but not in that meticulous way that Otoyomegatari. Instead it looked more like the The Bride of the Water God sort of art, a little over done and ornate. Anyways, what pushed me away from wanting to read this was the cover arts. It always showed this emotionless woman with a very dominating male, but I chose to try at least one chapter. It turned out much better than I thought! The characters are very interesting and so is the plot. I am not sure how the love story may go, but it is not as bad as I had expected. The plot focuses on Woohee, a woman as beautiful as a doll, and her strange fate (I know the summary is a little weak, but I don’t want to ruin this for you). All the characters are so well drawn, and each one is fantastically dressed. I would recommend trying this one, ironically enough.

4.Chang Ge Xing – Xia Da

l035This particular story is amazing in both story and art. The art is brilliant and detailed in much the same way that Otoyomegatari is. I am not sure if this is a Chinese manhwa or a Japanese manga, but I know that the story takes place in China. The art is truly well done with a lot of attention to the architecture and scenery. The story focuses on a princess named Li Cheng Ge. Skilled in martial arts and learned in the art of war tactics, she plans to avenge her families death and take back her place on the throne.

Seriously this manga was amazing, and I highly recommend it.

25.Gisele Alain – Kasai Sui

745127Gisele Alain is a very pretty manga. It is simple and lacks the ridiculous amount of detail that most of the other manga tend to have. It may not be super ornate like the Song of the Doll or the Bride of the Water God, but that is why it is so wonderful. It keeps this very innocent and magical sensation. As far as the art goes, less was more in this case. The story was also fantastic, and I surely recommend that you try this manga. It focuses on this young landlord who decides to begin a small detective like business for her renters. They come to her with simple problems (like a lost cat) and she helps. Her companion, a young man named Eric who owes 3 months rent, helps her along the way. This is more similar to a slice-of-life. It is really fun and charming. And if you come out ready to read only one of these, I hope you try Gisele Alain. Gisele is extremely strong willed and does as she likes when she likes with out much fear of being judged, but she is a little naive (as shown when she was surprised to find that you need to pay people when trying to find information). Eric on the other hand is a cautious young man, constantly being pulled into her schemes with a threat of the rent bill. Together they work real well together. This is one that I recommend.


I hope you enjoyed these. If anyone knows more that they find beautiful please put them in the comments. Some that I know are considered very gorgeous include The Bride of the Water God, NANA, and Umineko No Naku Koro Ni. I would also like to note that I tried to avoid putting manga that I already wrote on. For instance, I find Centaur no Nayami by Murayama Kei to be very beautifully done. (Here: Anyways, have a good day and read good manga!

-Blog Barista


This entire post took much longer than I intended…



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