Honest Myth:French- Pere Fouettard

Pere Noel and Pere Fouettard

Pere Noel and Pere Fouettard

Alright guys! It is day five of this holiday themed myth marathon and it is two days till Christmas!! I don’t know about you all, but I am so excited. This is the first year that I had a legit job (outside of the school), and so I actually bought gifts for my loved ones with my own hard earned cash. I am just most excited for them to see them open the gifts. Anyways, this particular story I learned in French class during high school, but I never looked it up till now. Finding a good photo was hard, but here you go.

Pere Fouettard is a companion of Saint Nicholas, who goes around with St. Nick on St. Nicholas Day (December 6). Fouettard gives lump of coals and whips naughty children while Pere Noel gives gifts. His name, Pere Fouettard, means something along the line of Father Whipper.

Fouettard’s appearance is described to be an older man with a sinister face. He wears a dark robe, has an unkempt black beard, and carries a whip/stick/switch. His face is also usually darkened with soot.

Legend states that Fouettard was a butcher originally. During a famine, three boys went searching for food and ended up lost. They found the home of the butcher and asked him for the night’s shelter. The butcher agreed and then chopped up the children into many pieces. He planned to sell their meat and make more money. St. Nicholas then arrived, and he brought the boys back to life. The butcher repents, and begs Nick to allow him to make up for his crimes. So, he became Saint Nicholas’s companion, serving out of loyalty and gratitude.

Learn more here: http://www.chuck.hubpages.com/hub/Father-Christmas-and-His-Assistant-Pere-Fouettard-

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Vixen: a female fox or a very foxy female ;)

Vixen: a female fox or a very foxy female 😉



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