Honest Myth:American- The Princess that Wore a Rabbit Skin Dress

This is not part of the Holiday themed marathon. Instead, I had this myth lying around and figured it would be nice to write a buttload of posts now before school comes back again. Anyways I think that this will be an enjoyable myth for everyone so here it is. It is an American folklore, what I mean by this is that the myth is from the United States (but from any Amerindian tribes).

There are many myths that seem extremely similar to this one including Allerlerauh, and many of the components may be a mixture of them.

If you know who the artist is please leave a comment down below.

If you know who the artist is please leave a comment down below.

A woman married her third husband, the King of the country, he was very abusive and soon she became very sick. He promised her he would not marry again unless the next woman was as beautiful as her. After her death, he search everywhere for a woman suitable to marry, but could find no one. He soon realized that the only woman who qualified was his wife’s young daughter (in some versions she is the child of either the first or second husband, but for some he is her legit father. Which, I find a little disturbing).

To avoid the marriage with her father (or step father) the young princess asked him for a special wedding gift. She asked for a silver dress like the moon, a dress with pearls and diamonds that was dazzling like the stars, and a golden shimmering dress like the sun. The first took one year and six months to make, the second two years and six months, and the last took three years and six months. Lastly, once all was made, she asked for a homely dress/coat made of rabbit fur (or of a mixture of different animal furs, but what is important is that it is a poor looking piece of clothing that she can wear over an outfit for warmth). The night before the wedding, she took a golden ring, a spindle, and a reel, and left her home on her mare. The young princess lived in the neighboring forest until she was found by the Prince of the Kingdom near by, as he went hunting.

She was given a job in the kitchen, and all the staff ridiculed her by telling her that all she needs are rabbit ears to become a true rabbit. The prince held a ball and she sneaked to the dance dressed in her silver dress. The prince fell in love with her, and next morning she slipped the golden ring into his soup. When he asked the staff, everyone denied having placed the ring in his food (including the girl in the rabbit skin dress). For the next ball, the young princess went again dressed in her pearl and diamond dress and spoke to him all night. The next day, she slipped the spindle into his food again. Yet still, the prince could not find the culprit. For the third dance, she went in her shimmering gold dress and danced all night with the prince. As they danced, he placed the ring onto her finger with out her noticing, and he also made the ball last a little longer than usual.

Because of this, the girl had to hurry to the kitchen and did not get enough time to change. So she threw her rabbit skin dress over the gold and prepared the prince’s soup. When she handed him the food, he caught her hand and found the ring on her finger. She pulled away in shock and her rabbit skin dressed slipped slightly, revealing a peak of her golden dress. He pulled the mantle off, and her dress was exposed. Knowing her identity, they married and lived happily ever after.

Learn more here: www.sacred-texts.com/neu/grimm/ht27.htm

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