Honest Myth:Christian- St. Lucia

Here again for today’s myth. It is a very short one, but I found it interesting and awesome, and hopefully you will too.


Lucia was a young girl long ago who went to a shrine of Saint Agnes to pray for her ill mother. An angel appeared to her in a dream and the mother was healed miraculously. Lucia then became devout Christian and vowed to never compromise her virginity as a way to to prove her thanks for her mothers glorious recovery. Her fiance (who she was going to be forced to marry) denounced her to the Roman authorities and they went after her. They tried to remove her from the shrine, but even fifty oxen could not pull her out. As a final attempt, they attempted to burn her and set her on fire, but she continued to preach the word of God. She was only then able to die after being given the Christian Sacrament.

This holiday is celebrated on December 13, considered one of the first days where there is less daylight. On this day in Sweden, the eldest daughter of the family wakes up early and dresses as the Queen of Light (St. Lucia). She wears a white dress, red sash, and a crown/wreath of candles. She then goes around waking the family by singing the traditional song (Sankta Lucia) and giving coffee and treats.

To learn more go here: www.ingebretsens.com/culture/traditions/the-legend-of-sankta-lucia

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