Honest myth:Judiasm- Hanukkah


Illustration by David Harrington (This is a children’s story tom Hanukkah).

On to the next day of our Holiday special. Today’s myth will focus on the story of Hanukkah! Most people in the United States know some things about the holiday, but (myself included) don’t tend to know the story. If anyone of the Jewish fate sees anything wrong in how I retell the story, please tell me so that I may correct it. This one I found specifically confusing in terms of what occurred to bring about the holiday. So here I present to you what I learned.

At one point in history, Israel was under the rule of the Syrian King whose father (previous King) had won control of that land after waging war with Ptolemy, Hellenic King of Egypt. The Jews were greatly oppressed under this King. The Jewish treasury consisted of contributions of half shekel (some sort of currency) from each adult male every year. This money was meant for religious rituals and as funds for improving for improving the temple. The King needed money to pay the Romans, and he wished to unity the Kingdom under one religion so as to make them easier to handle. Because of this, he planned to oppress the Jewish more and to take over the temple.

The Jewish temple was seized by the soldiers and dedicated to the worship of Zeus. Observance of Judaism became an offense punishable by death. the high priest, Mattahias refused to do as they said. he and is five sons fought back and then went into hiding in the mountains. They gained more rebels, and calling themselves the Maccabees, they fought to regain the temple.

The temple needed to be purified (after they claimed it back as a Jewish place of worship), and to do so a menorah had to be burned for eighht days, but only one day’s worth of oil was left. They lit it anyways and miraculously, it lasted all eight days, just enough time for more oi kosher oil to be made.

They have lots of yummy food on this  holiday, I swear it is so yummy.

-Blog Barista

To learn more, check this website out: www.history.com/topics/holidays/hanukkah

Yeah, Dasher!

Yeah, Dasher!



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