Honest Myth:Haitian- Marassa Twins

I am so very sorry for how late this ended up being. I almost was not going to post anything for two weeks, but decided against it when I realized this is one of three hobbies that I have that I use to keep myself sane as I study. Anyways, I decided that this week I will put up three posts of mythology instead of one to make up for missing last week. Today’s myth was actually a lot harder to find information for then I was expecting.

The ‘Voodoo’ mythology is a religion found most commonly in Haiti. It is a mixture of Catholicism and African beliefs (including the Yoruban!). They believe in one god and many spirits. The Marassa are divine twins from voodoo mythology. They are the oldest and most ancient of the Loa, or spirits, They are androgynous beings, being describe as either both male and female at the same times, or as taking the form of males or the form of females interchangeably. The Marassa can also be shown as conjoined twins.

They serve at the right hand of Legba, the deity of  crossroads that connects humanity to the heavens and serves as the voice of God. The Marassa twins are also commonly referred to as triplets. In this form they embody the three virtues: faith, hope, and charity.

The twins are extremely childish, and are depicted as little kids. They love to eat, and will eat their fill before complaining that they have yet to eat at all. They love toys and to play games. They can be irrational when angry, and can punish in the most cruelest ways. Most people choose to avoid angering them. They throw tantrums and tend to be very touchy. Each twin must be treated the exact same so neither feels jealous of the other. Also avoid offerings of vegetables. Veggies will their destroy their powers and is considered a major insult.

Their favorite offerings are candy, popcorn, and little dolls.

They are clairvoyant, bestow good luck, can heal people, produce the rain, and can triple or double items. Any twins, triplets, or people with extra appendages (its said the extra appendage comes from a twin that was eaten in the womb) are associated with these twins and are considered more mystical and connected to the loa.

Well there you go, I thought this was super interesting considering the fact that TheBetterCup and I are identical twins. Sorry for the lack of photos, it was really hard to find.

Learn more here: www.sosyetedumarche.com/html/marasa.html


Look at how well behaved s/he is!

Look at how well behaved s/he is! I just want to love him/her!!!


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