Honest Myth:Japanese- The Tale of the Gallant Jiraiya


Last night my sister and i ordered food, and we were told it had chestnuts. There was no chestnuts, just a butt-load of garlic. I hate garlic, i try to avoid it like to plague, and here I just ate a plate of garlic! Now it is the next morning, and I have a massive head ache, nausea, and nose bleeding. I never felt so horrible in my life, and worst of all, my body is dispersing this wretched scent of garlic. I feel terrible. But I should not complain to much, instead I think I should share a myth for today.

jirjiryMany of you may know the beautiful artwork that is Naruto will soon be ending. As sad I am for its coming closure, I feel we must commemorate the  story, so today’s myth is on the Gallant Jiraiya. Now in Naruto we know him as the lovable, perverted and sadly deceased teacher of Naruto. A great sannin and noble friend, Jiraiya is based off of a real Japanese Legend of a gallant hero.

Jiraiya was a young man, heir to a Clan in Kyushu. His family fell on hard time, either that or his brother stripped him of his birth right to lead the clan, so Jiraiya was forced to go to Echigo Province and began stealing. He was a chivalrous robber that stole from the rich and gave to the poor. In one of his earlier escapades, Jiraiya saves a young child whose step father was about to through him into a gorge. In another story, he goes on s stroll in Mt. Myoko and saves a giant frog from a serpent. This toad ends up being a wise immortal who lived in the mountain. He teaches Jiraiya toad magic, which allows him to do many incredible deeds including shape shifting into a giant toad. He tests out his new found abilities by killing the murderer of the parents of the little boy who was supposed to be thrown in the gorge. He also takes revenge on the man who ruined his family/clan name. As a chivalrous robber/ninja, he traveled all around Japan and met a young Princess/maiden named Tsunade. She was skilled in Slug magic which she could use to fight and heal. She learned this skill becuase she had gone into the forest one night to get brush wood. There she met an old man who was an immortal snail. After meeting Jiraiya, they fell in love and soon married.

jirJiraiya made many comrades over the time of his travel, and one of them, Yashagoro, soon turned agianst him and Tsunade. He learns the art of Snake magic and called himself Orochimaru. A three way stand off begins where the snake is able to swallow the toad, the toad is able to snatch up the slug with his tongue, and the slug is able to use its mucus to dissolve the snake. Yet, since Tsunade and Jiraiya were working together, they should have easily won, but Orochimaru tricks them. They become unconscious because of snake venom. A kindly comrade named Rikimatsu was there to save them. He was a fourteen year old boy with the ability to do Bird (Tengu) magic and who owed his life to Jiraiya. He went to India to procure the antidote saving Jiraiya and Tsunade. They battled Orochimaru and defeated him.

The episode where Jiraiya dies in Naruto is also called the Tale of the Gallant Jiraiya.

To learn more check this out: www.surpriseround.wordpress.com/2011/03/18/stories-from-myth3/

-Blog Barista

'A frog in a well does not know the great ocean'

‘A frog in a well does not know the great ocean’

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