Honest Myth:Korean- Koeulla, Puella, and Yangeulla


Sorry it feels as if it has been a very a long time since I last posted a myth, and sadly this is going to be a very short one. It is 1:30 in the morning, I am very tired, and I have been up for 18 hours. I am writing this though, because I know I will not get another opportunity to do so later.

This is the myth of the settlement of Jeju Island. I have seen the names spelled differently before. For instance, I have seen Koeulla referred to as Ko Eulla, Go Eulla, and Goeulla. I have seen Pueulla as Boeulla, Bo Eulla, and Po Eulla. Yet, I will stick to the names in the tite because that was how I had first sen them.

So these three people were said to be demi-gods born from the ground of Jeju Island. They were believed to be sons of Halmang the Goddess of Jeju Island. They emerged from her ‘womb’ as grown men. They hunted from the land, eating only meat and dressing in the leather of what they caught.

One day, they find a chest floating in the ocean, and in it, they find a messenger. He tells them that the chest was sent by the King from Byeongnang or Pyeongyang (mainland) and some dispute Japan. The King sent them five grains (barly, soybean, rice, millet, and foxtail millet). He also sent his three daughters dressed in blue to marry the demi-gods. The demi-gods marry the women and each one becomes founder of a village/clan. Each clan claims that their demi-god was the eldest born.

Learn more here: www.jejuweekly.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=2836

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Ew O.o

Ew O.o


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