Honest Myth:Korean- Dokkaebi

Star_Trek_if_they_are_by_siruphialA quick update, I may be doing a lot more Korean mythology posts soon. I was not planning on ‘marathoning’ (can I make that a verb?) this, but if I end up doing a large amount of continuous Korean myths, I may make it into a more specific sort of category. Anyways, I have a second organic chemistry test coming up soon, and I know that the last study post ended up being one of the most viewed pages. I know lots of people need help with this class and some extra notes to look at may be beneficial. I plan on making a post on some of the concepts soon. Anyways, let us continue on to the mythology of today: Dokkaebi.

The Dokkaebi is a humorously ugly troll type creature. It begins as nothing more than an old inanimate object would ‘gain’ a spirit and transform into a grotesque and frightening goblin at night. They enjoy tricking ‘bad’ people and rewarding ‘good’ people (the terms good and bad are used in quotes because technically good and bad are social constructs, and so they are based on the cultural norms and acceptable behavior).

Most Dokkaebi are harmless, but there are a variety including: the dumb kind, mischievous kind, evil kind, ones that only come out at day, fighters, gluttonous kind, one eyed kind, and one legged wrestlers.

caleqThe Dokkaebi carry clubs that act like magical wands. They can summon objects, but each summoned item is stolen from somewhere else, because they can only summon things that are already in existence (Law of Thermodynamics exists even in mythology). They also have a cap which allows them to become invisible much like Saci Perere. Also like Saci, some Dokkaebi only have one leg, and like the Kappa, they love games and enjoy to wrestle. To defeat a Dokkaebi at wrestling, one should hook their leg.

These demon like creatures can be found anywhere there are few people like graveyards, woods, abounded homes, and roads. They are also connected to sounds like horse hooves, and can steal from the greedy to give to the worthy.

Once there were two brothers from a noble family. The older brother was gracious, but poor. The younger brother was rich and petty. The older brother gained land and asked his younger brother for some silkworms and grains. The younger brother agreed, but he boiled them so that none would live. If any made it, he would bite them in half. Yet, the poorer brother still found a way to prosper and the land thrived anyways. The heavens blessed him, and his plot swarmed with silkworms. One particular barley seed grew very large, and a large crow took the sprout. The poor brother chased after the bird, but gave up once he reached a rocky opening. There he found dokkaebi. He hid behind a rock and watched as they took out a golden club and summoned items for a party. Once they finished, the poorer brother stole the golden club in hopes that he could increase his crop yield. After some days, the younger brother became sick with a terrible stomachache, and out of love him, the poorer brother told him how to get a golden club. The rich brother grew the sprout and followed the large crow. When he found the Dokkaebi, they became enraged for they believed he was the brother that stole their golden club. So, they made him work for three days with out food. Once those three days had passed, the gave to him another club and sent him away, but he wass cursed and scorned by all that saw him. He could not get rid of the curse, and even his progeny had it. Anytime one of them used the club, lightening and thunder would begin, and the user would disappear.

Want to know more? Check this out: http://www.blog.korea.net/?p=6272

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This weekend was supposed to a break, and yet this is how I was the entire time. My teachers all wanted yo make sure I stayed busy. :(

This weekend was supposed to a break.

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