Honest Myth:Greek- Ages of Men

So, I really wanted to leave everyone with more myths before having school again on Monday. I finished as much homework as I could possibly do before starting to watch a documentary on Greek mythology that TheBetterCup suggested. As I was watching, this one particular myth (that I heard of before, but never took much note of) came up, and I found it so interesting and amazing. I really felt like this one had to be shared next.

Prometheus and Athena by Christian Griepenkerl (1877)

Prometheus and Athena by Christian Griepenkerl (1877)

There were four ages of mankind during the reign of Greek Titans and Greek Gods within mythology. Each of these ages are named after metal and the metals are associated with the way these people lived their lives

  • Golden Age:
    • The Golden Age of man existed during the reign of the Titans. They were said to be created by the immortals and lived in harmony and peace. They did not work as the earth was abundant with food, and lived very long lives but showed no signs of aging (even when they died). Their deaths were always peaceful, and they were said to freely move among the Gods. Man did not explore or feel curiosity, as there was no need. The entire ‘species’ (not so sure that is the best word, but these kind of men are supposed to be a separate man) just faded away. Their souls became daemons, and the end of these men are unknown.
  • Silver Age:
    • The men of the Silver Age were the first men to be created by Zeus. They were said to live most of their lives as babies/children, and only became adults at the end of their lives. Man must learn to make food, and the Earth is no longer as abundant with out work being put in it. They were in constant strife, full of themselves, and refused to worship the gods. Because of these factors, Zeus eradicated them. Their spirits are said to have gone to the underworld and become blessed spirits.
  • Bronze Age:
    • After the destruction of the silver age, Zeus took the ash trees and created the men of the Bronze Age. They were a race of warrior men who used bronze to make weapons and homes. Unlike the last age, these men still worshiped the Gods. Yet, they were so extremely violent and full of hubris that was causing too much destruction on Earth. Zeus planned to end this age and kill these men with the flood of Deucalion. There spirits were sent to the dark depths of Hades were they had no name. The story of Lycaon occurred here and that was also one of the biggest factors that angered Zeus.
  • Heroic Age:
    • So this is not really one of the ages of man created by the gods. This is the age that man kind talks about when they reference mythology. This is the age of heroes, demigods, godly involvement, and Troy. (I am not super sure where the story of Prometheus and the fire falls, I want to say it was during the Bronze age, but all I know is that Prometheus is already in punishment when Zues decided to flood the world). During the Bronze Age, Prometheus found out what Zeus planned to do, so he warned his son Deucalion. Deucalion built a chest and filled it with food. When the flood began, he and his wife got into the chest and stayed with in it for nine days. Once they landed, Deucalion gave thanks to Zeus and also consulted the oracle of Themis who told them to throw ‘bones of the mother’ over their shoulders. So Deucalion and Pyrrha threw rocks (bones of Gaia Mother Earth) over their shoulder. The rocks Pyrrha threw made women, and Deucalion men. The spirits of those from this Heroic Age went to the Elysium.
  • Iron Age:
    • This is the age of man that exists now. They must always work with life being predominantly misery and toil, dishonor and fights, and men can lie to be socially seen as acceptable people. They believed that near the end of this age, the gods would be forgotten, children born with grey hairs (signs of aging), and shame will no longer exist to keep man in line. Truth, loyalty, and modesty were lost. Man learned new grand technologies that aided in their fall.

Anyways, I hope this was an enjoyable and enlightening myth! I know I found this super interesting and cool, and I hope you do as well.

-Blog Barista

Check out more here: http://www.maicar.com/GML/AgesOfMan.html

I just thought this was super funny.

I just thought this was super funny. I mean it is SNOWING! They must be so cold.

Here is the documentary, if you are interested: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MSEsh6jgHE&list=WL&index=66


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