Honest Myth:Aborigine- Tiddalik

tiddlickSo as an update, that organic chemistry test was not as bad as I thought, but I guess I will not know until I find out the grade i got. Anyways, lets talk about a Tiddalik. Tidallik is a giant and ugly frog that existed in the earlier time of the world in Aboriginal mythology.

One morning Tiddalik woke up extraordinarily thirsty, and he desperately began to drink the fresh water in the ponds, lakes, and puddles. He drank more then his fair share, and drank all of it till it was left dry.

There was no more water, and all the creatures began to die of thirst and dehydration. The other creatures saw the danger. They began to plan against him in hopes to get the water back. An old wombat devised a plan and instructed the creatures in how they would get Tiddalik to give back the water. So, Nobunum, an eel, twisted his body into silly shapes, and Tiddalik began to laugh. The water began to rush out of his mouth drowning many and trapping many on islands. Borun, a pelican, went from island to island to save those that were stuck.

frogtellingstoriesTiddalik was then punished for his selfishness and he was turned into stone (there is a giant stone that looks like a frog somewhere in Australia).

The story is believed to be based on the habits of real frogs. These frogs bury themselves into the ground and come up after rain so as to get moisture.

Another form myth of these frogs says that the croaks of frogs summon the rain.

To find out more check it out here: http://www.jbarnstable.org/ftcyber/tlik/index.html

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