Honest Myth:Scandinavian- Awilda

Awilda (1837)

Awilda (1837)

Once again, I forcing time for me to do something for fun instead of work. I just got off of tutoring this one girl for an hour, and it was one simple net ionic equation. I am so tired. I should be studying for organic chemistry right now, but I so desperately can no longer focus. Anyways lets learn some fun facts on Awilda!

Awilda is a Scandinavian princess, daughter of a Gothic King named Synardus. Her father wanted her to marry, so he and the Denmark King decided to wed their children togther. When she found out that she was supposed to marry Alf the Prince of Denmark, she refused. She gathered her female friends, dressed up as sailors, and took over a ship. They sailed in the seas for months before encountering a pirate ship with no captain. And she became their captain.

In another story, her parents kept her in a tower guarded by venomous snakes. Alf was the one suitor who did not die and was able to reach her.

After some time, the King of Denmark sent his son to the navy to stop the pirates that were disrupting the ports. She and her crew destroyed all legal trade, and stole from merchants who docked in Denmark. Prince Alf and his men boarded the ship and surprised the pirates.

She was impressed with Alf’s ability to lead and his courage, so she revealed to him that she was Awilda his past fiance. They agreed to marry and together ruled Denmark. Together they had one daughter named Gurith.


Learn more about Awilda’s story here: http://www.katyberry.com/Dorianne/pirates.html


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