Honest Myth:Korean- Ungnyeo


It is almost midnight, and I have a snicker-doodle full of work to do and things to study. I have no idea what made me think now was the best time to do this. It has been a real tough week so far, and I really needed time to relax and do things I actually enjoy. So here I am, writing about a real short myth. Enjoy!

Once upon a time, there was a tiger and a bear, Ungnyeo, who lived with in a cave. They prayed to Hwanung the divine king of all gods to let them become human. So he gave them mugworts, and cloves of garlic and told them to stay out of the sun and only eat these for one hundred days.

After 20 days, the tiger left in hunger, but the bear stayed. On the 21st day she became a young woman.

Ungnyeo  made offerings to the divine king, but she felt lonely without a husband. When she prayed under a magical betula tree, she became pregnant. Hwanung  took her as his wife, and she gave birth to Dangun founder of Korea.

Check out more here: http://jlstanley.homestead.com/pmUngnyeoTheBearWoman.html

-Blog Barista

Shake what yo mama gave ya

Shake what yo mama gave ya



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