Space Dandy- by Masafumi Harada


So, I seem to be posting about once a week, and it will probably stay that way for a while. It is only the end of week three and I already feel overwhelmed in university. Honestly, I had so many posts planned, but between classes, studying, and tutoring/working, I find it hard to get in time for sleeping let alone writing awesome posts on anime and mythology. Anyways, my sister and two friends stayed up real late Saturday night, and decided to watch Space Dandy.  TheBetterCup had mentioned that this reminded her of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, and all four of us knew how messed up that show was (none of us recommend it). So we looked this up and saw the plot preview; then we watched episode one. We all fell in LOVE with this anime and the characters. I definitely recommend it!


Space Dandy follows the story of an alien hunter named Space Dandy as he and his robot assistant search the universe for unknown alien races. They are (and I am quoting this from another site) “dimwitted and next to useless.” That is actually really apparent from the beginning and it is just so funny! I am not sure there is much else for the plot. Each episode something new happens, and there are discontinuities between them. For instance they may die in one and be back for the next episode. It is a lot of heroic stupidity which is extremely amusing and interesting.


tumblr_myzko34v9o1qzqnxxo1_500Dandy is the main protagonist and titular character. He is an idiot basically. He does as he pleases and tends to be forgetful sometimes. I feel like he must have gone through an existential crisis at one point where he questioned the point of doing things he did not want to, and it lead him to be easy going. Dandy is captain of Aloha Oe (their ship). He is super exaggerated, ridiculous, and comes off as a greaser from the 50s. Though he is super heroic person, he comes off as a total goofball and super uncool. Basically, he is an antihero.
24063QT is the robot member of Dandy’s space crew. He is the most intelligent and competent of the three characters, but also the one that easily gets sucked into doing stupid stuff with Dandy and Meow. He is a pretty old model though, so no matter how great or smart he is, the old software causes him lots of trouble.
tumblr_n8a05zh7wi1rsfepao1_500Meow is the very slow cat-like alien that joins the Aloha-Oe crew. His real name is hard to pronounce. His job on the ship is to lead Dandy to rare aliens. Meow is a big ole’ pervert too, but in a shy and embarrassed sort of way.
The art style is fantastic. I just adore everything about it. The characters are extremely expressive and the movements are lanky and exaggerated. The series keeps the unique flare like Bo-bobo, but also includes some very beautiful graphics. When you see the space, you just fall in love with how gorgeous it is and how colorful it is too.
4anRc1Lpgz9NgyF space-dandy-2spacedandy-photo-838178772tumblr_myzprs8Ljt1qzqnxxo1_500Tumblr_n0rgfgyv7x1qjhmoto1_500tumblr_mzb1ezGjyE1r8tyjfo1_500tumblr_mz3nz5MIEo1qanw3wo6_500 tumblr_n1j3cjJU2s1qzkdnwo2_500 vu4goyi_0

Final Thoughts:

I definitely loved this anime. I am too excited to continue watching more episodes and utterly delighted to have found it. It is hilarious with how extremely ridiculous Dandy and his buddies are, and I adore how they frequently break the fourth wall. Space Dandy is random, fun, well written, and fantastically drawn. I recommend this one hundred percent.

-Blog Barista

With the pressure this semester feeling almost suffocating, this is what I am like before most classes.

With the pressure this semester feeling almost suffocating, this is what I am like before most classes.


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