Honest Myth:Mohawk- Monster Bear

Native American Warrior by sykohyko on deviantART.

Native American Warrior by sykohyko on deviantART.

Long ago in a Mohawk village, by the Oswego River, a group of hunters discovered the tracks of an extraordinary bear one that would soon be known as the Monster Bear. The tracks circled around the entire village, and the animals in that area soon began to disappear.

After much time, the Mohawks began to suffer a famine. One of their chiefs (fun fact: Mohawk chiefs were always men, but women were the only ones to vote on who the chief would be) called upon the hunters and urged them to kill the Monster Bear. The party of warriors went out tracking the bear, and followed him deep into the snowy wilderness. One day, after many, they finally come across him and showered arrows in his direction, but none could pierce his hide. The angry bear charged at them, and killed all, but two, who fled back to the village to tell the village council.

They told them how the bear was giant and deformed. That it had many bald spots, but that when it ate the human flesh of the warriors, its hair began to fall out.

Many parties were sent, again and again, to destroy the Monster Bear, but all failed. And as time passed, forest animals became more and more scarce. Many died of starvation and disease, and those who lived lived with fear as the tracks crept closer and closer to the village. Most nights, deep with in the forest loud coughs could be heard from the demon bear.

Then one night, a young man had a dream that he and his brothers tracked and killed the Monster Bear, but he told no one of his dream. The next night the young man’s brother had the same dream, and he too told no one. On the third night, the third brother also had the dream, and he told his brothers. Seeing that they all shared the dream, they believed it must be true and set out to hunt down the bear.

They followed the Monster Bear’s tracks across the Earth for many moons until they came upon the end of the world. There they found the giant hairless bear, and it leaped into the heavens. With out fear, the three brothers followed the bear into the sky where they can still be seen in the winter (Great Dipper).
Every autumn, the bear tires down because he wishes to hibernate. When that happens, the three brothers catch up close enough to shoot arrows into the soles of his feat. His blood drips and paints the leaves red and yellow for autumn, and he begins to run again to try and escape.

Want to learn more, check it out here: http://www.native-languages.org/naked-bear.htm

-Blog Barista


And the Monster Bear was all like “Yolo”


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