Honest Myth:Greek- Ages of Men

So, I really wanted to leave everyone with more myths before having school again on Monday. I finished as much homework as I could possibly do before starting to watch a documentary on Greek mythology that TheBetterCup suggested. As I was watching, this one particular myth (that I heard of before, but never took much note of) came up, and I found it so interesting and amazing. I really felt like this one had to be shared next.

Prometheus and Athena by Christian Griepenkerl (1877)

Prometheus and Athena by Christian Griepenkerl (1877)

There were four ages of mankind during the reign of Greek Titans and Greek Gods within mythology. Each of these ages are named after metal and the metals are associated with the way these people lived their lives

  • Golden Age:
    • The Golden Age of man existed during the reign of the Titans. They were said to be created by the immortals and lived in harmony and peace. They did not work as the earth was abundant with food, and lived very long lives but showed no signs of aging (even when they died). Their deaths were always peaceful, and they were said to freely move among the Gods. Man did not explore or feel curiosity, as there was no need. The entire ‘species’ (not so sure that is the best word, but these kind of men are supposed to be a separate man) just faded away. Their souls became daemons, and the end of these men are unknown.
  • Silver Age:
    • The men of the Silver Age were the first men to be created by Zeus. They were said to live most of their lives as babies/children, and only became adults at the end of their lives. Man must learn to make food, and the Earth is no longer as abundant with out work being put in it. They were in constant strife, full of themselves, and refused to worship the gods. Because of these factors, Zeus eradicated them. Their spirits are said to have gone to the underworld and become blessed spirits.
  • Bronze Age:
    • After the destruction of the silver age, Zeus took the ash trees and created the men of the Bronze Age. They were a race of warrior men who used bronze to make weapons and homes. Unlike the last age, these men still worshiped the Gods. Yet, they were so extremely violent and full of hubris that was causing too much destruction on Earth. Zeus planned to end this age and kill these men with the flood of Deucalion. There spirits were sent to the dark depths of Hades were they had no name. The story of Lycaon occurred here and that was also one of the biggest factors that angered Zeus.
  • Heroic Age:
    • So this is not really one of the ages of man created by the gods. This is the age that man kind talks about when they reference mythology. This is the age of heroes, demigods, godly involvement, and Troy. (I am not super sure where the story of Prometheus and the fire falls, I want to say it was during the Bronze age, but all I know is that Prometheus is already in punishment when Zues decided to flood the world). During the Bronze Age, Prometheus found out what Zeus planned to do, so he warned his son Deucalion. Deucalion built a chest and filled it with food. When the flood began, he and his wife got into the chest and stayed with in it for nine days. Once they landed, Deucalion gave thanks to Zeus and also consulted the oracle of Themis who told them to throw ‘bones of the mother’ over their shoulders. So Deucalion and Pyrrha threw rocks (bones of Gaia Mother Earth) over their shoulder. The rocks Pyrrha threw made women, and Deucalion men. The spirits of those from this Heroic Age went to the Elysium.
  • Iron Age:
    • This is the age of man that exists now. They must always work with life being predominantly misery and toil, dishonor and fights, and men can lie to be socially seen as acceptable people. They believed that near the end of this age, the gods would be forgotten, children born with grey hairs (signs of aging), and shame will no longer exist to keep man in line. Truth, loyalty, and modesty were lost. Man learned new grand technologies that aided in their fall.

Anyways, I hope this was an enjoyable and enlightening myth! I know I found this super interesting and cool, and I hope you do as well.

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Check out more here: http://www.maicar.com/GML/AgesOfMan.html

I just thought this was super funny.

I just thought this was super funny. I mean it is SNOWING! They must be so cold.

Here is the documentary, if you are interested: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MSEsh6jgHE&list=WL&index=66

Honest Myth:Burmese- Spider of Pindaya


It has been a long and tiresome week. This week had AWA, but sadly I do not think we will get a chance to go. It would have been fun. Anyways, I chose to look up Burmese myths after befriending a Burmese girl in my Biology class. This week’s honest myth is short, yet really neat.

One day in the country of Burma, the seven princesses of the country, daughters to the King, went to bathe in a lake at the foot of a large mountain. It soon became dark, and at night fall they realized it was too late to journey home safely. So as to avoid the dangerous trek, they chose to spend the night at a close by cave. The princesses were unaware that a giant spider resided with in the cave. As they slept, the spider created an enormous web at the entrance of the cave entrapping the young princesses. The next morning, the princesses realized that they were going to be eaten by the spider and began to scream for help. A young and courageous prince, named Prince Kummabhaya, from Yawnghwe heard their desperate cries and went to investigate. Using his bows and arrows, the vigilant prince battled the giant spider and killed him. He saved the princesses and was rewarded by marrying the prettiest of the princesses.

In some versions, there is only one princess instead of seven. The name Pindaya is said to come from the word Pinguya which means to have taken the spider. It was believed that the prince yelled that after killing the giant spider in battle. There is an actual cave in that area that has been deck out with statues of the prince and spider battling (see above). With in the cave, the area is full of golden Buddha statues in varying sizes. There is a second legend that says that a path in the back of the cave leads to the ancient city of Bagan. Bagan is a city of the kingdom Pagan which is thought to be the first kingdom to unify Myanmar. All the religious monasteries, and Buddhist temples were constructed in the plains of Bagan.

Anyways, I know this is not the most exciting Honest Myth, but I hope it was enjoyable. I feel a little to down to try and make this super exciting or to look up another myth to do. I may do another one later once things start getting better.

Check out more of the story here: www.atlasobscura.com/places/pindaya-cave

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Honest Myth:Aborigine- Tiddalik

tiddlickSo as an update, that organic chemistry test was not as bad as I thought, but I guess I will not know until I find out the grade i got. Anyways, lets talk about a Tiddalik. Tidallik is a giant and ugly frog that existed in the earlier time of the world in Aboriginal mythology.

One morning Tiddalik woke up extraordinarily thirsty, and he desperately began to drink the fresh water in the ponds, lakes, and puddles. He drank more then his fair share, and drank all of it till it was left dry.

There was no more water, and all the creatures began to die of thirst and dehydration. The other creatures saw the danger. They began to plan against him in hopes to get the water back. An old wombat devised a plan and instructed the creatures in how they would get Tiddalik to give back the water. So, Nobunum, an eel, twisted his body into silly shapes, and Tiddalik began to laugh. The water began to rush out of his mouth drowning many and trapping many on islands. Borun, a pelican, went from island to island to save those that were stuck.

frogtellingstoriesTiddalik was then punished for his selfishness and he was turned into stone (there is a giant stone that looks like a frog somewhere in Australia).

The story is believed to be based on the habits of real frogs. These frogs bury themselves into the ground and come up after rain so as to get moisture.

Another form myth of these frogs says that the croaks of frogs summon the rain.

To find out more check it out here: http://www.jbarnstable.org/ftcyber/tlik/index.html

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Honest Myth:Scandinavian- Awilda

Awilda (1837)

Awilda (1837)

Once again, I forcing time for me to do something for fun instead of work. I just got off of tutoring this one girl for an hour, and it was one simple net ionic equation. I am so tired. I should be studying for organic chemistry right now, but I so desperately can no longer focus. Anyways lets learn some fun facts on Awilda!

Awilda is a Scandinavian princess, daughter of a Gothic King named Synardus. Her father wanted her to marry, so he and the Denmark King decided to wed their children togther. When she found out that she was supposed to marry Alf the Prince of Denmark, she refused. She gathered her female friends, dressed up as sailors, and took over a ship. They sailed in the seas for months before encountering a pirate ship with no captain. And she became their captain.

In another story, her parents kept her in a tower guarded by venomous snakes. Alf was the one suitor who did not die and was able to reach her.

After some time, the King of Denmark sent his son to the navy to stop the pirates that were disrupting the ports. She and her crew destroyed all legal trade, and stole from merchants who docked in Denmark. Prince Alf and his men boarded the ship and surprised the pirates.

She was impressed with Alf’s ability to lead and his courage, so she revealed to him that she was Awilda his past fiance. They agreed to marry and together ruled Denmark. Together they had one daughter named Gurith.


Learn more about Awilda’s story here: http://www.katyberry.com/Dorianne/pirates.html


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Honest Myth:Korean- Ungnyeo


It is almost midnight, and I have a snicker-doodle full of work to do and things to study. I have no idea what made me think now was the best time to do this. It has been a real tough week so far, and I really needed time to relax and do things I actually enjoy. So here I am, writing about a real short myth. Enjoy!

Once upon a time, there was a tiger and a bear, Ungnyeo, who lived with in a cave. They prayed to Hwanung the divine king of all gods to let them become human. So he gave them mugworts, and cloves of garlic and told them to stay out of the sun and only eat these for one hundred days.

After 20 days, the tiger left in hunger, but the bear stayed. On the 21st day she became a young woman.

Ungnyeo  made offerings to the divine king, but she felt lonely without a husband. When she prayed under a magical betula tree, she became pregnant. Hwanung  took her as his wife, and she gave birth to Dangun founder of Korea.

Check out more here: http://jlstanley.homestead.com/pmUngnyeoTheBearWoman.html

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Shake what yo mama gave ya

Shake what yo mama gave ya


Honest Myth:Mohawk- Monster Bear

Native American Warrior by sykohyko on deviantART.

Native American Warrior by sykohyko on deviantART.

Long ago in a Mohawk village, by the Oswego River, a group of hunters discovered the tracks of an extraordinary bear one that would soon be known as the Monster Bear. The tracks circled around the entire village, and the animals in that area soon began to disappear.

After much time, the Mohawks began to suffer a famine. One of their chiefs (fun fact: Mohawk chiefs were always men, but women were the only ones to vote on who the chief would be) called upon the hunters and urged them to kill the Monster Bear. The party of warriors went out tracking the bear, and followed him deep into the snowy wilderness. One day, after many, they finally come across him and showered arrows in his direction, but none could pierce his hide. The angry bear charged at them, and killed all, but two, who fled back to the village to tell the village council.

They told them how the bear was giant and deformed. That it had many bald spots, but that when it ate the human flesh of the warriors, its hair began to fall out.

Many parties were sent, again and again, to destroy the Monster Bear, but all failed. And as time passed, forest animals became more and more scarce. Many died of starvation and disease, and those who lived lived with fear as the tracks crept closer and closer to the village. Most nights, deep with in the forest loud coughs could be heard from the demon bear.

Then one night, a young man had a dream that he and his brothers tracked and killed the Monster Bear, but he told no one of his dream. The next night the young man’s brother had the same dream, and he too told no one. On the third night, the third brother also had the dream, and he told his brothers. Seeing that they all shared the dream, they believed it must be true and set out to hunt down the bear.

They followed the Monster Bear’s tracks across the Earth for many moons until they came upon the end of the world. There they found the giant hairless bear, and it leaped into the heavens. With out fear, the three brothers followed the bear into the sky where they can still be seen in the winter (Great Dipper).
Every autumn, the bear tires down because he wishes to hibernate. When that happens, the three brothers catch up close enough to shoot arrows into the soles of his feat. His blood drips and paints the leaves red and yellow for autumn, and he begins to run again to try and escape.

Want to learn more, check it out here: http://www.native-languages.org/naked-bear.htm

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And the Monster Bear was all like “Yolo”

Space Dandy- by Masafumi Harada


So, I seem to be posting about once a week, and it will probably stay that way for a while. It is only the end of week three and I already feel overwhelmed in university. Honestly, I had so many posts planned, but between classes, studying, and tutoring/working, I find it hard to get in time for sleeping let alone writing awesome posts on anime and mythology. Anyways, my sister and two friends stayed up real late Saturday night, and decided to watch Space Dandy.  TheBetterCup had mentioned that this reminded her of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, and all four of us knew how messed up that show was (none of us recommend it). So we looked this up and saw the plot preview; then we watched episode one. We all fell in LOVE with this anime and the characters. I definitely recommend it!


Space Dandy follows the story of an alien hunter named Space Dandy as he and his robot assistant search the universe for unknown alien races. They are (and I am quoting this from another site) “dimwitted and next to useless.” That is actually really apparent from the beginning and it is just so funny! I am not sure there is much else for the plot. Each episode something new happens, and there are discontinuities between them. For instance they may die in one and be back for the next episode. It is a lot of heroic stupidity which is extremely amusing and interesting.


tumblr_myzko34v9o1qzqnxxo1_500Dandy is the main protagonist and titular character. He is an idiot basically. He does as he pleases and tends to be forgetful sometimes. I feel like he must have gone through an existential crisis at one point where he questioned the point of doing things he did not want to, and it lead him to be easy going. Dandy is captain of Aloha Oe (their ship). He is super exaggerated, ridiculous, and comes off as a greaser from the 50s. Though he is super heroic person, he comes off as a total goofball and super uncool. Basically, he is an antihero.
24063QT is the robot member of Dandy’s space crew. He is the most intelligent and competent of the three characters, but also the one that easily gets sucked into doing stupid stuff with Dandy and Meow. He is a pretty old model though, so no matter how great or smart he is, the old software causes him lots of trouble.
tumblr_n8a05zh7wi1rsfepao1_500Meow is the very slow cat-like alien that joins the Aloha-Oe crew. His real name is hard to pronounce. His job on the ship is to lead Dandy to rare aliens. Meow is a big ole’ pervert too, but in a shy and embarrassed sort of way.
The art style is fantastic. I just adore everything about it. The characters are extremely expressive and the movements are lanky and exaggerated. The series keeps the unique flare like Bo-bobo, but also includes some very beautiful graphics. When you see the space, you just fall in love with how gorgeous it is and how colorful it is too.
4anRc1Lpgz9NgyF space-dandy-2spacedandy-photo-838178772tumblr_myzprs8Ljt1qzqnxxo1_500Tumblr_n0rgfgyv7x1qjhmoto1_500tumblr_mzb1ezGjyE1r8tyjfo1_500tumblr_mz3nz5MIEo1qanw3wo6_500 tumblr_n1j3cjJU2s1qzkdnwo2_500 vu4goyi_0

Final Thoughts:

I definitely loved this anime. I am too excited to continue watching more episodes and utterly delighted to have found it. It is hilarious with how extremely ridiculous Dandy and his buddies are, and I adore how they frequently break the fourth wall. Space Dandy is random, fun, well written, and fantastically drawn. I recommend this one hundred percent.

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With the pressure this semester feeling almost suffocating, this is what I am like before most classes.

With the pressure this semester feeling almost suffocating, this is what I am like before most classes.

Honest Myth:Greek- Iris

P21.6BIrisIris is the Greek Goddess of the rainbow and one of the messengers of the gods. Her name means both messenger and rainbow. She has also been said to be the Goddess of new efforts and opportunities.

She is shown to be a young, often virgin, maiden with iridescent wings. She carries a winged staff, like Hermes, and an ewer of water from the Styx River which she uses to put those to sleep who attempt lying to themselves.

She is the daughter of Thaumas, the previous of God of the sea before Poseidon over threw him, and Electra a cloud nymph. Her twin sister includes Arke, messenger goddess of the Titans, whom became her enemy during the battle between the Titans and the GOds, and her sisters are Aello, Celaeno, and Ocypete, the Harpies. Her brother is Hydaspes the God of an River in India called Hydapes (Jhelum River). She is the wife of Zephyrus, the God of the Mild West Wind. Her son is sometimes said to be Pothos, one of the Erotes previously mentioned. She was said to have had a lover in Morpheus, but since he was the busiest of Gods, he did not take a wife.

Her role is very similar to Hermes, the other messenger God, but Hermes is usually seen as the messenger between gods while Iris is between man and Gods. She rides the rainbow down to earth connecting man to the heavens. She is also shown to be the personal messenger and handmaiden to Hera.

Since her mother is a cloud nymph and her father is a sea god, she is often connected as a Goddess of both sea and sky who replenishes the rain in the clouds. Her rainbow strengthens that connection, since it comes from the sky and leads into the water.

In one myth, the Argonauts became violent against the Harpies, who they feared would hurt the blind prophet Phineas. Iris was sent by Zeus to warn the Argonauts not to harm them, and she convinced the Harpies to leave the seer alone.

During the Trojan War, she was the messenger between the Gods and the men in battle. She also aided a wounded Aphordite into Ares chariot before carrying her back to Olympus during the war. In the Aeneid, Iris took the form of Queen Dido and convinced the Trojan mothers to burn the ship of Aeneas to prevent them from leaving.

Her sister’s, Arke, wings were torn from her back as punishment for aiding the Titans. Zeus then gave those wings to Thitis, during her wedding, who then gave it to her son Achilles. Her wore the wings on his feet.

Learn more here: http://www.goddess-guide.com/iris.html




Top Favorite (Female) Characters

 Since I did a post for male characters, I think it is only fair I do one for the females as well. I started school last week, and between Genetics and Organic Chemistry I have no time to update this blog. So TheBetterCup and I decided we may right a few posts on the subjects we are studying as notes for studying later. I am not one hundred percent sure if it will become a regular thing, but I will try soon and see how it goes. Anyways, this is the same deal as the male’s one: different media, try not to repeat, spoilers, blah blah blah. So let us get started, shall we?

tumblr_n4m1w6xZ0Y1rh9i5co3_r2_250Nani- Disney

Almost anyone who has seen Lilo and Stitch can agree that Nani is an amazing female character. She is this young (I wanna say 19 years old, but I am not sure) girl who is raising her little sister alone after the death of her parents. She has multiple jobs and has to put up with kid who is beyond bizarre, but she is constantly encouraging her and supporting her. She never lets Lilo feel is odd and risks everything to protect her (from aliens and child services). She does not get the chance to act like a normal young woman, pushing away a chance for a boyfriend or dress pretty or hang out with friends. Her main focus is her family, and she fights to protect it. I mean, she did not back down when she was faced with aliens.

d3596f125afb60_fullEun- Drama

Much like Nani, Eun is another strong, older sister. Eun from Coffee Prince is the eldest sister in a household of three (mom, younger teen sister, and Eun). She brings the bacon home at the end of the day. Eun works multiple jobs trying to support her lazier and materialistic sister and mother. She never focuses on herself, dressing in boyish clothing and having no personal aspirations. Her main goal is to make sure her family has a home and food, and that her sister can go to the college of her choice. Eun also never complains about all the things she has to do. She is constantly smiling and always tries to do anything that people ask of her (like pretending to be her sister’s boyfriend to get a boy to leave her alone). Only near the end does Eun finally get a chance do something for herself and study to be a barista.

giphy (1)Sophie- Ghibli

Oh how I love Studio Ghibli, and How’s Moving Castle is my all time favorite. The story is beyond beautiful, and Sophie is one of the best parts. She starts off as a young plain girl who is constantly doubting herself, yet feels content with her life as well. Yet when she is changed into an old woman, Sophie’s perspective on life changes. As an older woman, she becomes sassy, bossy, and in charge. The idea that her life has be shorten forces her to try and make things out of it. She starts to think about herself more and voice her opinions too. She becomes flexible and shows off her creativity and dependability more. She gains confidence that she did not have at first and which allowed her true colors, less dull self to break through.

凛然たる騎士 如月千早Chihaya Kisaragi- Anime

Chihaya from IdolM@ster has got to be one of the coolest idols ever. She is a talented singer who devotes her time to being the best that she can. She is seen as being serious, but really just has a hard time expressing her emotions. Her social skills are not very well developed due to the death of her brother and her parents divorce. She is so very enthusiastic for singing because she used to sing to her brother. Chihaya is awesome because she cares deeply for her loved ones, and is just to shy to show it. Her maturity surpass all the others and so does her devotion. She is gifted and talented and does not let that stop her from working very hard. I feel a little connection with her because of just how much effort she puts into things.

Art by Robbi Rodriguez

Art by Robbi Rodriguez

Gwen Stacy-Comic Book

Gwendolyn has got to be one of my more favored female comic book characters. I really loved the fact that she was extremely smart and a science major. She is well balanced young woman who can feel self conscious and snubbed at times, but easily forgives. I am most excited for the Edge of Spider Verse version where she is the one bitten by the spider. As a super heroine, she struggles with not allowing the responsibility to engulf her and make her lose herself. Also, we can all agree that Emma Stone’s movie version was pretty fantastic, seeing as how she became more than a 2D love interest.

tumblr_mkngsnfnsT1r22pyvo2_250Molly Hooper-TV Series

I just got into watching Sherlock, and I fell in love with most of the characters (not a big fan of Irene, and definitely not of Moriarty), but one character that I really did like was that of Molly Hooper. She may be a little rough around the proverbial edges, and I may wish that she weren’t so desperately in love with someone who won’t love her back the same way, but she is still a fantastic character. She has a strong desire to help others and is extremely loyal. This coupled with her selflessness and own self-doubt makes her very empathetic and kind. The slightly nervous part of her personality and naivete makes her seem fragile, but she actually much stronger than she may come off. She pays a great deal of attention to those around her, like being able to notice how sad Sherlock feels, and is insightful to their needs. She is a good friend, and someone whose traits would want to be emulated.

By Eleanor Abbott

By Eleanor Abbott

Sister of the Six Swans -Mythology

 I had a hard time thinking of an awesome female outside of Greek Mythology, and then I remembered the story of the Six Swans. The story goes that a king married a lady (daughter of witch) who turned all his sons into swans and curse the daughter to not be able to laugh or speak till she saves her brothers (she has seven years) by sewing shirts out of nettles for them (I am also sure she felt pricking pain in her fingers as she sewed). Anyways the seven children ran away into the forest and stayed there for years, each night the boys would become human again for fifteen minutes then leave for the entire day when they become swans again. One day as she is sewing, a prince sees her and falls in love (even though she cannot talk to him). They get married and she has kids, but his mother steals the kids (killing them) and blames the girl for cannibalism. She cannot defend herself and is sentenced to burn at the stake. While tied to the stake, she finishes five shirts (the sixth one is missing an arm, and it is coincidentally the last day before the curse becomes permanent). The swans fly by and she throws the shirts on them breaking the spell. Now free to talk, she defends herself and the mother in law dies instead. You got to admit she is a very patient, loyal, and amazing woman!

So there you have it, a list of totally bad-ass girls (excuse my french), whose personalities vary. One thing they all share in common though, is that they are all equally willing to devote their time and devotion to those they love. Maybe that is a singular trait that can be found in any female character that makes her feminine, not how gentle she is or how soft spoken she is or how ‘girlie’ she acts, but that she has that maternal aspect of caring for those she loves. I don’t know, maybe that is just a trait I find admirable. Anyways hope you liked this.


I now understand the fandom...

I now understand the fandom…