Top Favorite (Male) Characters

It has been a while since I lasted posted anything. School is going to start soon, and I know that it will get harder to make any posts. So for now, I am just going to make a small random posts about male characters that I adore so much. I have a few rules for picking the characters: I will not pick any characters from anything that I have previously mentioned (like manga or anime), that it will come from something that I really enjoy, and it will include characters different media or categories. Let us get started (they are in no order). I will explain why I love these specific characters but I do so assuming you have already read/seen them before because there are SPOILERS.


 I have no way to explain my adoration of the Disney version of Frollo in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. He has absolutely no redeemable qualities. Purely evil and cruel, he is willing to kill, rape, and destroy for next to no reason. He was not searching for power, he was not trying to gain money, and he did not even have a personal vendetta. Frollo was just villainous and immoral by nature. Maybe it is the idea that most ‘bad guys’ have purpose, but I really loved the fact that he was just the embodiment of sin and was in complete denial. My love for him definitely started when I first heard ‘Hellfire’. I think it may have to do with just how surprisingly horrible he was as a character.

dr-mccoyMcCoy-Live Actor

 I love Star Trek, especially the original series. I adore all the characters, the books, and the concept. I usually hate sci-fi but Star Trek just wins my heart. My very favorite TV character has just got to be the wonderful Dr. Leonard McCoy. The character himself is great, and DeForest Kelly made him perfect with his great acting skills. He is a skeptical pessimist, but this added with all his qualities makes him a lovable antihero. He stays calm in the face of aggression (like when he met Khan), never leaves an injured person behind not even the bad guys, and he is hard working having no charisma, super powers, luck, or battle talents to help him out of tough situations. He relies purely on his talent of hard work and dedication. He is a stubborn Georgian that is southern from his politeness down to how headstrong and motivated he is. Best of all he is the loving and emotion voice for Kirk. He was always there to give advice and support his friends (no matter how much he may have disagreed with Spock). But confound it man, he was a doctor not a boy scout.


 Another character with next to no redeemable qualities. The Earl of Lemongrab is a freak from Adventure Time. He is constantly screaming and has no social skills (to the point that he is a danger to anyone he becomes ‘close’ to). He is constantly angry and tends to be a neat freak, but outside of all the weird negative characteristics you can almost maybe feel a little sorry for the Earl. He is not intentionally mean just really insane. Lemongrab 2 was even a kinder version that wanted to help his people escape their torturous lives. Overall, Lemongrab is generally unhappy because of his loneliness, and he is so cute (outside of the times he ate people or that food from the rat). I really like him.


 Now if you do not know why Itachi is so amazing, then you must catch up in ‘Naruto Shippuuden’ before reading this. It is not because of that so call ‘cool’ personality which everyone loved in the beginning (when he was shown as being purely evil I did not like him). It is because of how much of a good guy he was. Itachi was a hero. He sacrificed everything for the protection of the village and his brother. He was willing to become the bad guy, to make his brother loathe him, and to lose everything with no complaints. His death had to be the most surprising and one of the saddest. The fact that he was so loyal and good and yet his life was one of the worst possible outcomes (he even had a terminal illness for goodness sake) is so depressing. He was even one of the people who, though he hardly knew Naruto, really believed in him wholeheartedly. You cannot help but love him.

axelAxel-Video Game

 Another character who sacrifices himself for someone close enough to be family. For a suppose ‘heartless’, he is a very likable person. He struggles to find meaning in his existence (cause if you have no heart what point is there). Even his catch phrase is about that search for meaning. He repeats ‘Got it memorized’ to anyone he meets because he wishes to become immortal through people’s memories (not to become forgotten). Axel/Lea seems to have emotional capacity and to suffer the most. He creates strong bonds of friendships, is able to give up his whole existence for another person, and feels lonely and sad when Roxas is gone.


 Though I did not include Catch 22 in my list of top ten favorite books, it is one that I loved. The entire concept and the meaning it tried to share are fantastic, but I am not going to talk about it’s significance (I am a blogger not  a high school literary professor). I think Yossarian just really stuck to me. Even though it has been years since I read the book, I still think fondly of him. One of the quotes that I still remember was when he was being examined. One man asked “Where were you born?” and Yossarian said “On a battlefield.” And the guy said “No, no. In what state were you born?” Yossarian says “In a state of Innocence.” I just really found that profound and beautiful. He may seem crazy, but there is logic in how he thinks. He does not give in to the whole catch 22, he forces his way into a third option and freedom to protect the independence of his mind.

Hector played by Eric Bana (I disliked the movie, but loved Hector).

Hector played by Eric Bana (I disliked the movie, but loved Hector).

Hector-Mythology (Hero)

Of all the heroes mentioned in Greek history/mythology, I just love Hector. By hero, I do not mean bad or good. It is more about whether or not person is brave and fights in battle. Sure he is not Greek, but in the case of the Trojan War I think it is only fair to point out that the Greeks were the bad guys. Hector is one of my favorite heroes because he fought to protect his people and his family. He was kind of like a martyr, sacrificing himself for all that he cared for. He may have disagreed with the war, but he stayed nine years leading his people through it. He was noble, brave, courageous, and full of valor even the Greeks admired him.

Most of these characters are either really heroic or purely cruel, but most of them are kind of sad. Of course these are not my only favorite characters, there are so many other cartoons and anime and books to love, but this is a pretty good compilation. Anyways, sorry about this simple post.

Which characters do you like?

-Blog Barista



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