Love Lab- by Ruri Miyahara


TheBetterCup and I stumbled on this anime about 3 months ago. It is so promising. From its characters to the plot, the cartoon is just likable. I highly recommend it.

-What is the cartoon about?

Love Lab follows the story of the Fujisaki Girls Academy’s student government body. The school is especially pretigious with students who are extremely proper. They all admire the most demure and perfect student, the school president Natsuo Maki. The main character though, Riko Kurahashi, is very a forward tomboy that is also highly regarded for her strength and courage. One day Riko acciddently sees Maki kissing a body pillow and learns the president’s secret that she is not as composed as people believe. She promises to protect the secret and to help Maki learn how to behave during romantic activities. Slowly the others of student government body also get involved.

-Who are the central characters?


Eno (top left), Maki (bottom left), Riko (center), Suzune (right), Sayo (farthest right)

Riko Kurahashi is the main character of the series. Very popular among females because of her bold personality, she joins the student council so as to help Maki with love advice. She acts as if she knows a lot about love (though since she is more practical, she really does understand more than Maki), but lied about her previous romantic experiences.

Maki Natsuo is the president of Fujisaki Girls Academy. She is polite, calm, and perfect to the point that most every student and teacher loves her. She is extremely capable and talented, but oddly enough, she fails at anything to do with love. She really wants to learn more about romance, and owns a body pillow called Huggy that she uses to practice with. It is with Riko’s help that she learns about romance, and learns to be able to rely on others for help.

Suzune Tanahashi is the student council secretary. She is small, shy, and easily frightened. At first she tries to avoid and hide from Riko and Maki, but soon joins in their antics. She makes all the paper fans that are used to slap each other with (these slap sticks are a recurring joke, where one character, usually Riko, will hit Maki with the paper when she is being ridiculous like slap stick comedy).

Yuiko Enomoto (Eno) is the former student council president. Eno is a tsundere that holds a small grudge against Maki at first because of Maki’s inability to rely on others. After some time she and her best friend Sayo rejoin the student council. Eno joins as new vice president.

Sayori Mizushima (Sayo) is the former and rejoined student council treasurer. She has a strange and almost wicked personality, but is really very caring. She loves money and becomes greedy with the student council money (which is why she was kicked out of the student council), but joins again later. She is the only girl with a boy friend at the start of the anime.

-How is the Artwork?

The art is super cute with very few flaws or laziness occurring through out the series. They also switch into chibis and exaggerated expressions very easily making it even cuter. I just love how it is drawn.

giphy tumblr_mpp0o8R6wD1qcsnnso1_500 Holding+Hands+Fail+Source+Love+Lab_1ae8cb_4670721 tumblr_mplbdhMZYx1r53yzko1_500 riko_by_setonami-d6e9fca tumblr_mphz7wo5qG1r2pvg2o1_250cmp19115 tumblr_mph7xn2lAL1qfsvizo1_500 comment_DPtD9UtPmJsW8asEWXIpgjmMQfXgs7a5SlLafBz

-What makes the cartoon awesome?

The story is ridiculous, but cute. The characters are more than 2D. They are extremely likable with very prominent personalities, but they are not predictable at all. The way they interact with each other are so enjoyable.Best of all this anime, though focused on girls and love, has male characters. I have seen some anime where girls struggle to fall in love with boys with out any appearing in the anime, but this one does not do that.

-Blog Barista

Could you imagine a Disney princess like Maki. Now that I think about it Charlotte was pretty close.

Could you imagine a Disney princess like Maki. Now that I think about it Charlotte was pretty close.


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