Honest Myth:Brazilian- Boto Cor de Rosa

Today’s legend features one of my favorite folklore from Brazil. The Boto Cor de Rosa is the legend of the pink dolphins in the Amazonian river. There are real dolphins with a pinkish tint (because of the food they eat), and this is the legend of the magical qualities of the dolphins. The dolphins are said to be enchanted shape-shifters that become young beaus at night and seduce women.

The legend goes that Amazon Pink Dolphin becomes attractive young men each evening to go to parties. He looks for parties to go have fun at and pick up young ladies. After seducing them and staying the night together, he disappears and goes back to the river. When they change, the dolphins become very handsome dressing in all white suits. When they become men, they still have traces of their dolphin self. The pink dolphin still have the blowhole on the top of the head. To hide that they always wear white hats similar to zoot-hats.Untitled

The actual story goes that near the river banks lived an indigenous family with an 18 year old daughter Rosita. Everyday she would go down to the river to do chores like wash clothing. One day as she went to collect water, Rosita decided to dive into the river for a swim. As she swam, a young man appeared sitting at the edge of the river. They started to talk, the young man told Rosita that he was a fisherman and after some time she fell in love with him. Together the spent the night.

Every night from then on, they met at the same spot. It began to worry her family, so her father confronted her. Rosita told him that she was in love and wanted to marry a young fisherman. The father agreed and invited the young man to stay the night. The father noticed that the man would leave every morning coming back only in the evening. Yet one fateful night, the dolphin forgot to wake before dawn, so when Rosita woke she found a pink dolphin in her bed. He tried to escape, but the father shot him with a shot gun killing the dolphin. The man never came back, and Rosita began to believe that he left her. Worst of all, she was pregnant. Nine months later, Rosita died giving birth, and the father found that the baby was a pink dolphin. He realized then that the fisherman was the dolphin he killed. From then on all girls were warned to avoid mysterious young men found near the river bank.

Another form of the myth, is that the dolphins were once humans that were cursed. These myths most likely arrived because of off intelligent the dolphins are. They  aid the fishermen in catching fish and are known to use their noses to help those drowning in the river. They have also been called encantados which means enchanted ones. This name is often used for any magical fairy like being that uses their powers to seduce others.

Sometimes the dolphin will seduce young girls just to have sex for a night, but in some cases he can bring her to Encante. The Encante is a paradise palace under the water, but once the person is brought here they are never able to leave.

Check it out: http://www.amazon-indians.org/page19.html

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She my wanna be careful

She may wanna be careful

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