Honest Myth:Egyptian- Osiris

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If you remember about a week ago, I wrote a post on Anubis and mentioned another Egyptian death god known as Osiris. Identified as the God of the Underworld and Afterlife, he took Anubis’s place in the pantheon during the later time in Egyptian history.

Osiris is depicted as strange skinned man, with pharaoh’s “items”, wrapped like a mummy, and holding a crook and flail. His skin can be either green, color of rebirth,  or black, color of fertility and the color of a mummified corpse. He is dressed as a pharaoh with a pharaoh’s beard and a crown similar to the White Crown of Upper Egypt.  The crown is adorned with ostrich feathers on both sides.

As I mentioned before (Anubis Honest Myth), Osiris became the god of underworld through a myth that depicted his resurrection. This resurrection led to his association with vegetation and the flooding of the Nile (which are cyclical) and because death was considered the rebirth of the soul in the afterlife, he became the God of the Afterlife.

Osiris is the son of Geb the God of Earth and Nut the Goddess of the Sky. His siblings include Isis (sister-wife) Goddess of Marriage, Nephthys Goddess of Lamentation,and Set God of Chaos.

Every myth that involves Osiris also involves death:

In one myth, Set the God of Chaos and Storms, wanting Osiris’s throne, conspires the Queen of Ethiopia to defeat Osiris. They trick him into stepping into a box (being the symbol of the sarcophagi) which they shut, lock, and throw into the Nile. Isis goes searching for him, but finds he has already died. At this point, she uses her father’s spell and gets pregnant before he dies again. Afterwards, she buries his body in the desert. Many years later, Set goes hunting one night and comes across his brother’s dead body. Angry, he shreds his body into many pieces and throws them in many directions. Isis searches for all the pieces and uses a spell known from her father to resurrect him. Yet as she could not find the phallus, she added a golden one instead.  She then gave Anubis Osiris’s body so that he can embalm him. The other gods, impressed with Isis’s devotion, resurrect Osiris (thanks to Anubis, Osiris’s body did not decompose). Horus became the one meant to battle and destroy Set.

It is said that after Anubis measures the heart/soul of one that dies, Horus brings the pure soul to Osiris for purification.

Finally finished. Learn more here: www.egyptartsite.com/osi.html

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This only happens in anime...

This only happens in anime…


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