Top Ten Japanese Songs (that are not rock)


 So finally we have completed our Magical Girl Marathon. It was so much fun and a little saddening that it is over. Sorry if we missed any favorites, we tried for variety and to point out popular ones (and some unknown ones). Anyways, today I wanna talk about some Japanese songs we like. The truth is, my sister and I have always had lots of Japanese songs on our Ipods (our family finds us super weird), but I know that many people out their like to listen to songs that are not their culture too. So with out any more delay, let us tell you each of our five top songs (total of ten). I hope you find a new song or artist to love.

-Blog Barista

5. Go! Go! Maniac by Houkago Tea Time

 So I don’t know anyone one who dislikes K-on!, but even if you are not a huge fan you have to admit that the music is pretty good. K-on! is an anime about four random girls who join the light music club at their high school. They play instruments, while acting silly. Pretty much the entire plot of the show, but its enjoyable. I think they are pretty catchy, but this one takes the cake for my favorite. Its an up beat, heart pumpin’ song and I adore Yui’s voice. Its cute, but doesn’t exactly sound like the “general” female Japanese singer. It seems almost scratchy sounding.

4. Trouble Maker by Arashi

 Arashi has been the biggest J-pop boy band in Japan for years (hell almost two decades), and I even remember listening to “Sakura Sake” (man that song plays and I bust out singing). Well to me their best song is definitely “Trouble Maker,” which here is the link to there music video (—Troublemaker/2db33035cfdef25ef6930ad012c3230e). It is a playful song, topped the charts in 2010, and is the theme song for the drama Tokujo Kabachi!!. I love this song for the same reason I like GO! GO! Maniac!, it is up beat. When they ask “Are you ready?” I just wanna scream “yes!” at the top of my lungs. Watching the silliness in the music video and listening to the song only ever puts me in a good mood. (Do it! Do it!)

3. Yume no Hana by Nojima Kenji

Y’all know (based on a previous post) that Kaichou wa Maid-sama is one of my favorite manga. I never watched the anime, but I own all the songs. It was hard picking my favorite from them, but I finally came to the conclusion that Yume No Hana is the best. The song is also up beat (see a trend here?), and I wish that the the singers were actually a real band, but sadly they are not :(.

2. An Invitation to Me by JP

 Shirokuma Cafe (Polar Bear Cafe) is definitely one of my all time favorite anime. When it comes to anime I like lighted shows the most. I can only deal with one of two shows that make me, as Dumbledore puts it, “care so much [I] feel as though [I] will bleed to death from the pain of it”. It is about the lives of a panda bear and the friends he makes at a cafe owned by a polar bear. Its an easy show with an up beat song about food and cafes. I just love this song for having a cute theme and sound, but a male singer singing (with a nice voice to boot). It kind of reminds me of Owl City’s music (like twinkly stars and a techno beat), but with a Japanese flare.

1. Kimi no Kirei ni Kizuite Okure by Sambomasters

 Sambomasters are my favorite Japanese band. I fell in love with them when I heard their song Seishun Kyousoukyoku, which is one of the openings of Naruto, but Kimi no Kirei ni Kizuite Okure gets the spot for number one because of its lyrics. Their music is alternative/power/indie pop/rock (its a mix) and are very calm songs that just get you pumped at the same time. This one in particular I found while watching Princess Jellyfish (one of our all time favorite manga, but the BlogBarista will write a post about it), and, when I heard it at the end of episode 1, I filled because its just so beautiful. The lyrics are literately “I want you to realize the fact that you are beautiful,” “You are very beautiful and I just wanted to tell you this,” and “As I have my feelings for you, please realize that you are beautiful.” This song is about not hating who you are, but realizing that you are beautiful inside and out. This is a song you listen to that moves you and picks you up when you are down. I can’t express just how emotionally this song moves me, but Takashi Yamaguchi’s voice exudes with emotion, and if you like this song you will probably love all of their songs.


5. Most Fortissimo by Kenichi Suzumura

 This is one of two songs that I just LOVED from Uta no Prince-sama, and one of the hardest songs to find on Youtube. Being the case, this particular video is a higher pitch then it should be, but close enough (just know that the actual singer has this silky deeper voice). This song is great because it is this fast pace piano that sounds slightly jazzy. Just listen to how great the song is, and you will understand.

4. Science Girl Science Boy

 I found this song by accident while searching through BabyMetal from same company (Google them if you never heard of them, super different). The group sings songs that has lyrics about science, and this one is more specifically themed around chemistry (which is my intended major). Like most of the songs that are my choice this song is very soft and has a whispering sound to it. It is a pop techno mix and like most songs it is about love. The music video is really nerdy and cute, and I just loved it.

3. Yakusoku No Kizuna by Risa Taneda, Minori Chihara, and Yuri Yamaoka

 So this song is just amazing. It comes from the anime Kyoukai no Kanata. I have yet to watch it, but it is on my list for ones to review. The actual voice actresses of the three female characters sing this song for one episode where they destroy a demon by being pop idols (sounds dumb but it is actually really nice). If you watch the clip from the episode you also get to see the two male characters be back up dancers which is funny (Hiroomi looks so sassy). The song is wonderful. There is like this one genre in Japanese music that is hard to place. It sounds pop like with elements of rock and this motivational excitement. This song matches that genre to the ‘t’. I really love it, and it is also so catchy.

2. Koko Dake no Hanashi by Chatmonchy

I am new to Chatmonchy, this song from an awesome anime that I have yet to talk about but is definitely one of my top Shojo Manga now. Chatmonchy is a two piece indie rock band with all female members. They are quirky, with their own sort of strange style. The singer has a soft, high pitch, very girly voice that has so much strength to it. She is accompanied by heavy electric guitar and drums that never seem to cover her voice. I mostly love how her voice fluctuates and becomes so playfully high at some points.

1. Slow Dance by Suneohair

 My number one favorite song has to Slow Dance by Suneohair. He debuted in 1999, but I found him last year through this song. This is the ending theme for the anime of Say I Love (whose manga I adore). Anyways the song is soft and beautiful. It is accompanied by drums and electric guitar that do not take over the song or drown out the singer. His voice is weird, even has a strange ‘twang’ to it, but all of it comes together so wonderfully. It has an indie feel to it, and if you like this almost delicate style that Suneohair has Google his song Waltz, it is also very beautiful.

I hope you enjoyed!

-Blog Barista

Time to get down and DANCE!

Time to get down and DANCE!


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